Les Planches courbes

La pluie d t IMais le plus cher mais nonLe moins cruelDe tous nos souvenirs, la pluie d t Soudaine, br ve.Nous allions, et c taitDans un autre monde,Nos bouches s enivraientDe l odeur de l herbe.Terre,L toffe de la pluie se plaquait sur toi.C tait comme le seinQu e t r v un peintre Yves Bonnefoy
Les Planches courbes La pluie d t IMais le plus cher mais nonLe moins cruelDe tous nos souvenirs la pluie d t Soudaine br ve Nous allions et c taitDans un autre monde Nos bouches s enivraientDe l odeur de l herbe Terre

  • Title: Les Planches courbes
  • Author: Yves Bonnefoy
  • ISBN: 9782070427765
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. I've only read selections of Yves Bonnefoy before I read this book, and I picked it up in the hopes of getting a fuller sense of how I felt about his work.What I didn't count on was Hoyt Rogers putting together such a terrible translation.Some of what Hoyt Rogers does is typical bad translation: his word choices are overly cautions, on the whole, and he's so wed to the simplest semantic meanings that the poetry in English is limp and lifeless.Some of what Hoyt Rogers does is his own brand of bad [...]

    2. My first Bonnefoy, probably not the Bonnefoy I should have started with. I honestly came in expecting some subtle modernism - and, well, experienced plenty of subtleties (I am sure some of them have slipped by me), but the modernist part was rather thin. For a poet that comes after Surrealism, Bonnefoy comes across as remarkably backwards-stepping and it is only the remarkable atmosphere from some poems that redeem this mishmash of rather different poems. "La voix lointaine" is the cycle that ge [...]

    3. This book of poetry, translated from the French, is my first experience with Yves Bonnefoy. The poems evoke nature and feeling and have wonderful turns of phrase. I loved the line "Our mouths besotted / With the smell of grass." Another one that caught me was "Memories passed through their sleep / Like boats in the fog, stoking their fires / Before they head upstream."I took my time over this collection, to savor it and enjoy the word, put together so elegantly. A wonderful collection of poems.T [...]

    4. This book is brilliant, as a collection, as a book of poetry, as a book.To wit: it is a marvel to have the french and the english placed verso recto across the gutterand with ample white space that the edition announces that it is bilingual invites us to compare across the break, less to correct than to learn something about translation, to listen across languageand the poems, they are a marvel Bonnefoy is a poet of sound, these pages commend us to read them again and to hear them as we read th [...]

    5. I don't like poetry. And I generally don't like the books I have to read for class.But I read this one some years ago now, and I absolutely loved it, because the poetry lay not so much in the meaning of the words as in the sounds themselves. One of the greatest pieces of literature I have ever read.

    6. "che questo mondo rimanga,che le parole non siano /un giorno questi ossami /grigi, che avranno beccato, gridando, litigando, /disperdendosi, /gli uccelli, nostra notte, /nella luce./che questo mondo rimanga /come cessa il tempo/quando si lava la piaga /del bimbo che piange.e quando si ritorna nella stanza scura si vede che dorme in pace, notte, ma luce"

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