Knox's Stand

Knox, a former Navy Seal, has been in several dangerous situations, but nothing compares to dealing with Diamond Richards Framed for murder, he needs the passionless lawyer to prove his innocence But when he no longer needs her help, he s going to show her the passion she s capable of and walk away a free man Diamond plans on earning her huge fee to prove Knox is innoceKnox, a former Navy Seal, has been in several dangerous situations, but nothing compares to dealing with Diamond Richards Framed for murder, he needs the passionless lawyer to prove his innocence But when he no longer needs her help, he s going to show her the passion she s capable of and walk away a free man Diamond plans on earning her huge fee to prove Knox is innocent, but she had no idea the muscled biker could bring out the passion she kept hidden behind her designer clothes Trying to find a murderer is easier than dealing with The Last Riders and Knox s sexcapades He s going to find out there is one woman worth standing and fighting for, despite his desire for freedom This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, multiple partners, moderate violence and explicit language offends you.
Knox s Stand Knox a former Navy Seal has been in several dangerous situations but nothing compares to dealing with Diamond Richards Framed for murder he needs the passionless lawyer to prove his innocence But

  • Title: Knox's Stand
  • Author: Jamie Begley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 276
  • Format: ebook
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    1. TOP 5 CREEP WORTHY THINGS IN Knox's Stand.Regrettably, all of Begley’s books are interrelated. So if I want to see how Shade and Lily’s story plays out, I have to suffer through 5 more books. Now that I’ve finished book #3, however, I can safely say that there’s some creepy ass shit in The Last Riders series! And here are the top 5 creep-worthiest:#5. The Last Riders? More Like Last Pussies.As several other reviewers have noted, The Last Riders are so terrified of their club whores, that [...]

    2. I really dislike this series so far. I've tried to finish each but I get so fucking annoyed I just skim and end up upset. These women have no self respect whatsoever. When it's time to fuck they throw their dignity and just open their legs. If you've read my reviews or went through my bookshelves you know that I'm not a prude when it comes to erotica or erotic romance and sex scenes. These women however have to jump through hoops for these arrogant douches then they just can't stop themselves fr [...]

    3. Reading yet another one hoping for a hero who loves his woman enough to say no to wanting to push her into the club kinkI really, really don't like the club orgy/sharing/voyeur stuff and I find the hero's coercive behaviour (and the subtle threat of my way or the highway) to get the heroine involved really creepy. It always striks me that the guys still having this deep seeded need and desire to 1) still REGULARLY watch other women have sex - other women that they've previously had sex with them [...]

    4. 5 HUGE PIERCED STARS!I'm obsessed with The Last Riders series! I was a little bummed out when the author announced that the next one will be Knox. I was kinda hoping for Shades but hey! I'm not really complaining because ever since book 2, I've been so curious about Knox and his piercings!The book started of with a BANG! and I mean it literally with Knox banging the shit out of the women! “You’re a marshmallow.” “I am not a fucking marshmallow!”Knox sexy, rough, dominant and huge- not [...]

    5. This was my first book by this author and I decided to read it based on the cover. I haven't read the previous books and I didn't have any problems with this one as a stand alone.Overall, the idea was good but the writing ruined it. I am a big fan of biker books, but this one kind of fell flat for me for several reasons. First, the way it was written - I can't pinpoint what went wrong, but it seemed like the story was too mechanic. It lacks feeling somehow, like it was a script and not a book.Se [...]

    6. My least favorite book from the series.Diamond was just a bitch! thought her sh*t didn't stink, when all this time her sister sex piston had paid for her college, now she is this little time lawyer and acts like everyone is beneath her.Bitch, get a grip!Knox, one of the bigger man whores of the last riders MC; likes his sex rough and in multiples.So, I didn't see what chubby Diamond could possible offer him, but oh well. Book read, time wasted!

    7. "Oh yeah, you're wetLet's see how much wetter you can get."The good: Interesting plot and story line; engaging characters; and very good pacing.The bad: Other than I didn't want this book to end? NOTHING that I could think of.In general: Holy hell, did I enjoy this book!!Initially, when I first heard that Jamie Begley was going to release Knox's book before Shade I was like, "WHY?!?!". But I have to say after reading Viper's Run and seeing a threesome of Viper and Knox on Winter (well technicall [...]

    8. Not really entertaining. The characters's actions-reaction were a little bit childish in my opinion so difficult for me to take this story seriously. All along i was looking for badass bikers , but what i get was manwhores .Like so many reviews have pointed out , it 'is not a MC's story but a sex club story. And even the sex scenes weren't steamy enough to hold my focus.As for the suspense wait , what suspense???? Pfffffffff

    9. 3.5 Stars!This story is about Knox and Diamond. Knox was introduced in the previous 2 books as the overgrown muscle packed member whose libidinous sexual appetite rivals Viper. He is the other half of the welcoming committee for new members; Rider being the other. I liked him in the previous books but this one not so much. He came across as a real douche with some of the actions and comments he made towards Diamond. Understandably, Diamond did come across as a real bitch initially but you come t [...]

