Time to Sleep

A warm, inviting bedtime book from a Caldecott winning illustrator Bear sniffed once.She sniffed twice I smell winter in the air A chill is in the air and Bear knows it is time for her winter nap But first, she must tell Snail And Snail must tell Skunk And Skunk must tell Turtle Each animal who tries to put off going to sleep just a little longer sees, smellsA warm, inviting bedtime book from a Caldecott winning illustrator Bear sniffed once.She sniffed twice I smell winter in the air A chill is in the air and Bear knows it is time for her winter nap But first, she must tell Snail And Snail must tell Skunk And Skunk must tell Turtle Each animal who tries to put off going to sleep just a little longer sees, smells, hears, or tastes the signs of the impending season Finally, Ladybug rushes off to tell Bear already asleep in her cave the exciting news.Denise Fleming presents a warm hearted story about animals of the forest settling down for their winter nap But, like children who must go to bed for the night, they each find a way to put it off just a little bit longer Richly illustrated in fall colors, Denise Fleming s Time to Sleep world is right on target for preschoolers.
Time to Sleep A warm inviting bedtime book from a Caldecott winning illustrator Bear sniffed once She sniffed twice I smell winter in the air A chill is in the air and Bear knows it is time for her winter nap But

  • Title: Time to Sleep
  • Author: Denise Fleming
  • ISBN: 9780805037623
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming is a story about the hibernation of several animals that also can function as a bedtime story. Bear smells winter and knows it's time to sleep, but must first tell snail. Snail in turn sees it's time, but must tell skunk. Skunk sees its time to sleep, but must first tell Turtle. Turtle must tell Woodchuck who must tell Ladybug. Ladybug has heard geese but must tell bear. She wakes up Bear then goes to sleep in a nearby log. All six animals say goodnight to each ot [...]

    2. When I opened this book to share in library pre-school story time I said "It's TIME TO SLEEP" according to Denise Fleming who made this book. Can you read the title with me?" I put my finger under the first word and we all said "Time", and so forth. According to a recent study that was aired on NPR, this simple way of introducing books to children helps with reading readiness. npr/blogs/health/2012/ Of course you and I know the children weren't 'reading', but they felt like they were and that's [...]

    3. Repetitiveness in picture books, especially for preschool, is a good pattern for stories but in this case, I kept getting annoyed by how LONG this story felt. It starts off with Bear realizing that she needed to sleep aka hibernate and how the message spread that it was time for other hibernating animals to sleep. It felt like an endless string of "hey animal x, it's time to sleep!" until the end. The artwork was a little abstract for my taste as well. The only thing I did like was seeing how th [...]

    4. All Denise Fleming books are wonderful! Bear smells winter in the air, and tells Snail that winter is coming and it is time to sleep. Snail tells another animal, and on and on, until the message gets back to Bear that winter is coming and it is time to sleep. Each animal mentions another sign of winter, and a different action that they need to do to get ready for hibernation. Fleming poured colored cotton pulp through hand-cut stencils to make the images. The colors give off the earthy glow of a [...]

    5. A book about the coming of a change of seasons. The animals all spread the word that it's time for hibernation until the story comes full circle. It's a cute story, the kind that you could share with a younger elementary audience. Nicely done.

    6. I just met Denise Fleming and her stories and rhythm are fun but after you learn about how she makes her art work SPECTACULAR!!

    7. Great large illustrations. I loved the idea of showing lots of different animals that hibernate, not just bears. Kids loved it at storytime.

    8. Booklist (Vol. 94, No. 3 (October 1, 1997))Ages 3-6. Perfect for fall (or any time), this exuberant cumulative tale teaches a science lesson as it tells a story. Bear can tell by sniffing the air that winter is coming and it is time to hibernate. But before she crawls into her cave to go to sleep, she alerts Snail, who tells Skunk, who tells Turtle, and on and on, until silly, enthusiastic Ladybug awakens Bear to give her the news she already has. Fleming's illustrations are a total delight. Mor [...]

    9. I liked this story because I thought it was a really good representation of friendship and how coming together can be good for everyone involved

    10. Pre-K - 2nd grade Listening/read aloneFleming creates the illustrations for all her books by "pouring colored cotton pulp through hand-cut stencils producing images set in handmade paper." In this book all of the pages are filled with color with very undefined lines. The story unfolds with bear realizing that winter is coming but he cannot go to sleep until he tells snail. It continues with a variety of animals and insects not being able to go to sleep until they tell ??? The story would make th [...]

