Archer & Armstrong, Volume 4: Sect Civil War

Every enemy Against each other.For centuries, the cloak and dagger coalition of conspiracies collectively known as The Sect has worked together to bring silent oppression and undercover tyranny to a world that thought it was free But, now after centuries of profit sharing and uneasy alliances, the factions of The Sect are about to erupt into open conflictd the onlyEvery enemy Against each other.For centuries, the cloak and dagger coalition of conspiracies collectively known as The Sect has worked together to bring silent oppression and undercover tyranny to a world that thought it was free But, now after centuries of profit sharing and uneasy alliances, the factions of The Sect are about to erupt into open conflictd the only men that can end the insanity are Archer Armstrong Too bad they re fighting for different sides Why How And will either survive The knockdown, drag out Archer Armstrong event of the year starts now and no conspirator is safe By New York Times best selling writer Fred Van Lente Incredible Hercules and acclaimed artists Khari Evans Harbinger and ChrisCross Superman Batman , jump into the series that IGN calls a must read with an all new adventure pitching Archer Armstrong into their biggest battle yet Collecting Archer Armstrong 14 17
Archer Armstrong Volume Sect Civil War Every enemy Against each other For centuries the cloak and dagger coalition of conspiracies collectively known as The Sect has worked together to bring silent oppression and undercover tyranny to a w

  • Title: Archer & Armstrong, Volume 4: Sect Civil War
  • Author: Fred Van Lente Khari Evans ChrisCross
  • ISBN: 9781939346254
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I like a good story/plot-driven book as much as the next reader but what I really like seeing, and this is partly because it rarely happens, is a superhero comic where the superheroes decide they’re not going to do what they normally do; they’re just going to be selfish and think about themselves for a change - maybe even blow off some steam doing something stupid! That’s basically what happens in the first half of Archer & Armstrong Volume 4: Sect Civil War. The partnership is dissolv [...]

    2. This title, like the other Valiant re-launch titles, started out great. They were far better than I expected them to be. Then something happened. They all collapsed into mediocrity (with one exception, Shadowman). The concept right out off the launch pad was great, but it seems now that the books have become directionless and mired in puerile humor instead thoughtful and well-conceived hilarity. Very, very disappointing.

    3. "They think they know the night. They are wrong. The night "friended" me on Facebook. The night "likes" my Instagrams."The secret rulers of the world are at each other's throats; so, alas, are our heroes. Illuminatus replayed as superhero slapstick. Which it wasn't far off in the first place, so this should be entirely pointless, but it's light and fun enough that it still works.

    4. Aight in parts, bad in others.World: The art is okay, not the best looking Valiant title but definitely a Valiant title. The world building is utterly choppy and all over the place making this arc a bit of a mess to read resulting in the end being unearned and a mess. The different Sect factions are never developed and other than their names that's all we get. The with Mary-Maria was also choppy as all heck and the main McGuffin for the world building was wella McGuffin.Story: The story was chop [...]

    5. Archer & Armstrong more? After the events of the last volume, Archer strikes out on his own while Armstrong reunites with his lost brother Ivar to wander around time and generally just get drunk. But when the Sect threatens to fold in on itself and plunge the world into chaos, Archer and Armstrong must reunite to put the world to rights!I was really surprised by this story - I thought it would be about Archer & Armstrong starting the civil war and watching the Sect tear itself apart, but [...]

    6. After the dramatic events in the previous volume Archer and Armstrong foment dissent within the Sect and take the fight back to their enemies. Some interesting seeds are laid for the future as we learn more about Aram's past. A great read.

    7. I am loving this series. The silliness is off the charts. So many books try to take themselves too seriously, and this one veers in the opposite direction. Some people might not like the goofiness, but I've read enough stuff by Fred Van Lente to know I'll enjoy it.Archer seemingly turns his back on Armstrong after finding him in bed with his sister. He heads off to Project Rising Spirit for information on his past, which leads him into a full on battle with the Sect. I liked seeing the different [...]

    8. The mysterious Sect has been after Armstrong for centuries, and Archer's family were members in one off-shoot. So, who are they? Why do they want Armstrong dead so much? And what would happen if the different factions went to war with each other while the title duo were not on speaking terms?Those are the questions finally answered in Volume 4 of this fun series. It turns out the Sect, which includes all-around Valiant bad guys like the Vine and Project Rising Spirit amongst its off-shoots, has [...]

