Beneath the Thirteen Moons

A brand new paranormal romance from Five Star When boat smuggler Mahri Zin kidnaps a Healer to cure her family and he turns out to be the Prince of Sea Forest, she must use too much of the magical zabbaroot to escape his enemies From her root induced coma she learns that the natives of this planet plan for her to Bond with him, a joining so final that to tear it asunder wA brand new paranormal romance from Five Star When boat smuggler Mahri Zin kidnaps a Healer to cure her family and he turns out to be the Prince of Sea Forest, she must use too much of the magical zabbaroot to escape his enemies From her root induced coma she learns that the natives of this planet plan for her to Bond with him, a joining so final that to tear it asunder would mean the death of them both Mahri only wants her freedom, but as they plunge through the dangerous waters of the swamps she finds it hard to resist the physical lure of Prince Korl And the Prince must change the entire world of Sea Forest in order to gain her heart, and ultimately determine mankind s survival on this landless planet.Kathryne Kennedy is a college graduate and business owner, and has published nearly a dozen short stories in the speculative romance genre She lives in Arizona with her husband, two sons, and the rest of her wonderful family.
Beneath the Thirteen Moons A brand new paranormal romance from Five Star When boat smuggler Mahri Zin kidnaps a Healer to cure her family and he turns out to be the Prince of Sea Forest she must use too much of the magical zab

  • Title: Beneath the Thirteen Moons
  • Author: Kathryne Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780786253364
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Content warning: sexual assault, angry ranting about the aforementionedIt's not the weird formatting that bothered me, even though the Sourcebooks paperback uses possessive apostrophes in pluralizations several times, and a reluctance to italicize inner monologue required me to reread a few paragraphs when the tone got confusing.It certainly wasn't the setting, which was actually quite interesting. "Dune" meets "Earthsea" as the protagonists navigate the reaches of a world ocean as descendants o [...]

    2. I find this a hard book to classify. The description says it's "paranormal romance" but, to me, paranormal romance is (1) set on earth, and (2) involves paranormal creatures of the vampire, werewolf, or faerie ilks. This book is set on an alien planet, but it's definitely a romance. So maybe SF/Futuristic Romance?The story itself is pretty simple. Girl from a remote village kidnaps a doctor from the city to save her dying people. Last time there was a disease like this the doctors refused to com [...]

    3. I gIanced at the other reviews for this book, and it surprised me how many people disliked Mahri for being stubborn, but no one (that I saw) said anything about all the times Korl forced her to do what he wanted. Including drugging her to sleep with him. SERIOUSLY?? This is supposed to be a heroic prince/healer? He forces her to dance with him, he forces her to kiss him, he forces her to (view spoiler)[marry him (hide spoiler)], he even forces her to eat. I would say there was only one actually [...]

    4. I fell in love with Ms. Kennedy after reading The Fire Lord's Lover. I can't tell yall enough, read it. If you like the fae and adult fairy tale type love stories -- read this one.With that said, I wanted to experience more of Ms. Kennedy while waiting for the next book in the Fire Lord series. There are quite a few to pick from, none of them cheap at $5 plus on Kindle but I trusted her other fans and went for this one.This story features a magical, watery world. Our hero, Mahri is a smuggler of [...]

    5. Mahri Zin and her people are desperate for a healer. Mahri knows that if she does not find one soon, it could be too late. Mahri knows that any healer she finds will no go willingly with her, so she kidnaps one. Unfortunately, Mahri ends up kidnapping not only a healer but Prince Korl Com’nder of the Sea Forest. Can Mahri convince Korl to help her people?Beneath the Thirteen Moons is the latest novel from author, Kathryne Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy just keeps getting better and better with each boo [...]

    6. This had SO much promise as a work of traditional fantasy, but the author ruined it by turning it into a romance. (And I LIKE romances!) I was so annoyed that the point of this story was getting the heroine to surrender her heart to the hero. It should have been an action-oriented fantasy about securing the hero's throne and changing their society together. Bleh! The cool part about this book is the world Ms. Kennedy imagined. It's a water world with giant trees anchoring life to it. Everyhing l [...]

    7. Romance novels are a bit silly and Kathryne Kennedy isn't afraid to take risks. If you're willing to dive into this world where magical powers exist and can be harvested, harnessed through the consumption of special rare foods -- which somehow reminded me a bit of Dune -- and join Mahri as she navigates dangerous waters under time pressure to bring the healer to her village, you'll find Beneath the Thirteen Moons a light, fun escape. The attraction, the gentle banter, the obstacles and unusual c [...]

