Seducing Lauren

In the second book in the Love Under the Big Sky series from this USA TODAY bestselling author of the With Me in Seattle series, life in Montana gets spicy when a woman and her divorce lawyer sign off the papers and sign on to love.Now that his best friend, Josh, has happily settled down with his true love on a Montana ranch, small town lawyer Ty Sullivan starts thinking tIn the second book in the Love Under the Big Sky series from this USA TODAY bestselling author of the With Me in Seattle series, life in Montana gets spicy when a woman and her divorce lawyer sign off the papers and sign on to love.Now that his best friend, Josh, has happily settled down with his true love on a Montana ranch, small town lawyer Ty Sullivan starts thinking that maybe single life isn t all it s cracked up to be And when Lauren Cunningham s no good ex husband comes after her for an unexpected trust fund, Ty steps in to protect her But soon he can t help but think of her as than a client Lauren s in no mood to jump into another relationship, so how can Ty convince her that her mistake wasn t getting married, but marrying the wrong guy
Seducing Lauren In the second book in the Love Under the Big Sky series from this USA TODAY bestselling author of the With Me in Seattle series life in Montana gets spicy when a woman and her divorce lawyer sign off

  • Title: Seducing Lauren
  • Author: Kristen Proby
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 4 Apple Pie Stars Lauren just got out of an awful marriage. She is hurt and has a hard time trusting people. She needs healing and she needs a laywer, considering her asshat ex husband is suing her for something he's not entitled to. So she asks help from Ty. The sexy lawyer from town and kind of her friend. He doesn't accept because he wants her and that would be a conflict. But when her ex husband reveals to be more dangerous than they thought he's decided to protect her. And get her in the wa [...]

    2. On NetGalley➜ bit/1sxu7f47/9/2014Pre-order available: amzn/1tVEsTg8/19/2014I read the first chapter of this book at end of Loving CaraIS BOOKS SOUNDS SO PROMISING!!! Looking forward to its release.

    3. 3.5 caramel and homemade apple pie starsLauren comes from the founding family of the small town she lives in. Tying up the loose ends of her divorce places her right in Ty’s path. When her ex, Jack demands more money from her and threatens her she attempts to get Ty to take the case from his partner who she felt lacked the aggression needed. But Ty won’t take her case for his own personal reasons. Ty has developed a little crush on Lauren, but the timing hasn’t been right until now. Divorc [...]

    4. DNF at page 106 aka 33%This is sad. I really liked the first book, and I'm a Kristen Proby fan. I was excited about this book, but OMG THE CHEESINESS. Plus, if I'm 100 pages in and forcing myself to keep reading, that's when I know to stop.Sorry this one just ain't for me.

    5. **Seducing Lauren generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**3 Smutty StarsSeducing Lauren serves as the second installment in this new series by Kristen Proby. What I adore about this author is her ability to make a story really feel good. To know that the feelings and actions of the main characters are coming from a good place and that they're journey on being together no matter what makes you feel good by the end.With that said, I liked this book bet [...]

    6. 4 - "I hope someday comes sooner rather than later." Stars!The second book in Kristen Proby’s Love Under the Big Sky series gives us Tyler Sullivan and Lauren Cunningham’s story. Both of them were featured in book one Loving Cara but we are given ‘access all areas’ into their lives and their budding relationship, in this instalment in the series.I have been a big fan of Kristen’s writing for quite a while now, her With Me Series, is one of only a few books that I actually buy in hard-c [...]

    7. What a book I luvd it luvd it luvd it it was so good I m so happy rite now This book was really good I enjoyed every bit of it I luvd ty from the first book so I knew he was a great sexy guy man in a suit God there just so hot ;) an we did get a lil look at lauren in that book 2 know I was mad about cause she was in the bitch click but she did up 2 the main bitch misty so I knew there something 2 like The was story was great lauren as split up from her husband an was a prick he is I would luv 2 [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsI’ve been looking forward to Seducing Lauren since I read the teaser at the end of Loving Cara, and it did not disappoint. Lauren is having troubles from her crappy ex-husband. She thought he married her for love and then found out it was always about the money. Her generous divorce settlement isn’t enough and he’s now after her trust fund. His demands become ugly when he shows up and threatens Lauren, and this is where Ty comes in. Ty Sullivan is one of the attorneys at the firm [...]