    9. I rather enjoyed volumes 1-3 of Archer and Armstrong but Volume 4 left me disappointed & disinterested. For starters the art style changed too much compared to the earlier volumes with the faces being notably worse (Armstrong now significantly gaining weight). Then there is the plot which seemed to totally go off the rails, with a secret sect war brewing & ending in barely any time at all; like it was a TV show that was told "you've got to wrap it up, we're cancelled".I wish I had the wo [...]

    10. Reprints Archer & Armstrong (2) #14-17 (October 2013-January 2014). Archer and Armstrong are friends no more! With Armstrong’s betrayal with Mary-Maria in the Faraway, Archer is headed back to Earth to unfinished business. He’s out to learn his true past and sparks a war between the Sect factions in the process. When Archer learns that he needs to locate the Wheel of Aten, Archer realizes the only one who can help him is Armstrong. Now with an uneasy alliance, Archer and Armstrong are go [...]

    11. Ok soooo I started off with Archer & Armstrong loving it TELLING THE WORLD ABOUT IT! But then wellllllll. . . well I don't know WHAT happened. Getting into a civil war(???) with your best friend because he slept with your sister who your in love with. Let the shit get beat out of him by your enemies/future allies?. . . then forgive him because you realized letting him get bet up was a douchebag move??? This one was all over the place. The previous issues had a great pace to them, but this on [...]

    12. The bizarre world of Archer and Armstrong is further tempered in this fourth collected volume of one of Valiant's best titles. The plot spins in some fantastic directions as more of Aram's rich history unfolds with the help of the Timewalker. The nature and history of the Sect is explained along an immersive and intriguing plot. FVL keeps his scope and pacing under perfect control, over a well mapped four issue narrative. Khari Evans also delivers some fantastic and consistent pencils, really bi [...]

    13. Sect Civil War (14-17). This is Archer & Armstrong at its best. The two leads each get great independent storylines, but still manage to come together for their buddy spotlight. This Archer continues to be just a little bit mysterious, this Armstrong continues to be the drunken buffoon that we've known through multiple universes , and there continues to be a lot of great humor throughout. I even liked the forces of the Sect in this comic; they almost convince me that they could be the rulers [...]

    14. Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, but this book felt really scattered to me. Part of it is the central issue in the collection is dealing with time travel, but it felt like large pieces of the story were left out, and the remaining bits didn't really fit together to reach the ultimate goal of the series. And some of the sects involved in the civil war are beyond goofy, making them seem utterly insignificant, and never really offering much of a challenge to Archer & Armstrong. All the s [...]

    15. Nit picks first: the conflict between the main characters was resolved too quickly and wasn't quite believable enough. The whole conflict of the Sect Civil War lacked a lot of the impact I was expecting it to, and did not really feel any bigger than previous A&A conflicts.That said, this continues what is an incredibly fun series and was really fun throughout. Plenty of great humor combined with cool mysticism and satire of modern social structure. I am, as usual, really excited to keep read [...]

    16. Is it possible for a major comic to be written specifically for one person? I am starting to think Archer and Armstrong is written just for me. At this point, I feel like the entire Valiant Universe was written for me. It just keeps getting better and better the more trades that come out.This book is both hilarious and wonderful in the way that it serves as a connection between all of the valiant books. What a Universe, thanks for playing such a big part of it Armstrong.

    17. Collects Archer & Armstrong issues #14-17This volume wrapped up the story that was started in Issue #1, and sets our protagonists down a new path for the next chapter of their journey. I enjoyed the Sect Civil War itself, and also liked learning more about the various factions' inner-workings. Unfortunately, I did feel like the writers glossed over some of the plot points from the last volume, and resolved things rather easily in order to move on to the next story he wanted to tell.

    18. La guerra civile delle sette prosegue le trame dei due protagonisti, incentrandosi però in modo massiccio sul magrolino Archer, con il grosso Armstrong a fare da spalla. Forse la quarta stella a questo volume è eccessiva, ma per come è stata condotta la serie finora credo ci stia bene lo stesso.

    19. This was moderately entertaining, but still felt pretty rushed. The idea that Archer had done enough to unite all the factions seemed a little too hurried.

    20. Archer comes up with a plan to unite the sects. This series has gotten to be quite good. Lots of humor and action.

    21. Top class tongue-in-cheek story telling. Getting fairly inter-linked with the publishers other titles which is a minor irritation & it doesn't prevent reading the Archer series on its own. Good fun.

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