My Firefly

My Firefly A horrifying account of torture and humiliation at the hands of her family, My Firefly will pull you into its pages and grab hold of your spirit Seen from the perspective of the family home, this young girl struggles to stay alive as she is slowly ripped apart emotionally, physically and sexually by her father You ll experience an abundance of feelings tMy Firefly A horrifying account of torture and humiliation at the hands of her family, My Firefly will pull you into its pages and grab hold of your spirit Seen from the perspective of the family home, this young girl struggles to stay alive as she is slowly ripped apart emotionally, physically and sexually by her father You ll experience an abundance of feelings throughout this book and won t be able to put it down My Firefly is a flicker of light in complete darkness, leading to safety It is cruel and brutish and bloody But, if you want inspiration, then read My Firefly It will change your world.
My Firefly My Firefly A horrifying account of torture and humiliation at the hands of her family My Firefly will pull you into its pages and grab hold of your spirit Seen from the perspective of the family home

  • Title: My Firefly
  • Author: Maggie Kirton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This book is not for the faint of heart. It's graphic and disturbing with some language but it's raw and real as her experience was.Reading this book was an emotional roller coaster for me. I felt angry, sad, upset, devastated, hopeful and loved. I swore at the book when the firefly was brutalized over and over again by the hornet. And the peacock let it happen. The firefly should've had a loving family. She deserved that. Every child does. As a mother of three daughter this broke my heart and a [...]

    2. One of the best books I have read this year. Very sad, honest and above all proof again that evil does exists. A story told from the perspective of a house or “spirit” is new to me and at times confusing. The writer succeeds in taking a step back and tell the story from a distance whilst she convey all the feelings of the Firefly in a real way. I do have lots of questions and also blame the nun, Opa and above all the mother for not doing something about this situation. The mother is actually [...]

    3. Magical, captivating, tragic and perfectI'm not sure what drew me initially to this book, perhaps like many readers of nonfiction I love and crave real life with the hope and need for a happy ending. This memoir gripped from its first paragraph. It terrified, exploited, and ripped open a part of me I didn't want to know, and yet its tragic beauty and raw and unique metaphor soothes my nerves and left me cheering for this woman, for every woman and the inner child that was pillaged from her youth [...]

    4. Fireflies and domestic abuseThis book is about one woman's amazing life's journey of abuse and neglect from childhood thru her adulthood until finally finding her own way to love herself. A past so painful this storyline is written with the people disguised as insects and spirits. The pain, abuse and neglect Firefly suffers as a child had me putting the book down and leaving it several times to catch my breath. Her struggle over the brutal death of her dog Winterblue traumatized her in such a wa [...]

    5. A roller coaster of emotion!!!!This was a book that I found at times very hard to read the emotion that the author instilled throughout this book,leaves nothing to the imagination . It will if nothing else make you search your own soul and look at people differently than maybe,you have before. I would only recommend this to family and friends that enjoy books that are full of raw, dark emotions.

    6. A page turnerThis is an honest, yet painful look into the world of the author. I wanted to stop reading but I had to know what happened next to the FireFly. The ending was as powerful as the story.

    7. Please understand this comes with a spoiler alert.I loved the spirit of the house being a sentient observer because it allowed my to read the book as fiction. It would have been so much harder to read for me otherwise, and I thank you House on Rea for calling your human occupant insects. I'm glad Firefly was able to create a world where she finally could make room for herself in her own life and story and come out with the "big noise" and that your Red Book is starting to fill. I do read a lot l [...]

    8. Beautiful and hauttingTrue story with a twist of fantasy. , A menagerie of bugs are featured in this story. Every person in this story is represented by a bug species. They are roaches, hornets, butterfliesd even a peacock for good measure.A girl is abused since childhood and keeps continuing the cycle of abuse. She makes bad choices in men and how to live. However, in spite of everything she becomes a beautiful protective mother. She finds peace in learning martial arts and helping other people [...]

    9. I've read quite a few books about sad childhoods and the reoccurring themes often make you feel as if you've read the book before. What makes this book different is the author tells her story rather ingeniously, as if she was a spirit living in the home of a family of insects. The insect thing seemed a little weird at first, but it makes the story interesting and slightly more palatable in light of the horrible abuse she suffered. The author deserves credit for enduring a difficult life and emer [...]

    10. AmazingFireflies story is of pain, neglect, loss, and the strength to overcome all of the wrongs that had been done to her. Upon reading the last pages I wondered about the parasite and book worm. Had Firefly seen them, spoken to them at all, or had they attempted to contact her? Had they finally grown and realized what the hornet really was and made a sends with firefly? I was in tears along with firefly while Wynterblue was beaten to death. Absolutely amazing and I am so glad that firefly fina [...]