    8. I like the word Kathryne Kennedy created in this book above everything else. She wrote wonderful characters and gripping plot but the love and execution she put into Sea Forest. I think the intricacies of the different caste systems and the magical way the world is brought to life is the crowning jewel of this book.The take Ms. Kennedy weaves keeps the readers entranced. I enjoyed both Korl and Mahri's characters and I enjoyed watching them get to know each other and fall in love, despite their [...]

    9. I got this book immediately after reading The Fire Lords Lover, which I loved, so I had high expectations for Beneath Thirteen Moons. It was a disappointment. Although the world created in this book is unique it is not developed in enough detail. However, the main reason for the low rating is the characters, especially Mahri who I hated as a lead character.

    10. This was a random library book from an author I hadn't heard of before and it doesn't deserve an in-depth review regardless of the potential in the world building.About 40% of the way in and I was enjoying this for what it was (not amazing writing but interesting setting).Right up until he date rapes her (scent of certain flowers contains a drug) with the help of some of her own family, because everyone knew she really wanted him anyway. Aka they roofied her "for her own good". Sorry but that is [...]

    11. I always look forward to reading a Kathryne Kennedy book. She’s one of those authors who has a stunning imagination and is able to bring all her ideas and concepts to the printed page perfectly. This book is no exception. Ms. Kennedy has once again given readers characters and a story they’ve not read before. She definitely has the magic touch.In this book her world is a planet of water with trees growing in forests up through the water. This is where her characters make their homes, carving [...]

    12. Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiquesIf you are like me and kicking yourself for missing Beneath the Thirteen Moons in its first incarnation, then now you can rest easy because Kathryne Kennedy’s first book is available once more. And I for one am thrilled to finally be able to get this book in my hot little hands.Mahri Zin is a swamp rat, making ends meet as a smuggler of zabba root, prized for the power it gives the user to See into the minds of others and influence the environment. She’s p [...]

    13. Reviewed for Book Chick CityBeneath the Thirteen Moons is a beautifully woven tale of a magical world, romance and courage. Kathryne Kennedy has written an original, enchanting story of a world where people live in trees which grow from the sea, under a sky of thirteen moons. Divided into two classes, you are either a poor outcast or a privileged Royal.Mahri’s village needs a healer and after burying her husband and child she doesn’t have any qualms about kidnapping one to save her home. But [...]

    14. The last time the sickness visited Mahri Zin’s village, she lost her husband and child because the Healers refused to help swamp smugglers. This time, Mahri travels to the capital, knocks out a Healer, and dumps him over the wall into her boat. But the man she snatched turns out to be the arrogant heir apparent, Prince Korl Com’nder, and his enemies seize this opportunity to do their damnest to kill him. Suddenly, it’s up to Mahri to save the prince’s life–and perhaps convince him that [...]

    15. Let me say first off that I am very particular about what I read and watch in the category of SciFi/Fantasy and I really was hesitant about reading this because of my peculiar tastes. I have to give credit where credit is due as I absolutely loved this book in almost every way possible. This is a rare gem hidden behind a beautiful cover and it's shine is so brilliant that it will ignite your interest right from the beginning. It's a romance that will take you on a colorful 3D journey through som [...]

    16. Plot:Mahri needs a healer for her village and by mistake she kidnaps the crownprince, there is instant lust between these. But he is a royal that has everything and she is just a low water-rat.My thoughts:I do confess that it was not as good as her last book, but then this is an old book that has been re-issued so she has become a better writer, but the book is still good, and the world she creates is pure magic. Truly something I have not experienced in a while. I want to see it on a big screen [...]

    17. THINGS I LIKED: - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the world building it was awesome and inspiring. To create a world with 13 moons where the people either live in the swamp (poor class) or in the trees (rich class). She even went so far to create different looks and different amounts of power based on gentics. It was just awesome to read just the ecosystem alone she created would keep anyone interested. To create a world with 13 moons where the people either live in the swamp (poor class) or in the trees (rich [...]

    18. With dazzling descriptions, nonstop action and searing romance, Kathryne Kennedy's Beneath The Thirteen Moons thrusts you headlong on a dangerous journey in an extraordinary world brimming with wonders and treachery.In the water world of Sea Forest, everyone lives in trees rooted on the ocean floor. Lowly Mahri needs a Healer to save her fellow villagers from the plague. But Healers are of the privileged upper classes, who do not deign to treat the downtrodden commoners. So, she kidnaps one. But [...]

