Burning Both Ends

Friend or lover Life or deathSupernatural cop Ari Calin arrives at the hostile Toronto vampire court with an ultimatum from the Riverdale vampires Sebastian, Toronto s vampire prince, must stop his unprovoked attacks or else Ari wasn t expecting a fight the or else was typical vampire grandstanding But even with vampire Andreas De Luca by her side for a show ofFriend or lover Life or deathSupernatural cop Ari Calin arrives at the hostile Toronto vampire court with an ultimatum from the Riverdale vampires Sebastian, Toronto s vampire prince, must stop his unprovoked attacks or else Ari wasn t expecting a fight the or else was typical vampire grandstanding But even with vampire Andreas De Luca by her side for a show of strength, things get ugly fast Toronto s vampire world is in crisis, and surrounded by enemies, Ari and Andreas find themselves under attack.That s when Ari gets the call from the Magic Council ordering her home Steffan, a good friend and leader of Riverdale s werewolves, has gone missing during top secret negotiations with the US government, and is believed to have been kidnapped or killed.Andreas can t abandon the Toronto vampires, and Ari can t leave him to face impossible odds alone But neither can she disobey her orders from the Council, or leave her friend Steffan to be tortured and killed Ari s loyalties pull her in two directions the closest thing to love she s ever known on one side, and friendship and duty on the other If she can stay alive long enough for the choice to matter
Burning Both Ends Friend or lover Life or deathSupernatural cop Ari Calin arrives at the hostile Toronto vampire court with an ultimatum from the Riverdale vampires Sebastian Toronto s vampire prince must stop his un

  • Title: Burning Both Ends
  • Author: Ally Shields
  • ISBN: 9781940223360
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This review is from: Burning Both Ends (Guardian Witch) (Kindle Edition)This was my 1st book by Miss Ally Shields and I can assure you that it won't be my last. Just a note to other reviewers this is the 3rd book in the Guardian Witch series so if you want to read in order you need to start with Book 1 Awakening the Fire (Guardian Witch) and Book 2 Fire Within (Guardian Witch)Even though there were a few times I was a tiny bit lost, considering I hadn't read any of the previous books Miss Ally s [...]

    2. 3.25 Just didn't connect with this one like the first two books. I really liked Ari in the previous books but not so much in this one. Just a little too bossy and b*tchy, job first, never really showing a softer more relatable side. I missed the emotional connection. I actually felt sorry for Andreas a couple of timeshe would just overlook her behavior and be sweet and loving to her anyway. Although she said or thought about her feelings for him, she didn't show it much. I just didn't feel them [...]

    3. I am a fan of this series, and even though I only gave 3 stars, I will still definitely read the next one. What kept me from giving this book a higher rating is the fact that, like someone has already said, I didn't feel that emotional connection to this book. Ari's behaviour actually irked me a few times - I thought in a couple instances she actually came across as a bit of a petulant child. I feel like her relationship with Andreas is one of those ones where the guy is much more mature than th [...]

    4. While I loved the first two Guardian Witch books, I really loved the whole new level Air (and Ally) move to in this one. The reality of anyone caught in a quandary as to loyalties and responsibilities makes this so relatable. I love that Ari is not a wimpy doe-eyed heroine. She has total strength. While she obviously loves Andreas, who wouldn't, there's more to this witch than being spell-bound by any male.

    5. Phew, this is an aptly titled book. Glad to see Ari and Andreas are finally getting their shit together. But we were all over the place with this one and I felt just as harried as Ari while reading. But with the way things ended, I'm very interested in starting the next book ASAP.

    6. Why'd she have to go and get so power-trippy and bitchy? And for no good reason!!! Mouthing off to super strong vamps - hence getting every one around her in trouble! I so Hate it when this crap happens :( sad to say I won't be finishing the series didn't even get a 1/4 through this book. Gah!!! such a pet peeve when the once humble heroine becomes an uncompromising narcissist. In saying that I still think this ally is a talented writer.

    7. *I received this book free from Red Moon Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*Things just cannot be simple for Ari, if it's not one thing it's something else. She lost her mentor in Fire Within, but she got back her family's Book of Shadows, and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. She'll need everything she can get when Andreas is threatened, Steffan is kidnapped, and there's a missing kitty to add into the mix."Good to know. Nevertheless, we need to stop the bleeding. The bite [...]

    8. It’s hard to judge a book when it’s got several volumes that come before it – generally though, I had no problem jumping right into book 3 of the Guardian Witch series. There’s enough familiarity about the world that centers around a young Fire Witch Arianna (Ari) that I wasn’t lost or confused about the creatures we came across. I had a few questions – but in general they didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this novel. Named due to her conflicting loyalties – and literally burni [...]

    9. Ever have to pick between two competing roller coasters at an amusement park? Reading Burning Both Ends, Book 3 of Ally Shield's Guardian Witch series, is like being on both rides. At the same time. Like most women, when she's at work Ari Calin feels guilty for ignoring her relationships, especially with her sexy boyfriend Andreas. Of course, when she's with him, she worries about her work. But she doesn't have just any job. Ari Calin is a cop. Along with her gun, she carries a few other weapons [...]

