იძულებით გათხოვილი

A devastating first hand testimony exposing the cruel and widespread practice of forced marriage I was twenty years old and dreamed of marrying for love Leila was born and brought up in France by Moroccan born parents But her romantic dreams were shattered when she was forced by her father to marry a man she d never met, fifteen years older than her, and whose languageA devastating first hand testimony exposing the cruel and widespread practice of forced marriage I was twenty years old and dreamed of marrying for love Leila was born and brought up in France by Moroccan born parents But her romantic dreams were shattered when she was forced by her father to marry a man she d never met, fifteen years older than her, and whose language she couldn t understand The husband she didn t love beat her regularly in an attempt to force her into submission With extraordinary courage, Leila fought back against the weight of family tradition to regain her liberty and dignity And despite the very real risks, she has left her husband and speaks out openly against the evils of forced marriage.
A devastating first hand testimony exposing the cruel and widespread practice of forced marriage I was twenty years old and dreamed of marrying for love Leila was born and brought up in France by Moro

  • Title: იძულებით გათხოვილი
  • Author: Leila
  • ISBN: 9789941210495
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Why we don't have a word like 'Feminist' for men who advocate for male causes? Male obsession with dominance is still recording a strong violent history agains females. The only risk factor for domestic violence is female gender. I used to think the issue is present only in arabic and Muslim cultures. But I am more aware it's world wild issue. The only difference between countries is the law. A country that protects a female is a country worth living at. The best description I ever read for fema [...]

    2. This is an incredible book. Leila tells her story with an honesty that does not flinch from the complexities of her circumstances and also explains them in their appropriate religious and cultural contexts. Because of Leila's refusal to buffer her story in any way - from her angle or any of the other concerned parties (her mother, her father, her ex-husband, his mother, etc.), this book is hugely informative re the practice of arranged marriage and the theory behind and effects of a childhood ro [...]

    3. Leila is very brave for telling her story and shedding light on what it is like for a lot of muslim girls/young women. Imagine being a little girl the age of 10 and having to watch the other kids in the neighborhood running around playing freely while your not allowed to leave the balcony, having to take care of ten brothers being nothing more than a domestic servant alongside your mother, and not being able to speak out about being sexually abused for fear of being shamed. You think when your f [...]

    4. Exista si editia in romana.Ma enervat (asemenea celorlalte carti in care copiii sunt spalati de mici pe creier) felul in care autoarea vede ca are si alte optiuni, recunoaste si intelege celelalte optiuni, dar e paralizata de rusine si traditie.Desi spre sfarsit a ajuns sa ii faca pe ai sai sa o inteleaga eu nu as fi acceptat atatia zeci de ani de chin. I-as fi trimis dracului pe toti si gata.Nici atunci cand incepe sa inteleaga ca ea este o persoana INDEPENDENTA nu este capabila sa se comporte [...]

    5. Wow this is such a powerful, heartbreaking story of courage and strength. Leila has faced such hard things in life, but her courage inspires me with every word.

    6. [acquisto di mia figlia 12enne (che è particolarmente sensibile alle storie di donne afghane, irakene, iraniane, etc.) che ho letto incuriosita dal suo racconto.]Leila è una ragazza francese, di origine marocchina (la famiglia è marocchina, profondamente legata alla cultura ed alle usanze magrebine), che tenta di conciliare la sua voglia di una vita più libera (ed il suo concetto di "libertà" è molto più ristretto rispetto a quello di una qualsiasi ragazza francese/italiana) con le pesant [...]

    7. Western world deceives people into thinking that the horrifying things, like women abuse, take place elsewhere in the world but never in the democratic France, just like in the setting of this book.Leila is a Moroccan girl who lives with her big family in France. Despite that , she is unable to enjoy the basic freedoms-like meeting her friends outside of school or, later on, choosing her spouse. All this is justified with the religion and culture, it serves as an excuse to abuses that Leila goes [...]

    8. Mooie, hoewel zware, kijk in een andere cultuur. Ik vond het hartsverwarmend hoe de schrijfster zich, ondanks een moeizame relatie met haar ouders, gebalanceerd opstelt. Ze keert hen de rug niet toe met een 'Ik moet doen wat het beste voor mij is', maar realiseerd zich dat haar ouders ook maar deden waarvan ze dachten dat het het beste was. De vertaling vond ik niet zo geweldig, er kwam redelijk wat persoonlijkheid van de vertaler in het boek binnenkijken. Ik geloof niet dat een franse ooit zoho [...]

    9. One girls account of her muslim upbringing, being the only girl in the family and horrific account of her arranged marriage and subsequent escape from it with her baby son. Made me realise how blessed we are here in this country, would recommend.