    9. Attorney Ty Sullivan has been intrigued by Lauren Cunningham for a long time, but he couldn’t do anything about it until her divorce was final. And finally the time has come for him to make his move, to show Lauren that he can protect her and love her like no one else.Tattooed Ty has starred in Lauren’s fantasies for a long time, she just never expected that he felt the same. And with Lauren’s vile and abusive ex making trouble for her, Ty is the one man she knows who can keep her safe - h [...]

    10. After making my grand statement about this series costing too much for ebooks, I bought the rest of the series. I thought it over and decided that even though I still think it's too much, I liked the first one so much and I liked the secondary characters so well, I needed to continue. Here is my rationalization. I could buy a few mediocre books for a lesser price and may or may not enjoy them, or buy this book that I know I'll like. Anyway, this was a great story. It was an actual love story wit [...]

    11. “Being in love with someone is an unconditional commitment. To love someone isn’t just a feeling, it’s a decision that you make every day, no matter what happens. It’s a judgment. A promise.”I’ve been a fan of Kristen Proby’s brand of smuttilicious romance ever since I stumbled upon her debut novel many moons ago, and her tales have kept feeding the starry-eyed dreamer in me unfailingly. Just like the With Me in Seattle stories, this series warms your heart and sets your pulse raci [...]

    12. Seducing Lauren is book 2 in Kristen Proby’s Love Under The Big Sky series and features Lauren and Ty as it’s central couple. It works perfectly well as a standalone and it’s not necessary to have read book one, Loving Cara, to understand this although I can highly recommend it. I’ve been looking forward to getting up close and personal with Ty ever since I read that tantalising little teaser at the end of Loving Cara. It left me with the promise of a protective alpha hero that I’ve be [...]

    13. * A review copy was provided by the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review * Buy Link---->> Seducing Lauren (Love Under the Big Sky Book 2) ~~ 5 "Ty-licious" Stars ~~ I am totally in love with this series. Seducing Lauren is book 2 in the Under the Montana Sky Series and I thought it was even better than book 1…Loving Cara. If you are a hopeless romantic, then this is definitely the series for you. Seducing Lauren was just as fun, sweet and sexy as Loving Cara was. I love [...]

    14. 4 starsThis was a very good story. I liked both Lauren and Ty very much and their story was sweet and kept me engaged.Lauren is well off but works (secretly) as a writer of erotic romance. She was married to a guy, Jack, that didn't treat her very well and was emotionally abusive. When she realized he was cheating on her and threw him out, he became physically abusive and made it clear he was only with her for her money. He then made sure their divorce was long and drawn out in order to bilk her [...]

    15. 1.5 starsLauren is finally a divorced and free woman who is starting to really gain some traction in her profession, she writes erotica and has just had her books optioned for a movie. This is exciting but she can't let anyone know because if her ex-husband finds out, he'll come knocking on her door for more money, even more money than he is demanding now. After a threatening encounter with the ex, Lauren drives to the lawyer's office where we meet Ty. Ty is a tattooed lawyer who refuses to take [...]

    16. I loved the story between Lauren and Ty. Lauren is a smart independent woman and Ty is super sexy, sweet caring guy and together they are super hot and sexy. Seducing Lauren has plenty of sexy scenes WOW the caramel, funny dialogue and some emotional scenes that had me gripped. It was fun catching up with Cara, Josh, Jilly and Zach and I loved the Will Montgomery mention.I love Kristen Proby and this did not disappoint and I can't wait for Falling for Jillian.

    17. Overall rating: 4 stars Plot: 9/10Ending: 7/10Writing: 8/10Hero: 8/10Heroine: 8/10Humour: 6/10Steaminess: 7/10HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]

    18. After read sneak peek at loving cara, i really giddy and i cannot wait to read Lauren and Ty story! Darn i can see alpha male in here also. Swoooonnn

    19. 4.5 starsWe met lawyer Tyler Sullivan and new divorcee, Lauren Cunningham in Loving Cara. They are friends with Josh and Cara. Ty's sister Jillian is also Cara's best friend.Lauren has gone through a long arduous divorce, but her ex is still not quite done with her. Lauren is smart, caring, but is also fearful and insecure. She has hidden talents that let her express herself. Her ex did a number on her and is exhibiting aggressive, unstable, and demanding behavior. She has secrets, but they are [...]