    10. I was really hoping for Lili and shade story but still decided to read this one since I though the second book was a lot better then the firstI was wrongI did not feel any chemistry between knox and diamond i wish his background was explain a lot better and sooner cause the way he treated diamond was just douchie And Diamond Diamond Diamond Damn she was as worse if not more then Beth.Please please dont make Lili a doormat and let her keep her self respect Pleaseeeee!!!!! Lol

    11. Not great at all, too much OW stuff here.By far the least favorite of all these books in this series. It should have been so much better, why did Knox have to be such an emotional sink, he absorbed Diamond and her personality until she was left looking like a fool. All for a woman who passed away 20 some years ago? I don't appreciate a hero who can't make up his mind that the living breathing woman in front of him deserves any more than someone to whom he made promises as a young man and who is [...]

    12. I've really had to try hard to stick with this series just to get to Lilly & Shades book ( I'm now I'm dreading reading it tbh) These books aren't about a MC, they are more about a swingers club and the females are just pathetic, the minute they get a bit turned on (which seems to be at the drop of a hat) they are incapable of any rational thoughts, and I'm sorry but ever-ready women that are just hanging around waiting to get the nod from any guy is just too unbelievable for me.

    13. Again just like Viper's was an okay read.Do not like how men in the LR treat their women. not like how the sweet butts are involved in EVERYTHING club related. gets on my nerves so much and I dont even buy it that they're not sweet butts but just ''women who like to enjoy the men of the club'', um yeaha very poetic way to put itbut nope, they're still sweet butts. Did not like how the heroine didn't react to some ugly stuff. Did not like how the heroine was so bitchy towards her sister a [...]

    14. Right first of all I will start by saying that the writing style of this book is so much better its not so stilted and formal like I found the previous books, I also found that this male lead was actually ok and not an ass like the previous ones but saying that WTH was up with Diamond??? One minute she had a grudge against her father for cheating but then suddenly she was going to accept Knox doing the same as long as she felt he cared about her Oh come on woman have some pride no man is worth t [...]

    15. I kinda cheated and skimmed this book. Anyway, as far as I can see, the heroine in this book is much better than the first two.

    16. Of the three books in this series, this is the one I liked the least by a fairly wide margin. Most of the things the other two books got right, this one got wrong. It started out so well too! Diamond Richards/Richard (I'll get to that in a second) is the daughter of the former president of the Destructors. An incident in her child where she accidentally spotted her father cheating on her mother has caused her to be extremely distasteful of the biker lifestyle and what she saw as something that m [...]

    17. I really love these characters. Still not liking the public sex,but I am enjoying this series. Shade and Lily's story is next.Looking forward to that one,but I am afraid of what Lily's background is going to be,some kind of abuse for sure. So far so goodeach addition keeps getting better! off to Shade's“I have everything we need now except, Knox, I think we need to buy a small island,” she said, picking up a pocketknife.“A small island?” Knox turned toward her, taking the knife out of he [...]

    18. I started this series last week and put the first one down after a few chapters I needed a new series to read while on vacation and this was all I had on my kindle at the time I finished the first two somehow I love biker romances with cocky but sweet on the inside guys These guys were just jerks with women they walked all over It was just too fake for me to even enjoy I skimmed half the book I don't like this authors writing style at at It was just so fake and pathetic to read! Nothing seemed r [...]

    19. I'm to the point now where I'm hate reading these books. The women are total doormats and their behavior drives me bonkers. But, I'm really interested in reading about Shade and Cash so I'll keep stupidly chugging along wondering 'why' the whole time.

    20. Oh yes!This was the best book in this series!I absolutely loved them all, from the side characters to the main ones, they're all just delicious!These two, Knox and Diamond, had the kind of humor that I absolutely adore, those smart-ass, sarcastic comments. And what I really enjoyed about this book was the strong heroine, she's not that scared girl we're used to seeing in MC romances. You go girl!

    21. I really love these characters. “I have everything we need now except, Knox, I think we need to buy a small island,” she said, picking up a pocketknife.“A small island?” Knox turned toward her, taking the knife out of her hand.“Yes.” Diamond nodded enthusiastically. “Did you know that you can buy small islands? They’re kind of expensive, but if we save, we could buy one in a few years.”“Diamond…” Knox started to say something, but closed his mouth. “Why an island?“Bec [...]

    22. This one I have the same issues with as the other 3. I just can't get past the open sex scenes. I did like Knox though. The ending seemed really quick with no warning of what he was going to do. I started reading Sex Pistol's book and at least her and her posse have a little bit of back bone when it comes to the men. But I'm not kidding myself, it will probably go downhill! LOL!

    23. I am seriously considering un-friending/un-following some of you guys as you are what as known asBAD INFLUENCES. I've been trying to read All the President's Men for three weeks now and am on page 5 at most.So, let's talk about Knox. He's a man-whore with heart of gold andI can't write it. Anyhow, it was paint by the number MC club stuff pretty much until I got to Diamond's mom's home cooked meal. Hysterical! Who knew my mother and a MC old lady nicknamed Sizzle would have something in common: t [...]

    24. I found the heroine way to forgiving. Someone could screw her over, she'd be a little mad, then somehow blame herself and la-dee-la completely forgive them/forget about it. Whaaaaa? No, I didn't even find her to be a character who was very sweet, so you could attest her forgiving nature to her character.

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