    10. A really eye-opening and interesting read. Leila had such a difficult life. It is so terrible to oppress someone like that. I felt so suffocated reading this book and it saddens me that so many women go through such things silently.

    11. Sposata a forzaAgghiacciata. Arrabbiata. Delusa. Questi i miei stati d’animo mentre leggevo l’autobiografia di Leila (il nome è di fantasia, ma la sua storia è tragicamente vera).Agghiacciata, perché la vita di Leila (nata in Francia da una famiglia marocchina) diventa un inferno sin da quando è piccolissima, non appena le nasce il primo di tanti fratelli maschi. Da quel momento Leila, pur essendo ancora una bambina, diviene l’aiutante della madre, la seconda donna di casa destinata a [...]

    12. “Casada à força” retrata a realidade de muitas muçulmanas que se vêem confrontadas com um casamento por oposição dos pais, um casamento por conveniência.Leila sempre foi uma rapariga que se opôs aos valores muçulmanos porque tendo ela nacionalidade Francesa e vivendo na década de 90, considerava que os ideais que lhe tentavam incutir eram antiquados e que merecia ter uma vida como a das suas amigas. Contudo, os pais não concordavam que ela respondesse, que fumasse e outros factore [...]

    13. În luna mai voi scrie recenziile acestor volume pentru a vă trezi curiozitatea de a pătrunde în lumea arabă, să cunoaşteţi legi şi tradiţii africane şi să înţelegeţi cum puteţi gestiona resursele financiare.Ultima carte citită pe nerăsuflate dezvăluie devotamentul faţă de părinţi, tradiţiile necunoscute în lumea occidentală, dorinţa de a avea parte de o viaţă normală. Aceste sentimente sunt trăite de eroina cărţii ,,Măritată cu forţa”, apărută în Editura [...]

    14. Great! What I found most interesting about Leila's account of her childhood was that, for a woman who grew up in similar, but totally irreligious circumstances, I could completely relate to and understand what she was going through despite the fact that I was not raised with Arab tradition or Islam as a pretext for my various childhood problems. Religion plays a shockingly, and refreshingly, small role in Leila's recount of her hellacious experiences. She instead focuses the blame on tradition, [...]

    15. "La paura è una vera e propria malattia. Avevo avuto paura di tutto: delle minacce di mio padre, di essere chiusa in casa, di perdere la verginità, del matrimonio forzato, e ora del fatto che Mussa potesse rapire mio figlio. Insomma, ho sempre avuto paura di vivere." Se un giorno qualcuno dovesse chiedermi il titolo di un libro che mi ha cambiato la vita, direi questo. Non solo mi ha cambiato la vita, ma mi ha reso consapevole della condizione delle ragazze, delle donne, in una società simile [...]

    16. Dieses war das erste "reale" Buch, das ich gelesen habe. Die "Geschichte" hat mich zwischenzeitlich wirklich sehr berührt und ich habe sehr mit Leila und auch denen anderen Marokkanerinnen etc. mitgefühlt, denen es ähnlich ergeht oder ergangen istTeilweise war ich aber auch sehr schockiert über die ganzen Hintergründe einer solchen religösen Erziehung. Man denkt immer das kann so schlimm ja nicht sein, die wollen ja so leben, aber diese Buch hat mich da ein wenig anders denken lassen. Ich [...]

    17. Duro, crudele e intenso ritratto di una donna che non può vivere la propria vita come vorrebbe, che non viene rispettata, nè presa in considerazione. Deve obbedire e basta. Diventando prigioniera in casa sua.Vittima di un estremismo che spaventa, toglie la libertà e la dignità di una donna, uccidendola nel profondo. Ma stringendo i denti e credendo in se stessa, uscirà da un incubo che dura da tutta la vita.

    18. Finished 4th January 2009.This seems to be very honest and from the heart book. The bravery of the Muslim girl in a forced, unhappy marriage was very touching. It is sad to believe that this is happening today in the modern world. I hope it may give hope to others in this situation.

    19. Absolutely brilliant! infuriating but Leila's rebelling spirit is inspiring, and sometimes she even makes you laugh out loud, or you find yoursef feeling proud of what she has done, even if it was just a small act of rebellion

    20. This should've been entitled "Crazy woman gets married." !!!!!(And then washes all her "dirty laundry" in a book entitled "Married by force").Pathetic.

    21. as a woman, I found this book tremendously frustrating. Leila, after all you've been through, I wish you only the best.

    22. E' incredibile pensare che questa è una storia vera, che molte donne al mondo vivono nello stesso incubo.

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