A Highlander For Christmas

Sometimes Destiny Provides the Perfect Gift A WOMAN OF RARE PASSION When Maggie Kincade arrives at Draycott Abbey, she s stunned to discover how much the weathered stone walls offer a safe haven from the dangers of her past The tranquil English manor soothes her troubled soul until that peace is shattered by the arrival of the tall, sexy Scotsman who claims he s been sSometimes Destiny Provides the Perfect Gift A WOMAN OF RARE PASSIONWhen Maggie Kincade arrives at Draycott Abbey, she s stunned to discover how much the weathered stone walls offer a safe haven from the dangers of her past The tranquil English manor soothes her troubled soul until that peace is shattered by the arrival of the tall, sexy Scotsman who claims he s been sent to protect her From the start, Maggie bristles under Jared MacNeil s piercing scrutiny yet his every touch jolts her, heart and soul A HIGHLAND HERO WITH AN UNWAVERING CODE OF HONORJared arrives at the hauntingly beautiful abbey under protest, vowing this assignment will be his very last But he is enchanted by the breathtaking American assigned to his care, for beneath her bravado he senses a woman desperately in need of help Despite all his honorable vows, Maggie intrigues him, while her slightest touch enflames his deepest passions When an old danger stalks Maggie to the high hills of Scotland, Jared will move heaven and earth to keep her safe.Originally published by Avon Books under the title THE PERFECT GIFT.
A Highlander For Christmas Sometimes Destiny Provides the Perfect Gift A WOMAN OF RARE PASSION When Maggie Kincade arrives at Draycott Abbey she s stunned to discover how much the weathered stone walls offer a safe haven from

  • Title: A Highlander For Christmas
  • Author: Christina Skye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. The Perfect Gift by Christina SkyeScotland: Jared McNeil was coming home to die after being away for 6 years. He's seen the vision.Maggie Kincaid's father is now dead and the gems are gone. She is a jewelry designer.Jared's job is to find out if Maggie is a thief. He canvasses her shop and her cousin Tessa's fashion designer shop. She has to pay her father's debts and wants to sell the necklace they had worked on.Maggie had won the contest to show her work in London and Nicholas and Cassie are t [...]

    2. Good storyThis storyline showed so much promise. The suspense could have been stronger and the love between our hero and heroine uld have been much more passionate with less emphasis on their sexual relationship. A little more build up to the finale would have been interesting. I loved Adrian and Gideon and the people of Glenbrae. Overall it was a good read.

    3. Jared was a great hero, although flawed. But this made more for us to love about him. Maggie is a talented jewelry expert. She knows how to mix colors and materials to make masterpieces. What does she make of Jared? Add a few ghosts and paranormal experiences to the mix, Maggie's presumed dead father, some missing gems, lots of English and Scottish scenery, international bad guys and a stray dog named Max. (There's also a ghost cat!!!!!) This book has all of that and some steamy love scenes.What [...]

    4. Great This is a new author for me. I loved the suspense, the paranormal and also the love story. I would have liked to have seen what Maggie thought about the old necklace that she was suppose to restore and I would also have liked to see her and Jared come to conclusion that they knew each other in a past life and for them tell one another about the dreams each one was having. Is Maggie a relative of Nicholas? It was understood that she was, but it was never brought up between her and Nicholas. [...]

    5. This was one of the first paranormal romantic suspense series I started reading. And as I usually want to read in order, this series was on hold for years as I am missing one book. But now I just grabbed one from the shelf, and started reading, and loved it.Maggie Kincade is a jewellery designer, who learned the trade at her father’s knee. But 7 months ago, her father went missing with a load of important jewels, even some of England’s monarch. Maggie refuses to believe that her father is a [...]

    6. Maggie is brilliant with hems and setting them. Her father had disappeared and cause an international hulabooloo. Enter Jared who is checking her out a this friend's request. They spark 💑. See what happens next!

    7. GreatAs always, Christina Skye has written another winner. Kept my attention until the very end. Easy to follow fun read.

    8. Highlander and jewelsGreat story just the right amount of action and romance. It was a beautiful story in the future yet sad in the backstory it all for together perfectky

    9. There were so many elements to this novel and it promised a unique plot and a few twists, and actually I kind of enjoyed it for the first 40-50 pages. Unfortunately I found that I couldn’t warm to the leading couple and that many of the elements that had initially seemed exciting became under-developed and repetitive. I am a bit of a sucker for paranormal elements in novels, and I think actually they can work quite well. I enjoyed Jared’s gift of being able to sense emotion because it was on [...]

    10. A Highlander for Christmas by Christina Skye is a Steel Magnolia Press publication. For those looking for this book on , you might want to search for "The Perfect Gift" , which was the original title.Maggie Kincaid's life has been a rollercoaster ride for the last seven months. Her father, Daniel, died in a plane crash amid rumors he was a jewel thief. Maggie got left with his debts and with the media hounding her every move.Jared MacNeill was adjusting to life after having gone through an exper [...]

