1 thought on “The Blinder”

  1. Probably deserves 4.5 starsis is exactly the kind of book that sparked my love of reading in my early teens. Very harsh, bleak, working-class early 60's Angry Young Man-type novel, about a lil rascal who is majorly gifted at football, like could be one of the greats, bored by school but innately intelligent, confused, cocky, womanisingd then maybe he finds humility, and maybe that's his downfall. I thought it captured that grim, black-and-white, pre-swinging Sixties Britain brilliantly, with emp [...]

  2. Hines’ first novel, and in my opinion possibly his best: there are arguments for the characters and dialogue in The Blinder being stronger than in A kestrel for a Knave.Full review at: stevek1889/2014

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