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Fay Weldon is renowned for her biting humor and devilish prose In her latest novel, The Spa , Weldon offers a glimpse of the despairs and dalliances of a set of high powered women who have burned paths through and sometimes been burned by their worlds and the men in them It is the week between Christmas and New Year s and ten high achieving ladies are gathered at the expFay Weldon is renowned for her biting humor and devilish prose In her latest novel, The Spa , Weldon offers a glimpse of the despairs and dalliances of a set of high powered women who have burned paths through and sometimes been burned by their worlds and the men in them It is the week between Christmas and New Year s and ten high achieving ladies are gathered at the expensive Castle Spa They lounge in the Jacuzzi, sipping champagne, and telling each other the story of their lives, starting with the trophy wife s tale of her spell in a Greek prison the brain surgeon s tale of twins and mistaken identity the judge s tale of a sex change that allowed him to experience pleasures from both male and female perspectives The manicurist, the public speaker, the journalist, the company director, the ex vicar s wife, and the screenwriter all share their stories, ending with the stepmother s tale, a reversal of Cinderella s fate, with the stepmother as the victim Sparkling, witty, always sharp tongued, and occasionally libidinous, The Spa is a darkly funny sketch of a group of women who, despite prejudice, imprisonment, domestic catastrophes, and romantic debacles, have risen to the top of their respective worlds.
The Spa Fay Weldon is renowned for her biting humor and devilish prose In her latest novel The Spa Weldon offers a glimpse of the despairs and dalliances of a set of high powered women who have burned path

  • Title: The Spa
  • Author: Fay Weldon
  • ISBN: 9780802118646
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Kaasahaarav jutukas - sobib spaasse kaasa võtmiseks :D Päris Dekameroniga on pistmist nii palju, et toimub lugude jutustamine oma elust ja toimunud seikadest. Ja õnneks on raamat ka oluliselt õhem kui Dekameron :DAga ühest jutustusest teen küll paar väljavõtet:"Kui ma saaksin seadusega keelata naise abielu mehega, kellel on juba lapsed, siis ma teeksin seda," ütles ta. isa unustab väga kiiresti naise, kes tal kunagi oli, ükskõik kas ta hülgab naise tolle puuduste pärast, või naine [...]

    2. Το δεκαήμερο στο σπα βασισμένο στη δομή του δεκαήμερου του Βοκακιου , παίζει με ιστορίες διαφορετικων γυναικών που βρέθηκαν στο ίδιο σπα η καθεμία για το λόγο της . Κάποιες ιστορίες είναι δυνατές , μια εντελώς αδιάφορη και βαρετή και κάποιες μέτριες. Η γραφή πολύ καλή 3,5/5

    3. "Everything seemed suddenly very beautiful and very dangerous."Comparisons to Thackeray and Dorothy Parker are certainly flattering but don't quite do justice to Weldon's individual sensibility and unique style, which in this book is wicked, observant, and acerbic, the tone warm on one page and unforgiving on the next. Likewise parallels to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales or Boccaccio's Decameron, while they show off the learnedness of the reviewer, don't quite capture what Weldon seems to be doing h [...]

    4. Following the lead of Chaucer and Boccaccio, Fay Weldon has set up a situation where 12 ladies are trapped and isolated at a dysfunctional spa over Christmas; with plenty of time on their hands, they share their stories around the jacuzzi. There is a definite feminist slant to the stories, and their reception, as men and other fools are skewered by Weldon's sharp satire and wit.

    5. I am a fan of Fay Weldon as a writer and a person and inclined to like what she has to say. Having said that I didn't feel inclined to be sympathetic towards women spoiled enough to spend five grand to stay in a Spa over Christmas but there's always more to it than that: why are the women there? All, in their own way, have difficulties, which they share, a story at a time. Some of the stories are more gripping than others, and the over arching narrative, in which things fall apart at the Spa and [...]

