Second Nature

Nothing seems right in Amelia s new life On the run with new names, her family has finally settled into a lavish life in North Carolina Her relationship with Nate is strained almost to its breaking point, and she has no friends As Nate pulls further away, a handsome stranger sweeps into her life Then evil comes for her again.After her brother is kidnapped, they discoveNothing seems right in Amelia s new life On the run with new names, her family has finally settled into a lavish life in North Carolina Her relationship with Nate is strained almost to its breaking point, and she has no friends As Nate pulls further away, a handsome stranger sweeps into her life Then evil comes for her again.After her brother is kidnapped, they discover someone is draining demons for a deadly new drug that turns its users into mindless zombies The drug ravages up and down the east coast, and all humanity is in danger To make matters worse, an old enemy is back for revenge With the help of her family and friends, Amelia must deal with her past Or they won t have a future.
Second Nature Nothing seems right in Amelia s new life On the run with new names her family has finally settled into a lavish life in North Carolina Her relationship with Nate is strained almost to its breaking po

  • Title: Second Nature
  • Author: Elizabeth Sharp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: None
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    1 thought on “Second Nature”

    1. Again, I wrote it. I wouldn't be sharing it if I didn't like it. I love the complex relationships I explored in this one and can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks.

    2. What I Loved:This story has still got me captive as I read through it. The characters are still their amazing selves, though there's a lot more emotional drama in this book in comparison to Natural Selection. The story is fast paced, and a very quick and easy read. Amelia is still trying to find herself, which is completely understandable when you realize how quickly she grew up in the last book. I'm actually really impressed how well she handles herself in this book. And I'm still in love with [...]

    3. Elizabeth Sharp has done it again! Another wonderful book! If you read the first one, you know that Amelia ended the first story being married/mated to her high school crush and had barely escaped a human turned witch's horrible desire to rid the world of Otherworlders. Her brother and sister use their unique demon powers to help defeat the wannabe witch and the story appears that things are looking up for the Hoffman siblings. As this story starts though, you soon realize that Amelia and Nate ( [...]

    4. Oh how I loved this book!! I started with the first book in the series, Natural Selection, and I fell in love with this story. This isn't a review on that first book but I just loved it. A definite five star must read! Second Nature is just as good, if not a little better, since all the drama kicks up a notch and there are some great new characters.I love Lia (Amelia) so much. She just continues to impress me as a character. She is strong and she is very intelligent. I love when she is learning [...]

    5. In my opinion Second Nature by Elizabeth Sharp was a great book.  This was the second installment to the series.  The first book was called Natural Selection.  The flow from book one to book two was seamless.  As a reader you didn't have to miss out on anything.  By flowing it went along with what life does at a steady pace with no real gaps in sequence.  We follow Lia, her sister, brother, and intended bond Nate on a journey to finish what needs to be done in order to full fill their dest [...]

    6. I read the first book in this series, Natural Selection. It was really wonderful. It moved quickly and had just enough tension to keep the pages turning. I couldn’t wait for the second book to come out.Sharp builds complex and unique characters. I never feel like I know what they will do next. There are twists and turns you don’t imagine and the characters grow and develop along with the storyline. This second book develops the characters so you see not only their strengths but also the vuln [...]

    7. Second Nature is a fairly short story and quick read. One thing I appreciate is that you can jump right in and find yourself involved with the book. It wasn’t necessary for me to read the first book in the series before understanding this one. Natural Selection is definitely on my To Be Read “shelf”.I always enjoy a good fantasy and this one was “fantastical”. Angels, demons, gods and goddesses, witches – even a mention of vampires and werewolves :) The characters and storyline are b [...]

    8. Elizabeth takes you through the Otherworld with ease and precision. If you can’t get enough of the paranormal, this would be the book for you; with a Succubus, Djinn, Witches, Gaia and Angel, this one’s full of them.Taking up from where the Natural Selection ended, Amelia has found a new start to life with her siblings Sariah and Xander. But life’s not as rosy as it should be. With Nate behaving distantly and strange killings going on around, Lia is preparing for another battle.Who is she [...]

    9. Lia is still reeling from the death of her parents and life as she knew it. She and her family have settled in North Carolina under new identities trying to start over. She's having trouble coming to terms with her bonded mate, Nate. While they are bonded together and physically need each other, they really don't like each other. In the midst of her confusion over Nate, a new, very attractive man enters her life. Now she is even more confused than before. Of course, she cannot run from her past. [...]

    10. The first book in this series is called Natural Selection. This is a Young Adult series and can be reminds me of James Patterson's novels about Angel and Maxx Ride. Amelia is wrote with such enthusiasm we can easily visualize her throughout the book. If you have not read the first book I will just let you know Amelia and are HS crush are mated (married in our world). How old is she again?! Yes they are both very young and have to learn to at least pretend and be cordial to one another to make it [...]

    11. Amelia has grown up a lot since the last book Natural Selection. She’s had to, she’s a kid in an adult world and now Amelia and Nate are expected to have an adult relationship. Needless to say, Nate is freaking out.I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. The first book was awesome but this one is phenomenal. Amelia is loyal and loving but doesn’t take any crap. The character’s are so dimensional, especially for a young adult book. The story had so many layers and I couldn’t put it do [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this second in the series book. I loved getting to know the core cast of characters better, as well as, meeting new characters. The storyline is one that continues to pull you in and you can't wait to see what happens next. I am looking forward to book three!

    13. I love how Lia is coming into her own, finding her place and maturing and taking more responsibility even though there are those who would do it for her. Can't wait to read more

    14. Loved the story, there was a little of everything in there for me. I enjoyed the introduction of the new characters. Can't wait for the next book to come out.

    15. brilliant full of action and i love that its centered around lia and her family and the strong bond they have. on to the last book now cant wait to see what happens :)

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