    19. Beneath the Thirteen Moons by Kathryne Kennedy Historical Romance – Dec. 1st, 20103 1/2 Stars Mahri Zin is one of the outlaws and outcasts in the watery world of Sea Forest. After burying her own husband and child, Mahri Zin is feels driven to save the rest of her family and kidnaps a Healer from the royal city. Unfortunately, she ends up kidnapping the Crown Prince of Sea Forest! To make matter worse, Mahri Zin has to Bond with Prince Korl in order to save her village, forever combining their [...]

    20. The Sea Forest world is magical land that is completely covered in water, where massive trees grow up from the ocean floor to support an entire eco-system within their branches. There is no ground: only roots, branches, and channels. Dwellings are carved into these magnificent trees. In this world there are two classes of humans: the Royals and the Water-rats. The Royals control everything, including the sacred zabbaroot, which gives those with tolerance to its poison, special mental abilities. [...]

    21. 2.5 starsI have read Kennedy's book, The Fire Lord's Lover, and was absolutely in love with it so I was very excited to read this one. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. There was no real explanation about what this world was and you are left fumbling through the book trying to figure out what was so important about zabba root,who the river rats were and where this world came from. I almost felt like I had missed maybe another 100 pages that should have been at the beginning of [...]

    22. Mahri Zin knows her place in the world, and although she hates the injustice of her outcast position, she loves the freedom that being a smuggler allows her. With little family left to her, Mahri is willing to risk everything to keep them safe. So when a deadly fever overwhelms her village, she doesn't think twice about venturing to the city to kidnap a healer. Little does she know the man she throws into her boat is a royal, and will make life royally difficult for her.Kathryne Kennedy did a wo [...]

    23. This is the second of Kathryne Kennedy's books which I've read and I must say that I like how her mind works. This story is set in a world unlike ours in most waysbut with enough similarity in the people to ring certain bells.It's an interesting mix of fantasy and sci-fi (and the latter is not something I enjoy as much as the former). However, it takes a little while for you to realize that the humans are aliens in the earth sense of the word: visitors from another planet.The plot moved along at [...]

    24. This really is a classic love story just in fantasy land. So here is the plot: Mahri goes to a healer tree seeking a healer for her village she asks one person is turned away desperate she blindly chooses a doorway and kidnaps the healer well she soon finds out she has kidnapped the crown prince. Right away they are drawn to each other but he is a prince and she is a water-rat. Together they have some adventures but Mahri has to learn to trust herself.Now I love SciFi and I love when I keep re-i [...]

    25. Kathryne Kennedy is an author I hadn't heard of before. The storyline is a girl meets boy except in this case she kidnaps him and he is ahealer/ prince. I put this book down twice because the first page was weird and I couldn't envision the prop the author was describing. I 'm glad I persevered because I love a book with a strong female character.Mahri lives in a world where it is rumored her ancestor's came from another moon. She is "bayou" type water rat with extreme powers that are amplified [...]

    26. This one was hard to rate. The first half of the book or so, it had some pacing problems in my opinion. It was just kind of inconsistent. Then there was a part that waswellnd of creepy. I am still rather on the fence about it, but it didn't end up skeeving me out as much as I thought by the time I finished the book. I think that's because (view spoiler)[the female lead ended up being a wee bit kinky when it came to domination play. (hide spoiler)] So, even though it was still iffy, it was less p [...]

    27. I completely fell in love with the concept and characters. This action pact, fantasy romance, was nothing short of wow. A totally different intake on fantasy and hints science fiction, the story set seems to take place in some kind of futuristic planet. Kennedy’s detail in descriptiveness made it seem nothing like earth.Mahri is a very strong leading heroine; she will go through great lengths to protect anything and everything that is important to her. I find it a great twist that she is the o [...]

    28. I couldn't finish this one. I first started reading this book on June 28 and got almost halfway through before calling it quits on September 18. I tried to like this one, I really did but I just couldn't get into it. I'm not sure it isn't any one thing over another but this book just doesn't do it for me. The main characters drove me nuts and not in a good way. Mahri I found to be kinda whiny and annoying. Don't get me wrong, I like women who are strong but when they have to spend most of the ti [...]

    29. Hmm. Well. The book had an excellent start, but then went a direction that I think stalled it a bit IMO. The book turned into complete romance full of angst of "I want him/I don't want him". It got a bit old. It would have been great if it had played the plot more and had the romance to go with it, rather than have the focus ENTIRELY on the angsty romance. I totally do not get heroines who prefer independence to love. Obviously they have never heard Garth Brooks' "The Dance". I actually liked Ma [...]

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