Evangelizing Catholics: A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization

To be a Christian is to be an evangelizer When the Catholic Church calls us to a New Evangelization, that s simply a reminder us of what has always been true The good news is you can do it you can evangelize and Scott Hahn shows you how.
Evangelizing Catholics A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization To be a Christian is to be an evangelizer When the Catholic Church calls us to a New Evangelization that s simply a reminder us of what has always been true The good news is you can do it you can eva

  • Title: Evangelizing Catholics: A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization
  • Author: Scott Hahn
  • ISBN: 9781612787732
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is a great book. I will be advising our members at St. Michael Apologetics Society to get one. If I can get a discount I can even purchase it for the group. In fact we can use this as reference in our Manual for Lay Catholic Apologists.

    2. Great book from probably the most famous modern Catholic convert. " We evangelize not just through our words, but through our deeds. Not just through what we say, but through how we live. Not just through what we share with others, but through what we bear for others."

    3. The New Evangelization is the latest buzz phrase in the Catholic world. Everyone is using it, and it seems like there's always a new Catholic book being written on the subject. Ralph Martin addresses the subject in The Urgency of the New Evangelization, and Cardinal Wuerl also had his say in his book New Evangelization: Passing on the Catholic Faith Today. In one of his latest books, Evangelizing Catholics, Dr. Scott Hahn has decided to weigh in on the matter as well.The book is divided into thr [...]

    4. I have read many of Scott Hahn's books, but I will not hesitate to say that this is my favorite one yet. With a flood of books on the New Evangelization coming out in recent years, Dr. Hahn still manages to add much that is fresh to the conversation.The book is divided into three major parts: The Call, The Response, and The Message. Prepare to be challenged in each section starting in the very first chapter: "[The New Evangelization] is the mission with which you and I have been charged. And it [...]

    5. As with every other book of his, Scott Hahn remains eminently readable. This was a good work and I definitely enjoyed reading it. I must say that during the sections where he lays out his "how to", which honestly, is most of the book, not much is new. However, once he began the section which broke down the basic *content* of the Kerygma, he had several valuable insights. For example, when speaking about the Eucharist and answering the objection that the Mass wasn't in the New Testament, he says, [...]

    6. Scott Hahn work on New Evangelization just blow my mind. Living as a Christians in 21st century make us reflect that being Christians is not just matter on being saved or not. It matters for us to know what we believe. As from believing, we need to proclaim through words. And from our words, we need to show it by deeds. And it is not enough just on what can say or live it but we need to share with others and bear for others. Understanding the key point of preaching in Evangelization, we need to [...]

    7. One of the most concise presentations of the faith I have come across. This book sets the New Evangelization into its context, shows how everyone is meant to be involved and what the specific mission fields are for each person, and then goes on to offer the essential kerygma to illustrate how we evangelize! This will be at the top of my recommend list!

    8. Wow for the ones who want to be real and better CatholicsWow for the ones who want to be real and bette Catholics, no excuse.We know but sometimes don't want to follow what our Church asks us to do

    9. Finally getting around to finishing this! It's very interesting & well written. As a Protestant with only a stereotypical understanding of Catholicism it answers a lot of questions in simple language without getting too bogged down in theology.

    10. The book is overall excellent, Hahn repeats some material in more detail in past writings. The book crescendos at the very end.

    11. This book is a must-read for all Catholics, whether practicing or not. So many great points of our faith are mentioned, and Hahn does a perfect job of explaining not just why but how to evangelize.

    12. Awesome Guide for the NESuch a beautifully written book which can and should be used as a guide for the New Evangelization! A must read!

    13. ? ReallyExcellentHow. Do I add words to what I have written I really liked the types of families in chapte re 12.Wonderful read for everyone. Ok,I

    14. I was disappointed in this book--I wanted real suggestions, and there really weren't any. There was a lot of rehash of Hahn's other books and not that many new suggestions.

    15. Time not to be waistedI love the straightforward human expressions teaching me very lofty ideas. Keeps me reading and gives me hope. teach Eucharist is the summit of Jesus.

    16. Great BookI chose this book because I am an avid reader of Scott Hahn's books. This book helped me to better understand the new evangelization.

    17. A clear, concise, and invigorating look at the Catholic New Evangelization. Definitely a "must-read" and well-titled as a "handbook for the New Evangelization." It's just that.

    18. Inspiring Full of incite full information about what it takes First develop a relationship with Christ and live the way Christ wants you to live. Let others see and invite them along.

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