    6. 1 and a half stars. The half towards 'ok' was due to the 20-30 pages about the Conspiracy Theorist. The only bit I liked. The rest was pretentious with bad typos and spelling. The word 'because' should be spelled the same, correct way, always. There were quite a few different ways I saw the word 'because' in this edition. Early Weldon was great. This was sadly NOT. I'd like my $6.95 NZ dollars back, but considering it came from mass market remaindered stock, I'm thinking that won't happen LOL.

    7. Το βιβλίο ''Δεκαήμερο στο Σπα'' εστιάζει σε μια γυναίκα , τη Φοίβη ,συγγραφέα η οποία μετά από μια πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα χρονιά , αποφασίζει να πάει σε ένα Σπα για τα Χριστούγεννα.Η Φοίβη περνά κρίσης ταυτότητας και αμφισβητεί όλη της τη ζωή. Έχει αρχίσει να αισθάνεται την ηλικία τ [...]

    8.  I choose this book because I just saw it at the library when I was looking for something to read. It looked kind of interesting and different so I checked it out. It was an ok book to read once, but probably not something I would go back to again. In the book a writer is going though a bit of a identity crisis and questioning her life. She is starting to feel her age, her husband has left her alone over the holidays to go attend to his aging parents, and her children all have families of the [...]

    9. Very recently I read The Spa by Fay Weldon. I actually started to read it before I went to camp, and then had to bring it back to the library before finishing. Then later on, once I was back home, I picked it back up and started to read it again. The Spa focuses on a woman Phoebe, who after a very interesting year, decides to go to a spa for Christmas as her husband has to take care of his mother who doesn't like her much, and her children who live in the states and can not make it to England th [...]

    10. I think it must say something about contemporary fiction (or my take on it at least) that I found this incredibly refreshing in its feminist take on women's lives. The conceit is well known (that a group of very successful women swap tales of their lives in an upmarket spa) but I found this far more funny and acute than I expected.It could be that the opening, a tale of adultery told to the narrator by her hairdresser, is less accidental than we think. Weldon taps into that bitchy but indulgent [...]

    11. I found it hard to get through The Spa. It is written in the Style of Olive Kitteredge, or a Maeve Binchy novely, where you get to hear the individual stories of all of these people who happen to land on the same bus, the same trip to Italy, the same Spa, or happen to know or relate to the same depressive neighbor in a town, at different times in her life. I found it disjointed, and ultimately not memorable. And you never really get a sense of the main and central character who narrates the book [...]

    12. When I started reading this book I honestly didn't think I would get through to the end. However, it ended up being one of those books you have to keep reading - just to find out what happens next.A group of professional women end up in a spa over the festive season and each one has a story to tell but,CBS warned, this book is not chick-lit. The stories are mainly dark and harrowing and each one tells the tale of how the woman telling the story has become the person she is today. The story is to [...]

    13. I can't believe I closed the book and gave it away half read - a Fay Weldon. Normally I read her books for the kind of relaxed amusement that leaves you satisfied. She provides tremendous amusement with her wicked take on characters and their incidents, but while laughing and enjoying the read you are full of admiration for her skill.My version of this book is called The Spa Decameron, showing her intent. It didn't quite come off and by the middle of the book the extremes of the stories became j [...]

    14. The Decameron, written by Giovanni Boccaccio, in about 1350 is a collection of novellas, arranged as a story about a group of women and men escaping the plague in Florence, and staying in the countryside, each telling stories for the others' amusement. Weldon's Spa Decameron tells of a group of women spending the Christmas break at a spa. Treatments are limited, staff keep disappearing, and the women loll in the jacuzzi and tell each other the stories of their lives.In this way, it is somewhat l [...]

    15. Not what I expected from Fay Weldon, who I remember as being light and cynical at the same time, funny and real, with dashes of wit. Here, a borrowed-from-Boccaccio-and-Chaucer series of tales of social roles--not names of people, but roles they play in society is these women's ID. I can't remember anybody's name, much less their story. Yet, Trond Sander and his daily life and memories and movements stay with me (Out Stealing Horses), as do those of Dr. Jim Delaney from North River. So far Fay i [...]

