Biscuit's PetPlay Halloween

Cozy up for Halloween fun with Biscuit, everyone s favorite little yellow puppy Discover tricks and treats on every page as you join Biscuit in this Halloween touch and feel adventure The sturdy board book pages and simple text are just right for babies and toddlers.This Halloween touch and feel book is a sweet way to introduce the holiday to little ones Woof, woof
Biscuit s PetPlay Halloween Cozy up for Halloween fun with Biscuit everyone s favorite little yellow puppy Discover tricks and treats on every page as you join Biscuit in this Halloween touch and feel adventure The sturdy board

  • Title: Biscuit's PetPlay Halloween
  • Author: Alyssa Satin Capucilli Dan Andreasen Pat Schories
  • ISBN: 9780061128332
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Board Book
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    1. This is a sturdy board book with texture for small children to interact with the story. My grandchild loves this kind of book. She is just over a year old and enjoys the fluffy textures in this type of book. The story isn't scary at all but features different kinds of Halloween costumes usually seen by small children.

    2. Young Reader Reaction: Depicting Halloween from a dog's perspective can aid children in understanding this holiday. Since Biscuit sees all the possibly startling things and has fun, it can influence young listeners to do that too. In this book, the woof, woof is written with a different color, which makes it easier for the reader to identify Biscuit's speech. The textured zones are useful and interesting for the kids who like/need sensory input.Adult Reader Reaction: We have always enjoyed Biscu [...]

    3. Another book I found with our Halloween stuff. I thought Julia would like it a little more than she did being that she loved anything having to do with Biscuit. She enjoyed this, just not as much as I thought she would and I know why. The other Biscuit books we've read had more words and were longer. This is very, very short and I think she was expecting the "average" Biscuit book like she was used to. One thing she did like a lot was the 'touchy' parts. Julia loves all books with flaps or with [...]

    4. I like this book. The textures of the touch-and-feel items are subdued but nonetheless have distinctly interesting feels, and the overall tone of the book and its sweet take on Halloween night is winsome and engaging. It is an enjoyable, albeit very short, read.

    5. My daughter has made us read this a couple dozen times in the 5 hours since we got home from the library. So, she certainly thinks it's great. As for me, I think it's the same bland generic board book fare I've come to be familiar with.

    6. What a cute little book! It's the first one my son has sat still through. So glad I picked this up. It has a different texture on each page to be felt- and my little guy went straight for that spot every time I turned a page.

    7. A touch-and-feel Biscuit board book that introduces Halloween and Biscuit to toddlers. Great for one on one laptime reading.

    8. Skye is a HUGE fan of the Biscuit series. We have the Christmas touch and feel and when she saw the Halloween one at the library, she grabbed it. Another fun one in the series.

    9. This is a very simple read for young ones and has the fun touch and feel pages. My daughter liked it but it wasn't one of her favorites.

    10. A touch-and-feel halloween adventure written from the perspective of a dog. My daughter loved this little book, I only wish it had been a little longer!Great for early elementary reading.

    11. It's Halloween and Biscuit gets in all the fun! I love that the littles can feel the different textures.

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