    10. Ally knows how to keep you glued to a book. This sequel is fast paced and full of action. The romance never overshadows the story line but does keep it interesting. Characters: 4/5There is some great character development in Burning Both Ends. I can definitely say Ari & Andreas are one of my favourite couples. Ari - Ari is forced to deal with so many burning issues from life and death situations, to her best friend needing her. This is a tough journey for Ari emotionally. She is torn between [...]

    11. Guardian Witch Book Three *Friend or lover. Life or death…* Supernatural cop Ari Calin arrives at the hostile Toronto vampire court with an ultimatum from the Riverdale vampires: Sebastian, Toronto’s vampire prince, must stop his unprovoked attacks—or else. Ari wasn’t expecting a fight—the “or else” was typical vampire grandstanding. But even with vampire Andreas De Luca by her side for a show of strength, things get ugly fast. Toronto’s vampire world is in crisis, and surrounded [...]

    12. I hope this series gets better. I just started this book, and Ari, the heroine, is starting to get on my last nerve. She had to be saved during a werewolf attack. It wouldn't be that bad except she's made it a habit to get saved by her vampire boyfriend, Andreas. And she keeps acting like a pre-teen when the sex topic comes up. She's even acting funny about letting her vampire boyfriend lick her arm. She thinks that she's better than him, and she's clearly not since he's doing all the saving. I [...]

    13. I read this book without having read book one and two in the Guardian Witch Series. but I enjoyed every minute of it and I am looking forward to reading part 1and 2. Burning Both Ends is a Paranormal Romance read that intrigues you as a reader from the get go, I’ll have to admit that I was at lost at some points during the book. Which is quit understandable because of the fact that I haven’t read the previous two books, but the way she describes the story will have you turning the pages in a [...]

    14. I am very impressed with this series! So impressed, I've glommed up the entire series in just a few short days. My favorite genre is Urban Fantasy, so whenever I hear about a new series I can't help but get excited. Unfortunately my excitement doesn't always last when the series ends up disappointing me. Thankfully this series has not left me hanging and I can't wait to move onto the 4th book. Another plus side is this author seems to be hammering out these books, there is already plans for a 5t [...]

    15. Ally Shields as done it again. She amazes me at the effortless way she can combine the paranormal, romance and mystery into a seamless story.Building off the last two books of the series (but readable as a stand alone) this books tests the limits and strengths of Ari Calin, the Guardian Witch. This is a beautifully written conflict about the desires of the heart and the duties of the world.The realism of the relationships mimics reality, highlighting the give and take, strains, and personal sacr [...]

    16. This is another great book in the Guardian Witch series. I read book 1 and 2 and found that I absolutely adored this series and that it is easy to fall in love with the characters. Ari is dating one of the hottest vampires around. She's doing her job as she should and has recovered the family book of shadows. She's learning more and more about her family and the magic that they wield each day that passes. But, danger is always lurking around the corner. Ari has made some very powerful enemies th [...]

    17. Ari has finally let herself go in her love life. Sure she still has worries, but she is working through it. Her job is still dangerous, especially when she has caught the attention of a douchey old world vampire that happens to be in charge of the territory in Toronto. Hopefully this conflict wont end badly.Well of course it ends badly. And what does it mean for her relationship status? It really doesn't help that Steffan is missing and it is her sworn duty to find out why and how it happened. E [...]

    18. I am so in love with this series. This was the first book in the series that I read and I had to go back and read the other two afterwards. This book will stand alone if you haven't read the first two. Now I can't wait for the 4th one:)Ari is a witch who is the Guardian of the Other world. She is drawn to a Vampire (Andreas) and together they weave a tale that is riveting. I highly recommend this series.

    19. You can find a longer review on my blog: Raquel Gabrielle's BlogAri is spread thin and it doesn't look good but I loved how it ended and it all wrapped up. I can't wait to see what comes next. Ari is my hero I mean this woman stays up for like three days straight and is still functional.

    20. This is now the 3rd one. I am enjoying them, but there are loads of similarities with Anita Blake series, but less kick ass, less sex overall just pretty washed out compared to that series.Hence the 3 stars. I'm not feeling the love and depth of relationship between Andreas and Ari. Author needs to develop some depth in her characters as the plots are pretty good.

    21. This one was a little more paranormal but really still a thriller. Lost a star for the super special vampire bond. Wish we could hear more about the other species rather than the constant focus on vampires and werewolves.

    22. Ari and her boyfriend Andres (vampire) go to Toronto to speak to the prince will it end the way it is accepted or will it go wrong, Steffan the werewolf pack leader and friend of Ari in Riverdale gets kidnapped where will Ari stay in Toronto or fly back to Riverdale to help find her friend.

    23. gobbled the book in less than 12 hours^^ two plots in one book surprisingly blends well but i would like to know more from Andreas POV on this book though

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