Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman

Me u Dagarima iz Burkine Faso nema razlikovanja izme u prirodnog i natprirodnog ivi komuniciraju s duhovima predaka, a oni koji imaju prikladno znanje lako putuju u druge svjetove Malidoma Patrice Some ro en je u dagarskom selu, da bi ga kao malenoga dje aka oteli i odveli u isusova ku misionarsku kolu gdje je petnaest godina bio grubo pou avan europskom na inu razmi lMe u Dagarima iz Burkine Faso nema razlikovanja izme u prirodnog i natprirodnog ivi komuniciraju s duhovima predaka, a oni koji imaju prikladno znanje lako putuju u druge svjetove Malidoma Patrice Some ro en je u dagarskom selu, da bi ga kao malenoga dje aka oteli i odveli u isusova ku misionarsku kolu gdje je petnaest godina bio grubo pou avan europskom na inu razmi ljanja i tovanja Kad se vratio svome narodu morao se podvrgnuti inicijaciji toliko nemilosrdnoj da ga je mogla stajati ivota Umjesto toga, Malidomin uspjeh u prelasku izme u dva svijeta doveo ga je do zada e preno enja znanja svoga naroda na Zapad, te do ove knjige o nepoznatom iscjeljivanju i mudrosti.Afri ka inicijacija izvrsna je pri a o ivoj afri koj tradiciji ispri ana sa suosje anjem prema svima koje zahva a suvremena kriza duha.
Of Water and the Spirit Ritual Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman Me u Dagarima iz Burkine Faso nema razlikovanja izme u prirodnog i natprirodnog ivi komuniciraju s duhovima predaka a oni koji imaju prikladno znanje lako putuju u druge svjetove Malidoma Patrice Som

  • Title: Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman
  • Author: Malidoma Patrice Somé
  • ISBN: 9780140194968
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman”

    1. One of the most intriguing, heart-wrenching, compelling narratives steeped in mysticism and walking the line between the corporeal and spiritual realms. MUST READ.

    2. The Sanskrit phrase Purva Paksha, to turn the gaze around, has been applied in a modern context by the essayist and philosopher Rajiv Malhotra in the sense of reverse anthropology: colonized cultures naturalistically studying the cultures of their colonizers. This is usually done to the end of demonstrating the types of knowledge and the ways of knowing native to the colonized civilization to both the colonizers and to the most thoroughly colonized among their own number. Malidoma Patrice Somé [...]

    3. One of the most important books I have ever read.It is about people who have not forgotten what really matters, what is life and Here in Europe we have lost it centuries ago and now we are trying to make other loose it, too. And we are quite successful in that, unfortunately.Is there a way back? Malidoma says there is. Thank you, Malidoma.

    4. This book is a real treasure. Malidoma is an indigenous medicine man of the Dagara tribe in Africa, who was kidnapped at a young age by the Jesuits and forced to learn to speak and write in Frech. After escaping from the Seminary he was being held captive and "De-Africanized" in, he returned to his tribe and learned his ancestral ways. Then he journeys back into the world of the white man in order to act as a voice for indigenous peoples. This is the first book of its kind that I've read. I have [...]

    5. I read this book in my first African studies class. It is a great example of the affect of Western values and colonialism on the traditional society and the roles within that society. It also talks about the individual development of man, the relationship between generations, and the respect of other cultures. It's a great read, especially because it comes from something other than a Western point of view.

    6. A most captivating, mysterious, and absorbing true story! I don't want it to end.The only bad thing about this book was that it had to end.

    7. this book inspired me greatly and is probably in my top five favorite books of all timei've read it a few times and will read it again a few more times i'm sure

    8. The book is an exquisite document of the initation rites of one tribe in West Africa. However, it was really about change and compromise and how the West/Euro culture could learn from indigenous people if only we would listen. I felt the need to be initiated as I read the book, though I kept wondering about the females and what their initiation looked like. I'm going to have to buy this book so I can have it on hand for beautiful thoughts on death, growing up, ways to see the earth and magic.

    9. This book was amazing. I read this book long ago and cannot find another copy for my current library. Wonderful, wonderful account of an African boy's journey from an extended childhood to manhood. Wonderful book!

    10. While this book is not the most lyrical, it is real. It reminded me how boxed into a reality I can be and how deep the possibilities of our perceptions really are. The

    11. Malidoma Patrice Somé takes us to a personal journey that answers questions such as: How do you become an adult in a world where adulthood is not measured by your age, but by your knowledge? How can you become a member of your community when they did not see you grow? How do you become part of a community where imposed knowledge and culture does not fit? This well written book about a man that had written in his destiny his abduction, his return and the suffering in between those two, also let [...]

    12. A book unlike any other. Malidoma, born in a Dagara village was kidnapped when he was four years old by a Jesuit priest. Because of this, he is now a man of two worlds: the white mans culture and his own indigenous culture. This book reveals his spiritual journey from point a to point b and the return to point a-how the assimilation back to his culture was so difficult.Charged by the elders in his village, Malidoma makes it his life mission to bridge the gap between the Dagara and the western wo [...]

    13. I have yet to read a book of this as spiritually profound as this one. It really took me by surprise even though I had been warned. The author's ability to describe phenomena is remarkable, considering no words can really do justice to what he has experienced. Every african should have this book in their household.