    11. For reading to your child at bedtime, this is a good book. You can sit together and look over the illustrations. However in a classroom setting, the dark tones and lack of detail make this a difficult choice for read-aloud. The kids right next to you will be able to see the pictures just fine, but the kids in the back row might as well be looking at a big blob of paint.If you want to use this book as part of a unit on hibernation or changing seasons, get 3 or 4 copies and use it for small-groups [...]

    12. Book Title: Time to Sleep by: Denise FlemingShort Description of the Book: A story about the Bear and other animals preparations for their winter hibernationCUS: Text Types and Purposes1) Writing to include information in a storybook format. For example, this book is a narrative story, but includes information/characteristics about Fall and early Winter. TEACH: CCSS Connection Kindergarten: Literacy W.K.2 Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative/explanatory tex [...]

    13. A warm, inviting bedtime book from a Caldecott winning illustrator. Bear sniffed once. She sniffed twice. "I smell winter in the air," said Bear. "It is time to crawl into my cave and sleep. But first I must tell Snail." Denise Fleming presents a warm-hearted story about animals of the forest settling down for their winter nap. But, like children who must go to bed for the night, they each find a way to put it off just a little bit longer. Richly illustrated in fall colors, Denise Fleming's stor [...]

    14. I thought this was a great book to explain to students where animals go in the winter time when it gets cold outside. I would read this story to my students when they are learning about the different seasons. This would be great to use when my students are learning about winter. I may have my students break up into small groups and learn more about each animal that was in the story and share with the class about more information and what these animals do in the winter time. These small groups wo [...]

    15. In this story of hibernation for the winter, the bear begins telling the other animals it's "time". It's time for snail and skunk and turtle and woodchuck and ladybug to all go to sleep for the winter.This book introduces intriguing topics, points out new animals, and has excellent illustrations. All of the animals work together to let each other know it's time to sleep. For children 1st grade and under, this book will show a glimpse of how many animals react to the winter cold. This seasonal bo [...]

    16. A nice variety of animals in this book about preparing for winter! Includes the usually suspects, like bear, but also some different sleepers - like snail and ladybug.Fiber illustrations give this book a natural and slightly abstract look.Great characters and a funny ending make this book excellent for reading aloud! Good for seasons or sleeping story times. A little old for babies; might work for toddlers and would be a great preschool book!

    17. I thoroughly enjoy reading this book at the end of October when the seasons are beginning to change from fall to winter! Time to Sleep is a story centered around the idea of hibernation; yet, the word itself is never written, rather implied. Children listening to this story must use some inferencing skills to figure out what all of the animals are talking about. It is a great way to introduce critical and deeper thinking strategies at the beginning of the year.

    18. Bear smells winter in the air. Before he can sleep he must spread the word. He begins a chain of notification from snail to skunk to turtled so on. Preschool/early elementary audience will enjoy the eventual cycling around of this communciation and the ending containing multiple "good-nights" remniscent of the Walton's. As readalouds highlighting nature and animals go, Fleming consistently creates winners.

    19. Beautiful simple story line with a repeating line of "winter is on its way", a number of rhyming words, and real info about the coming of winter as the forest animals tell their friends that winter is coming. The illustration technique is unique: pouring colored cotton pulp through hand-cut stencils makes for beautiful textured illustrations. Also the colors depict fall well. I would love to use this in a storytime.

    20. This was a cute story! "Time to Sleep" is a story about when animals go into hibernation when Winter arrives. It tells an adventure about all of the different animals in the forest and how they communicate with each other to warm each other that Winter is coming. I would recommend this book to teach about hibernation, to 1st or 2nd graders.

    21. This book is about a bear who needs to let someone know it's cold and time to sleepwhich leads to a full circle of reminders from the animals. Good for talking to young students about hibernation. A good start for young emerging readers. I might use this with kindergarteners to talk about the setting.

    22. A wonderful book that is a sure hit every fall at storytime with its autumnal rich reds and colds and a warm, caring story about Bear and his animal friends preparing for their sleep. The gentle wit at the end is most appealing although the ending always makes me think of the Walton family saying their endless good-nights.

    23. This is a good book to help children understand how animals hibernate during the winter. This builds the kids schema on what types of animals hibernate. This would be a good book for kindergarten or first grade.

    24. This is a sweet story about animals preparing to hibernate. It's a nice tale to read at bedtime - the illustrations are colorful with interesting textures and the narrative is fun to read aloud. We enjoyed reading this book together.

    25. Cute story about animals' reactions to the impending winter weather. Starting with the bear, each animal agrees that he/she must find a place to sleep, but first, must tell anotherleading us back to bear, who has fallen asleep.Cute story with appealing illustrations.

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