    20. First, this book can absolutely be read as a stand alone. Though I thoroughly enjoyed book 1 Loving Cara, with Seducing Lauren, Ms. Proby takes the reader to a whole new level. Yes, you see the characters from book 1 but this book stands on its own and the reader will have no issue becoming engrossed in it.Seducing Lauren tells the story of Tyler “Ty” Sullivan and Lauren “Lo” Cunningham. Readers who did read book 1 know Ty as Josh’s best friend and Jillian’s brother (Cara’s best fr [...]

    21. Kristen's writing just keeps getting better and better. I'm sure by now people are sick of me saying Seducing Lauren is my new favorite Proby novel. I'm sure they're probably sick of me talking about it in general. I just can't help it, I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about Lauren and Ty's story that I can't get enough of. Perhaps it's sexy-as-sin lawyer Ty with his tattoos hiding under his perfectly tailored suits. He's not a bad boy, but the things that would come out of his [...]

    22. ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review4 Sweetness StarsTy and Lauren "Lo" have known each other since they were kids, although they ran in different circles. Ty is now a successful lawyer in their small town in Montana and Lo is the recent divorcée with a secret. When Lo's despicable ex-husband comes after her both physically and financially, Ty's protective instincts jump into overdrive. This leads them into a sweet friendship and a lovely romance. But danger isn't far away, and w [...]

    23. 4.5 Stars I love Kristen Proby’s books and this one didn’t disappoint. This is the story of Lauren and Ty. Lauren and Ty both have secrets from the past and Lauren is also trying to deal with her ex-husband who is trying to sue Lauren for money and also try to scare Lauren. I love the chemistry that Lauren and Ty have and they have great connection. The story is pretty fast paced and flows really well. I love Lauren and Ty getting to know each other and dealing with Lauren’s ex-husband whi [...]

    24. Kristen Proby has a great talent of writing stories that consume you. Her characters are all extremely likeable (at least to me) and I very much enjoy the time that I get to spend reading about their lives.The second book in this series focuses on Lauren and Ty. You met them in the first book as Cara went to school with Lauren (they weren't exactly friends during that time) and Ty is Jillian's (Cara's best friend) brother. Both Ty and Lauren are pretty strong willed and stubborn, which makes the [...]

    25. After losing myself in the novel Loving Cara, I was eagerly anticipating its sequel & the opportunity to revisit the quaint Montana ranch. Unfortunately, the sequel— Seducing Lauren— left me very disappointed. I know that I'm in the minority on this one & that most of my friends adored this novel. I'll try to post a more in-depth review later to explain my thoughts & my low rating.Proper review to come eventually*2.5/5 stars*

    26. Let me just start off by saying that I am absolutely loving this series! Josh & Cara will forever be my favs but Ty & Lo come very close! Sometimes I start a book and I'll be half scared/half nervous because I really want to like it and there's always the chance of it being disappointing, but with this book I was all excited because I just knew I was going to love it, and I was totally right!About This Book:Lauren has just come out of a nasty divorce from an asshole who was only interest [...]

    27. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Seducing Lauren is the second novel in the Love Under the Big Sky series from bestselling author Kristen Proby and shifts the spotlight to Ty Sullivan, a practicing lawyer known for his tenacity in the courtroom, and Lauren Cunningham, a descendant of the original founders of the town of Cunningham Falls who has a secret job that nearly no one knows about. Lauren's previous marriage ended acrimoniously and her ex-husband continues to seek ways [...]

    28. I have to admit this is my first introduction to Kristen Proby. Apparently, Seducing Lauren is the second book in the series. Most authors will tell you that their series books can be read as stand alone novels but when you pick them up you’re in for a rude awakening and are usually lost. That is not the case here. Having never read anything by this author before, I did not realize it was the second book in a series until I opening it up. From the very first page I was engrossed in the story, [...]

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