    11. This is a good story - just about before the series books start getting very strange and going slightly downhill. Following the sort of formula (and it works), the hero, Jared, is a tortured soul with a tragic past and a psychic gift and he's bent on protecting Maggie, a jeweler and very stubborn woman. Someone is out to kill one or both of them and they're under close watchd they're own quirks (mostly Jared's) keep getting in the way of their romance, but ultimately they work it out. There's pl [...]

    12. 4 starsAKA The Perfect Gift in the Draycott Abbey series. This is the book that started it for me, because I got it as a freebie Kindle book. However, I didn't finish it until after I'd read the other books in the series that I could get my hands on. I always like to try to read books in the proper order, because you never know who turns up as characters or what plot points are spoiled. And Ms. Skye has the habit of including such things (even as cameos) in her stories. So when I started to read [...]

    13. Enjoyed this book. Not as much as some of the Draycott Abbey series but still a good enough read. A light touch of the paranormal. Although one of these days I would like to track down the volume which explains why Adrian haunts Draycott and how it is no one ever noticed that Gideon seems to have lived for hundreds of years. Maybe Marston knows more than he is telling.I did have to say that the Draycott connection seemed forced to me. It just didn't seem to spring naturally from the story. Oh ye [...]

    14. This was better than I expected, if only for the lush descriptives like the opening passage. The romance stuff was predictable but the international intrigue fleshed it out.One thing that really bothered me was an ignorant comment by the butler to the jeweler about whether she used flux or solder to make her pieces. That exchange showed a complete lack of knowledge and research. Even a plumber can tell you that flux is the substance you lay down first to help the solder flow. It's not one or the [...]

    15. Making up my mind about how many stars to give the story wasn't easy.  There were many things I enjoyed. The plot was interesting although repetitive at times. It included intrigue, action, spiciness and romance. The aspect of the jewelry-making was fascinating. Castles are always alluring. What I can't understand is why there should be so many omissions in a book by a best-selling author. There were missing words but mostly missing punctuation marks, especially periods. In the end, that inf [...]

    16. A multi layered paranormal romance that will keep you guessing!Jared is one though guy. Special forces have shaped him into the man he has become. Additionally his gift adds a layer of complexity to both the man and his life. As a favor to his friend he has found himself the protector of Maggie an artist who works wonders with her mediums of metal and gems. Maggie's father and her mentor is presumed dead in a plane crash but no body is found, only his passport. Maggie's father is rumored to have [...]

    17. Jared MacNeil is a former Royal Marine who has seen too much of life and death, including his own. He has a "GIFT" that has been handed down through the ages, that he doesn't want and makes him wary of even getting close to anyone much less touching them. Maggie Kincade is a true artist who has been dealt too many blows, with the debts and scandal left by the death of her famous jeweler/artist father. Jared is sent to check out Maggie and see if he thinks she's innocent of the charges against he [...]

    18. Mesmerizing!This one was a little different then the books I usually read. Sure there were ghosts, ancient stories, and magic in the air plus a whole strew of characters that demanded recognition, but having not read the Draycott series I was left to only read on. Still, the story of Maggie Kincaid & Jared MacNiell kept me enthralled through it all with a mystery, magnetism, a love to be discovered & near death experiences to follow. If you enjoy this sort of story then you'll definitely [...]

    19. A Highlander for Christmas It doesn't get any better than the Draycott Abbey series. Mystery, romance, thrills, and a few ghosts make up these books. The author incorporates a bit of history too. Add Scottish heroes and more. I enjoyed this book and the others I've read in this series and look forward to reading more of her books.

    20. This is a great mystery, love story and Christmas story. The two main characters are Maggie and Jared. How they meet, how they affect each others lives and how they fall in love. I did have to pay attention at the end when you find out all the mystery and intrigue involved but it was such a good book.Maybe I'm just a sucker for a Highlander.

    21. A well crafted mysteryFour stars. At times the story moved slowly, and I was confounded that Maggie's hair changed colors, but overall the magic and passion carried me through. I will be reading another in the series.

    22. Another Great BookAll the Draycott series are fab reads. This was especially interesting. We had a current life between two star crossed lovers that was painful and empty.This same couple had a tragic past life and Draycott wants to right all wrongs.

    23. meh, I wouldn't want to try anything else from this author. The ending was really very childish. The book seemed drawn out, without any real content to be of any real value. This is definitely not a gift I would even re-gift.

    24. Was a great book to take your. Ind off other things. The paranormal was a little weird as a student started telling. E that she was hearing voices. Really enjoyed this text though wouldn't mind reading other books written by the same author.

    25. A new couple comes to DraycottA warrior Scotsman and an jewelry designing American, a puppy, a dead father (or is he?), and the Draycotts. Including Gideon!A very interesting, fast moving plot and an interesting couple.Well worth reading.

    26. A very good read by an author that is new to me. This was first published under the title "The Perfect Gift". This edition also had a very short story by Debbie Macomber! I enjoyed this story enough that I'm now checking out the others in this series.

    27. Interesting premise but why when attacked more than once do these people think there is nothing to it? And I would rather have hot steamy sex than read about it.

    28. Great Holiday ReadEnjoyed this wonderful holiday story. I can tell by the characters the books leading to this one are just as exciting. One of my new favorites.

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