Picnic On Paradise

Suspended in the jade depths of an ancient Earth sea Chrono hurled to a steep winter planet swept by an eerie future war Middle aged at 26 , tiger tough at 4 9 , walking a wild Universe on Time long legs This is the story of a woman named Alyxver of this edition from Christos Chris Achilleos
Picnic On Paradise Suspended in the jade depths of an ancient Earth sea Chrono hurled to a steep winter planet swept by an eerie future war Middle aged at tiger tough at walking a wild Universe on Time long l

  • Title: Picnic On Paradise
  • Author: Joanna Russ
  • ISBN: 9780352398659
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. The other day, while complaining about the clumsy prose in Night Film, I allowed tha tit wasn't necessarily worse than a lot of actual genre fiction. But I take it all back, there's no excuse. Just read someone like Delany or, here, Joanna Russ, who, even in an admittedly more frivolous early "time barbarian" sorta setup, manages consistently sharp style and well-formed, interesting characters, and of course breakneck and steadily unexpected plotting. And of course, there's the cover (this one f [...]

    2. 3.0 stars. Interesting, well written story. This was my first book by Joanna Russ. Will seek out another one at some point. Nominee: Nebula Award Best Novel

    3. This isb a story that can be read on many levels. I first read it in my early teens, working my way through the SF section of my local public library registered as a straightforward adventure story, most memorable for a vivid (though not particularly explicit) sex scene that fed my voracious curiosity about How Grownups Do It.Reading it more recently, and having read a bit more Russ in the intervening decades, it unfolded ideas about gender, technology, maturity, and courage.i'm writing this now [...]

    4. I'd previously read The Female Man, Russ' classic examination of gender, a novel that was more notable for the ideas it contained than for telling a successful story (that's alright by me, by the way - there are many parameters of success for a novel, in my opinion, and story is only one of them). This smart, swift and vivid novel is nearly as intellectually deep and loads more fun.

    5. I think I definitely need more time to process this book.Through deliberately stylized and inventively evocative prose, which often flips between the melodramatic/hyperbolic and the stream-of-consciousness/philosophical (sometimes in the middle of a paragraph or sentence), Picnic on Paradise packs in a lot of ideas about culture, religion, gender, and the meaning of normative assumptions. Some passages struck me as incredibly deep and tender and some as glib--which was surely part of the point. [...]

    6. -En cierto modo, muy ilustrativo sobre las tendencias de una buena parte de la producción de la autora.-Género. Ciencia ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. La agente Alyx de la Autoridad Militar Trans-Temporal es enviada al planeta Paraíso para que escolte a un grupo de personas hasta una base neutral desde la que serán evacuados del planeta. Paraíso es un planeta muy particular, un lugar turístico en su globalidad que se considera una reserva que no debe ser alterada y, por tanto, la guerra que t [...]

    7. I was drawn to read this book because it was nominated for the Hugo in 1969. Three-quarters of the way through it, however, I had to go online to see if I could find out more about it because I couldn't figure out exactly what the book was trying to achieve. I found it rather hallucenogenic, featuring a no-nonsense female protagonist Alyx who was smarter and tougher than all others around her, called out-of-time to lead a motley gang of fools to safety after a war had broken out on their planet. [...]

    8. This is one of those books where I finished it and I wasn't really sure what I'd read. Also it was kind of boringly confusing, not even interestingly confusing.

    9. Una historia buena. En algunos momentos afloja, sin embargo es compensado con momentos que te atrapan.

    10. After more than forty years, I can still remember the thrill of encountering this, the most immediately engaging first sentence I had ever read:“She was a soft-spoken, dark-haired, small-boned woman, not even coming up to their shoulders, like a kind of dwarf or miniature—but that was normal enough for a Mediterranean Greek of nearly four millennia ago, before super-diets and hybridization from seventy colonized planets had turned all humanity (so she had been told) into Scandinavian giants. [...]

    11. Sort of a tricky novella to rate, actually, since, within the context of the character, it's probably more like a four. But as a stand alone piece it's about a three. Imagine a prehistory women getting accidentally sucked into the distant future, thrown onto a wintry planet, and told to be a guide for several humans, or creatures that we will eventually evolve or turn ourselves into You can see the ideas and their influence on Delany's Triton, which is really surprising. But these humans are at [...]

