Finding Hope

Take a peek into the mind of young Hope as she experiences her last few hours due to bullying.
Finding Hope Take a peek into the mind of young Hope as she experiences her last few hours due to bullying

  • Title: Finding Hope
  • Author: Bree Vanderland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Finding Hope”

    1. Finding Hope is a wonderful read, especially nowadays that bullying is a sickness among teenagers. Well not only teenagers, but also adults. It sends out a message to the people, for them to wake up and realize what damage they are capable of doing. Although the ending is tragic, it's what gives the story impact and makes it powerful. I want more of it. A+

    2. This story made me cry. I have never personally experienced severe bullying, and I cannot even imagine how bad it must be to take your own life. It was short, but you put a lot into such a short story. This is the first story I've read from you.

    3. It was amazing but really sad. I could really identify with the main character, Hope. I have been bullied as much as she has and at one point have even felt like nobody cared, but as the author says, people do care and life does get better. I definitely recommend this.

    4. Finding Hope was a great short story. The author perfectly portrayed a girls final thoughts before she committed suicide. This story was sad, and yes it made me cry. To me, it sounded a little choppy but overall I thought it was inspiring.

    5. Wow! This short story was amazing and really showed how those bullied feels. I loved it, but it was really sad. The author did an amazing job!

    6. Finding Hope is a short – SHORT – story. Do not let its length confuse you, for it is also an incredibly powerful work. Author Bree Vanderland gives us a glimpse into a young woman whose typically teenage years are being further complicated by being bullied. The young woman, Hope, is looking back on her recent past, weighing it against her vision of her perspective future, and deciding whether or not it is worth sticking around for.If the author lived through this decision, then I for one am [...]

    7. Minor Spoilers are included in this review, read at your own risk.Out of five stars, I give this four and a half.There is nothing I feel needs to be changed besides the length - I really wanted it to be longer! It was so quick to read and kept me interested, wondering until the last second what it was like to be Hope. My heart went out to her and I found myself sympathizing with her. Being in the older sister's shadow, being bullied by the boy you really want to like you, being harassed by kids [...]

    8. Finding Hope by Bree Vanderland is a short, but powerfully written, story about bullying, low self esteem, and suicide. There is no happy ending here, just a reminder from Vanderland to listen and hope.

    9. I love this short story! It's very detailed and exactly what I would imagine when someone is contemplating suicide<3

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