    16. I couldn't enjoy this novel as much as I would have liked because the print is so small! I read the paperback, and I am wondering what the publishers are thinking - of course, to save money - but it is not easy to read print which must be TNR 10. I found myself skipping pages because it was just too much of a strain on my eyes.The concept of the story was interesting, but I found myself plowing through the later stories of the women in the spa. However, I did like the Stepmother's story - I woul [...]

    17. This book was given to me at a bookswap with the guarantee, that I would be able to relate to the characters. No. Definitely not.Instead, I found a book that was humoristic mostly thanks to its absurd set of characters and unbelievable storylines. This was enough for the beginning of the book, but towards the end, it started to be too repetitive, and I was already tiring of the "This is how all women act"-cliches that didn't ring true to me at all.The worst was the storyteller, the voice present [...]

    18. I have given this 4 stars as it was a light funny book, sort of easy listening reading equivalent. About high achieving women who are spending the festive season in a spa in Cumbria to get away from the festive season for differing reasons. Each tell their story, in a similar way to the Decameron. In fact the book was called "The Spa Decameron" when I bought it. It constists of stories of Murder, incest and things like that. Good fun.

    19. Book Club suggestion that I didn't even finish reading. Nasty women cooped up together at an exclusive spa while the rest of the world celebrates a Christmas holiday. I just didn't like any of the characters or the slightly mocking but ingratiating tone of the narrator. Book Club response pointed out its similarity to The Decameron which reminded me of that ancient classic which I've not yet read.

    20. Though there is a central narrative 'character', this book is essentially a collection of stories based of the lives of several characters. The book was readable and the writing was good, but I didn't really like any of the stories. I don't feel like I really related to any of the characters. Many of the stories were pretty dark, and more than a couple made me think "Are there really people out there like this?" Anyhow, not really bad, but didn't really like it either.

    21. I enjoyed this and was tickled by its nod to The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales, but was frequently distracted by editors' misses. (How does spellcheck overlook the word "beacuse" three times?) The best, most integrated stories are from the Ex-Vicar's wife (a ghost story) and the tale of the stepmother.

    22. although i admire this writer's wit and breadth of knowledge and opinions, i just cannot recommend this book. i found it hard to finish, but just interesting enough not to abandon. it had too many different characters, very very loosely tied together except by their cynical views of men and relationships.

    23. I enjoyed parts of the book here and there. It was mostly a bunch of self-centered unsympathetic women with a couple of exceptions. I had the audio book version and it was well read, but I almost didn't finish it. Stuck with it and the last couple of stories held my attention. Mostly glad it is over.

    24. Did not like this book at all. Have no idea why I even stuck with it! I bought it at the library book sale. I am the kind of person that once I start reading something I have to keep reading it even if its bad. I guess I was wishing it would get better?

    25. I love the concept of a modern retelling of the Decameron. In this case, it is wittily and cleverly done. Something is lost in bringing the stories up to date; instead of a charming peek into times long gone, The Spa emphasizes the messiness and dissatisfaction of modern life.

    26. Seen at Tales from the Reading Room. What a bizarre concept! We'll see if it works better than Jane Smiley's TEN DAYS IN THE HILLS, which I could not get into at all.

    27. Boring. This was like a modern woman's Canterbury Tales. It was just one woman's tale after another and even though some were interesting, I just got bored with the format. There's no character development or even a real plot.

    28. This is the story regarding to women spending their xmas holiday at SPA Actually l love the writing style of Fay Weldon & l enjoyed so much while reading but l suggest you to read it if you have a lot of time. ;)

    29. A collection of short stories kind of pulled together into one story. Became very boring mid way through. I rarely can not finish a book once I’ve started it but it was a struggle to get through this one.

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