Grace Alive

Meet Zoe ReedShe is 26, unmarried, and still living with her parents Working at a lame craft store, she feels like her life has become one giant disappointment Waiting for Mr Right, yet having never been on a date, let alone kissed a man, she wonders if he will ever come Then she meets Branson TateThe handsome man and his three kids stumble into her life, and she findsMeet Zoe ReedShe is 26, unmarried, and still living with her parents Working at a lame craft store, she feels like her life has become one giant disappointment Waiting for Mr Right, yet having never been on a date, let alone kissed a man, she wonders if he will ever come Then she meets Branson TateThe handsome man and his three kids stumble into her life, and she finds him to be polar opposite of what her parents have always wanted for her But when Zoe s dad, the pastor of the largest church in Michigan, says God spoke to him who her husband is, she s faced with a choice Is her father hearing God or is she
Grace Alive Meet Zoe ReedShe is unmarried and still living with her parents Working at a lame craft store she feels like her life has become one giant disappointment Waiting for Mr Right yet having never b

  • Title: Grace Alive
  • Author: Natasha House
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. DNF @ 26% So this book has been on my TBR list for a while and I got it a long time ago. It has been sitting on my Kindle collecting little electronic dust particles for about a year and a half. I should have left it there. Our heroine is Zoe, who is a pastor's kid. She is 26 and still living at home. She hasn't been on a date ever and hasn't even kissed a guy. One night she is working at the craft store called Little Bit of Everything, when Branson walks in with his three daughters. Zoe thinks [...]

    2. In my opinion this book is for adults only. The hero in this book stars in porn movies and is all over the internet making money. All of his sex was without protection and he impregnated a couple of his leading ladies.I was disgusted by this story line. I didn't have a clue I would be reading a story about a porn star/manwhore and all his women, some who bore his children. No one addressed the long term consequences of Branson's behavior. I didn't see where he was ever checked for diseases and w [...]

    3. Gosh my review on this book is long overdue. I've been meaning to post it, but life has been hectic. That being said now on to my review.First off I have to say this is not the usual type of book I would read. Sure I love to read romances. But I wasn't sure what to except when I started to read this. But what I got wasn't what I was expecting and not in a bad way. This book was so much more. This book was the first book I've read from Mrs. House.I love a book that has a plot that captures my att [...]

    4. Grace Alive deals with some pretty big issues. The author uses first person and a very casual tone of voice. It feels as if the main character, Zoe, is speaking directly to the reader, describing what is happening in her life.I found this to be a story that moved along very well. It was a very interesting storyline with a focus on Zoe learning the difference between judged by her friends and family in their very strict, judgmental church, and finding out what it means to be saved by grace. The d [...]

    5. I enjoyed the message behind this book however there were some serious flaws. 1. Zoe was 26 but her language and attitude was more like that of a teenager. 2. The fact that Bree was constantly referred to as Bree Bree was annoying.3. Rachel had an abusive boyfriend so Branson fought for custody of Bree but CC and Evie's mom cried all the time and was an alcoholic and he didn't mind them being with her? He even told Rachel that CC & Evie's mom was a good mom who protected her kids. How does t [...]

    6. Zoe Reed thinks she is a failure. Her father, a pastor, expects perfection. He's trying to control her life and her future. Zoe feels trapped and frustrated. When she meets Branson Tate, she is interested. Her parents will never approve. After all he has three children out of wedlock. Does Zoe have the strength and the faith to follow her heart? Natasha House weaves a tale of love, forgiveness and healing. I liked Zoe. She is an interesting character who is searching to find herself. Branson has [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. I am not usually a fan of religious books or romances so I wasn't sure what to expect. Zoe is single and still living with her parents. Zoe's dad is a preacher and a very strict father. He has picked out a husband for Zoe but she has no interest in the creepy guy who attends their church. Zoe is smitten with Branson, a former porn star and unmarried father of three beautiful little girls.I read most of this book I one sitting. I was unable to put it down as I followed [...]

    8. GRACE ALIVE is a nice, sweet romance. It's the kind of book you like to read while cuddled under a blanket. Zoe Reed is twenty-six, unmarried, still living with her parents, and working a dead-end job. Her father is the preacher at a church that believes in convicting everybody of sin. Zoe's life is a hopeless mess until she meets Branson. With young children hovering around him, Zoe struggles with her heart. He's handsome and sweet, but how can he be Mr. Right when everything about him is wrong [...]

    9. 3.5 stars. I don't really read romance novels but I love Natasha's Jade series so I read this book! :) I thought I had already posted my review but I guess I didn't yet, oops!!!I was pleasantly surprised by this book. This book is a quick read. Zoe is a great character. She has a strong personality and it is hard to not love her! Especially since her father expects so much of her! She is not kept down by him and it makes you love her more! I also really liked Branson. No, he's not perfect, but n [...]

    10. I really don't know what to say about this book, I have never read anything like it. It was a hard read for me.Might contain spoilersZoe's dad who is a pastor tells Zoe that God told him ( and Jacob and others) that she is to marry Jacob. Zoe hears God telling her to marry Brandon.What happens is told in the 285 pages of this book, I can't image anyone guessing what all happens in this book. I feel a few things were left unresolved and a few scenes, if I may use that word, that were not necessar [...]

    11. Awesomenessthank you to the author! Natasha house!! clap clap clap! I enjoyed almost every moment reading this book. grace alive! super good book. I laughed so much. so much funny phrases. love it!!! still smilin.