    12. A reread, and better than I remembered (maybe I understand it better) but still a solid 3 stars pushing 4. Other than protagonist Alyx the characters are broadly drawn until they are needed, but when they are needed they deliver for the most part.There are parts that I do not get, things left unsaid that perhaps one would have understood better in the late 60s when the novel was written. But mostly it still works exceedingly well.

    13. I was unhappy with this book. The adventure was boring and uneventful, the interesting ideas non-existent. I really don't have much to say, I either missed something big, or this book is not very good.

    14. A clever little adventure, typical of pulp science fiction of the sixties. Only, when the genre is wrested out of the hands of men, and written by a woman, starring a woman, everything is just slightly tilted from the expected and made much more palatable (for this woman, at least). A fun read.

    15. Strange, but good. Prophetic in terms of the "sensory deprivation" that one characters has as a reaction to/statement about our over-use of technology and stimuli.

    16. A una mujer de la antigua Grecia, ladrona y asesina, traída a través del tiempo, le encomiendan la tarea de llevar a un grupo de turistas del futuro, atrapados en un planeta turístico en mitad de una guerra, campo a través, hasta una base segura donde podrán ser evacuados. Ella está acostumbrada a las privaciones, el peligro, las caminatas interminables. Ellos no. Resulta interesante por las interacciones de los personajes y el obvio contraste entre la actitud y los puntos de vista de una [...]

    17. Interesting premise, but there is no explanation of too many behaviours, of the war, and u never learn why in this future the group of "stranded" has to be rescued by walking over 200 miles with none of their "medicines", nor actual weapons to defend themselves. Not credible, I went online to see if someone could clarify all the questions I had. No such luck. I have to say, for me the best is the relation/interaction between the protagonist and the boy Machine. I was left with a need for more, t [...]

    18. I have read this book at least a dozen times over the years and it never disappoints. There's just something about Alyx and her world, and all of the characters she meets in this novel, which does it for me in literary terms. There is wish fulfillment, humor, cultural criticism, a woman displaying strength and power and all things worthy in a situation in which it would usually be a man, and then there's Machine. That character totally fulfilled a dozen of my deepest desires as a human being and [...]

    19. Alyx is a woman removed from her time and she is currently assigned to help a group of eight tourists get to safety as war breaks on a beautiful tourist planet.This is a short novel and an odd one. Alyx is a fascinating character, struggling to get to grips with the time she's thrown into and the social mores of the strange group she is assigned to protect and who she slowly grows to care for. I shot through the whole thing in an afternoon, but I suspect it would benefit from a slower re-read to [...]

    20. I really liked this small sci-fi novel about a woman who is accidentally plucked from the past, and ends up with a job as a survival expert. Alyx is a great character, one of the butchiest women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in fiction. (She is straight, however.) The other characters are vivid, too, but the examination of cultural assumptions is the most fascinating thing about this book. It has loads of action, and the writing is tight and pithy.

    21. The plot meandered a bit so I felt disconnected from some characters. I liked the bits where Alyx vents in her own language because her frustration around their different ways of speaking rang true. Alyx's confrontation with Iris towards the end also explored different cultural attitudes around beauty and aging from a self-reflexive time-traveler's point of view.

    22. Solid character driven tale, interestingly without a single chapter break for its entire 257 page length. Haven't read much Russ over the years, but this was a very pleasant find, and makes me want to read more.

    23. I enjoyed this more than some of Russ' other books. I love the interplay of people from different time frames clashing. She does a great job writing the confusion that arises from lack of common slang or cultural background.It just didn't catch me as a story.

    24. Kehuttu taitavasta kielellisestä ilmaisustaan. Juuri kielellnen ilmaisu ei minua kiehtonut, liian korunomainen minulle. Onneksi kirja oli kuitenin sujuvasti luettava. Mukavan lyhyt.

    25. Alyx is amazing in his exploration of culture, survival, modernity and the affects of the society in which you are raised. Oh yeah also feminism, consent, maturity and language. Very powerful.

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