    11. An Incredible StoryI read the whole book in one day. I couldn't put it down. The abuse physically turned my stomach and made me cry, but her courage made me cheer. This is an amazing story about a little girl, told from the perspective of the house she lives in. You read that (from the house's perspective) and you think that's not going to be great It is though. Fabulous book, well written. The author is a masterful writer.

    12. This book is a true story but told from the point of view of the house. Did find that a bit weird and how the house describes all humans as insects. But once you get past that this is a brutally honest account of the years of abuse that the author had to endure. Obviously parts of the book were uncomfortable to read due to the nature of the book but it's a good book and one that I think will stay with you for long after you've finished reading it.

    13. Have tissues readyThis is a heart-wrenching story that happens all over the world. I admire the author's ability to convey the thoughts and reasoning of an abuser and the abused. I highly recommend this book to all people. We are all victims of abuse of one person is being abused.

    14. Sick and Twisted. The only thing that kept me reading this horrifically cruel tale of child abuse is the unique way the author told it. Observed as a third person insect – if I am allowed to use those two words together – My Firefly is a harrowing tale not suitable for the delicate among us. Bad, bad father. Great story telling.

    15. Turn the pageThis wonderful brave courageous woman told an agonizing and amazing story. I read this novel cover to cover in 2 days! I couldn't leave that girl alone until I saw her story through to the end.

    16. Depressing, but beautifulThis book was amazing. Written from the perspective of the houses she lived in, she tells her terrifying and horrifying story of abuse and finally, love through her own strength.

    17. Amazingly triumphant!This wonderful book is courageous! It teaches you forgiveness and the power of love. It explains how you can overcome even the most traumatic episodes in life and still find happiness in the end.

    18. I have read a lot of books about child abuse, but there were parts of this book that were difficult to get through. What she went through as a child should never be experienced by anyone. The way she wrote this book is so unique. I found it a very interesting perspective.

    19. Child abuse has to stop.Read this book yesterday and can not stop thinking about it. I wonder why on earth we still let this go on. These children are being punished they are being touchered. How can someone that see this going on won't help.

    20. Love this bookFrom a different perspective, unimaginable abuse and neglect is told. I am so impressed with her faith and hoping God will render justice as only He can. My heart ached for the author and those who loved her. Hard to put down.

    21. Gripping from the startSad and yet true. The author puts you right there with her. You can feel her pain as she tells her journey of life.

    22. CourageousMaggie Kirton went way out on a limb allowing the reader into her private life of emotional and physical abuse. This story was written in a very unique third person.

    23. Good.I enjoyed it. Was a little confusing in some parts but it was inspiring. I am glad I read it.

    24. Couldn't put it downAlthough a little quirky at first, being told by the house, this story grabbed my heart and wouldn't let go until the very last page.

    25. Wow!What a powerful book. What horrid abuse, the author went through, yet she survived. It is always sad, when other siblings are favored, and one is singled out for abuse. Amazing, the author survived. This broke my heart, yet, when she finally got a happy ending, I cheered!!

    26. Well, I just finished the book and thought I'd mention a few things. There's a deeply disturbing issue throughout the story that is hard to reconcile,but ill get to that in a minute. The abuse this woman suffered in her childhood,at the hands of her father, is truly despicable. It always blows my mind to read about a scapegoat child in a family of multiple siblings. It really is extraordinarily cruel to pick one of the kids and torture them while the others get approval,kindness, food,cothes, an [...]

    27. Wow what a story of horror yet turned beautifulTo realize someone lived through thus- to know the spirit couldn't be broken completely I cried and hurt during parts of this book- but I walked away educated and relieved I feel I know the firefly very well and happy there is peace for her now

    28. Thoughtful and Clever This book will educate you as it also horrifies you at times. A must read for professionals who deal with child abuse victims.Sadly this story as extreme as it may seem, is one of many true examples in regards to what mentally I'll parents can do to their children and hide from the outside world. I give a lot of credit to Maggie for not blaming God for her circumstances and moving forward in her life.

    29. This book was incredibly heart wrenching to read. Normally I read fiction, and while reading this I had to remind myself it wasn't fiction, it just seemed so unreal. The strength Firefly had while going through her trials amazes me. I wish she could have gotten help sooner, and moved into the foster home sooner. She made it out ok, and probably a stronger person than many people. I pray today she is happy and has gotten peace. I know that the hornet died, but everyone else is still a curiosity f [...]

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