    12. Not having any prior experience with this author, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself immediately pulled into the story and entertained right from the first page. I really liked Zoe as she's very easy to relate to and has an amusing personality. Her job at the weird craft store, in combination with her sarcastic tendencies and frank thoughts, makes for some very humorous moments! Her struggle to follow God's will is very interesting, in light of the fact that her parents are telling--pract [...]

    13. A copy of this title was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. The words I have elected to share are my own. I was not required to submit a positive review. With that said, I would encourage you to read this book for yourself and form your own opinion regarding the merits of the content.Grace Alive was a story that grabbed my attention in a big way when I initially found out about it. The overview of the book seemed interesting, as if it would be easy to relate to. [...]

    14. Grace Alive is one of those books I can't decide if I like or not. Zoe was really whiny, constantly bemoaning how horrible her life was. She was almost cripplingly shy in some scenarios then completely fine and dandy in others. She couldn't bear to say the word NO to Jacob despite being utterly repulsed by him which drove me crazy. She was such a pushover and so whiny I had a hard time connecting with her. Add to that the freaking out over her religion and I had a truly hard time. I don't think [...]

    15. I'm not a fan of Romance novels to say the least, but I was asked by the Author Natasha House to review this book and to give my honest opinion. That being the case, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book. The plot is fantastic, the characters are likable (well most of them anyways; read the book and you’ll understand why I say that), and the message of Grace, Love, Forgiveness, and Redemption is something that we all need to be reminded of. This story made me laugh out lou [...]

    16. Grace Alive is an amazing book. It deals with some incredibly tough subjects and it handles them well. Zoe’s dad, the pastor of their church, was a huge turn off for me. I have never in my life heard someone talk to their child, much less a grown child, the way he did. And he did it every time he had a conversation with her. Having high expectations for your child is one thing, but he carried it to a whole different level. Then to find out the reason behind it his treatment, I am not sure I wo [...]

    17. It took some time for me to get into this book, but I continued reading it because I liked the storyline. I'm glad that I finished it. The characters are real people, and the circumstances in their lives are those to which people can easily relate. The book's crowning achievement is the manner in which it shows how God's grace and love override man's ideas of what people have to do to be forgiven by God. The scenes in the Grace Alive church are so moving and uplifting that a person can feel the [...]

    18. The story was very engaging, and it's not just a romance. It is also about a young woman's troubled and changing relationships with her father and her god. The characters are well done and interesting, and the plot really pulls a reader along. It was more Christian than I expected, but this is the only book I've read by Natasha House. There were also a few grammatical errors that I found distracting. While I enjoyed the main character and how she came to find a better version of herself, some of [...]

    19. I just finished the book about 10 minutes ago. I started it this morning and really couldn't put it down. I crawled in to bed and just kept readying. I am glad that I had kleenex beside me because I definitely needed it. What an amazing and powerful book about God's love for us and the grace he gives us freely. As I read through the book I could really feel what the characters were feeling from the pain and hurt, to anger, to love and peace. I was blown away. The author really put her heart in t [...]

    20. Oh my gosh. I read this book in less than 24 hours.This is the first book I ever read on Wattpad. I've never read an ebook or used a Kindle before, because I don't like the idea of reading off a screen. But as I waited for some paperbacks I ordered online to come, I was desperate for some Christian romance reading material and figured I could at least give reading on my phone a try.Such a great book. It really cemented so many things about God's grace in my heart, and I loved all the twists and [...]

    21. I normally am not a big fan of books with alot of religious talk. Most authors try to preach too much and with too much judgement. This book is packed full of religion, but done in a heart warming manner. If your religious you know you can be your own worst enemy, but God forgives you. In this story Zoe, a preachers dauther, finds out God is not who she thought he was. He doesn't want you beat yourself up or fight for him. But it takes her meeting Branson to realize true love and acceptance. The [...]

    22. The message I liked the most in this book was not to throw stones at others. We all have a past, but it is the choices we make that direct us in our futures. This is a well written Christan Romance novel. My favorite part is the theme of unconditional love, and that love should not come with conditions. You'll meet characters who share different idea's of god, and their own Christian values based on how they interpret the bible. Forgiveness is the main point of this novel, and unconditional love [...]

    23. I really like the message about grace and redemption in this story. However, most of the characters were one-dimensional. All of the people who went to Light on the Hill were sanctimonious but sinful. All the people who went to Grace Alive were filled with love and the Holy Spirit. The story would have been more believable to me if there was more a mix of character traits. Also, there were many grammar errors, especially run-on sentences, and many misused/wrong words. Some good editing could hav [...]

    24. This is a beautiful story of grace winning over law. God is a God of healing, restoration, and second chances. The revelation of the Holy Spirit is shown simply and in powerful ways throughout this novel. I was brought to tears many times--not out of sadness, but out of beauty in how well our Lord's love was demonstrated. Well done!

    25. EnlighteningI enjoyed reading this story. It definitely has a point worth in the story of the heroines romance. Believing in Gods word that all are forgiven. There is a lot of scriptures throughout the story.

    26. This is my very first Christian romance novel. I really hope you enjoy Zoe's journey as she battles the contrast between law vs Grace.

    27. Worth your time I liked the book very much but perhaps it would appeal to a younger reader. The emphasis on godly perspective was undoubtedly the finest part of the story.

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