    14. Deeply engaging and rewarding story telling offering a unique perspective of the patriarchal culture I was brought up in (western white hegemony), versus the vivid, profound and numinous culture of spirit of the Dagara, described by Malidoma Patrice Somé, in his unique straddling of both worlds.

    15. Somé was kidnapped at the age of four and taken first to a Jesuit-run boarding school and then a seminar, where he was a victim of physical and sexual abuse. At the age of 20 he fled the seminary and walked back to his home village. When he saw his family for the first time in 16 years, he could no longer speak his native Dagara and had lost touch with his native culture; so he underwent the long, harrowing ritual initiation that boys normally go through at 13.He then realised that his calling [...]

    16. The first 1/3rd or so, where the author is kidnapped as a boy and forced to attend a Jesuit school set up by the French, was mostly mundane, sad, and depressing, but after he returns to his village the story gets mindblowing.

    17. I'd give this book many more stars if I could. A Dagara shaman, educated in three, no, FOUR worlds, tells as much of his life story as the elders of the village and the exigencies of magic allow. " . . . we have no word for the supernatural. The closet we come to this concept is Yielbongura, "the thing that knowledge cannot eat."At four years of age, Malidoma Some was kidnapped by a French Catholic priest, and imprisoned at a school to become a Black version of his captors. When he fled, he wasn [...]

    18. "I still often suffered from being a man of two worlds", 9 November 2015This review is from: Of Water And Spirit (Paperback)Malidoma Some was born into a village in Burkina Faso when it was still under French rule. He describes his first four years, focussing particularly on his close relationship with his grandfather, an elder and shaman. As he recalls his grandfather's funeral - spirit voices, and the dead man walking - I thought perhaps these were the confused recollections of a small child.A [...]

    19. I had to read this for class, so be aware that this did very much influence my review.If you're like me and had to read this for a class, don't worry. This isn't as difficult as your teacher said it would be. This isn't a light and frothy jaunt through one man's self-discovery though, it's full of Malidoma's pain and confusion as he's abducted and placed in a barbaric missionary school and seminary. The good thing is that it's pretty readable and best of all, does have a happy ending. If you're [...]

    20. I read this book during a college course, and had an amazing experience with it. The reason for this experience was multi-fold, but at the heart of it is an amazing book by a special author. This book is an autobiography of Malidoma Patrice Some. The author was born in Africa, stolen by Catholic missionaries and forced to go to a boarding school, only to escape and return home in his late teens. Unfortunately, his tribes’ traditions initiate boys into manhood at a much younger age than late te [...]

    21. This is a wonderful book. The parts which described life in his home village were wonderful and I especially loved the parts of the book which had cultural assumptions completely foreign to me. It was an important part of the story, and powerful in it's own right, but I could have down without the ugly story of us indoctrination and abuse at the hands of the Jesuits. I haven't finished his later book Ritual: Power, Healing and Community but I suspect it will make more of a lasting impression. "R [...]

    22. I am so happy for the gift of the elders and ancestors. Because of them we have this jewel of a book by Malidoma Some. How one can continue to be enraptured by the chains and limits of religion after reading a book like this is beyond me. This is where it's at!!!Our people (all Africans are one people I do not care what tribe you are from. That's my story and I'm sticking to it) have more spiritual knowledge than I ever dreamed!!!I don't like reviewing books because I don't see how you can truly [...]

    23. The book concerns the story of a young man who is taken from his village, educated in a Jesuit school and then returns to his village and undergoes an initiation. There is a conflict between the two ways of life, but more so between two ways of thinking.He is chosen by his elders to teach Westerners how to think like Africans and act as a kind of ambassador for his culture. The problem for him is that it is not his culture any more, as he spent his childhood away from it and is already 'Westerni [...]

    24. Malidoma provides the reader with an account of his childhood in tribal West Africa. While the story reads like the stuff of magical realism, this autobiography is non-fiction. It's incredibly rare to get such insight into the boundless realities that humans likely lived with prior to patriarchy, materialism, rationalism and reductionism. The book highlights how much of our humanity we have cut off from ourselves, and shows us the incredible possibilities for recreating the story of what it mean [...]

    25. I'm just finishing rereading this book, it's my second or third time, i'm not sure. It is interesting because it tells the story of a young man that was abducted from his village in rural Burkina Faso by Jesuit priests; it turns out this is not an uncommon occurrence.One of the things I liked reading the book for this time around was to look for the parts of the culture that were kept intact. For instance, the entire ancient world used to use a calendar that consisted of 10 days per week, but wh [...]

    26. This is an amazing account of a spiritual initiation. The magic that the author experiences during his initiation is extremely powerful, but what makes his account relatable is that he was initiated after returning to his village after many years in the big city, where he was given a Western education after having been kidnapped by Jesuits. This means that when he did go through the traditional initiation of his village, he was able to see and communicate what he experienced as someone who parti [...]

    27. The traditional go to book about shamanism may be, The Way of the Shaman. It is quite often a must read for workshops and spiritual classes. I challenge you to open yourself to this jewel. This is my go to. It lead me on a journey that was new, a bit frightening, yet familiar. I learned I never knew the necessity of community, the importance to mature development that comes through rites of passage, or the power of healing that was inside of me. I sure got busy creating, cherishing, and teaching [...]

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