The Grand Babylon Hotel

The Grand Babylon Hotel is an exclusive London establishment, and American millionaire Theodore Racksole, visiting the hotel with his spirited 23 year old daughter Nella, decides to buy the place What he hasn t counted on is having to deal with a criminal conspiracy whose purposes are not at all clear, and events take an unexpected turn as Theodore and Nella play detectivThe Grand Babylon Hotel is an exclusive London establishment, and American millionaire Theodore Racksole, visiting the hotel with his spirited 23 year old daughter Nella, decides to buy the place What he hasn t counted on is having to deal with a criminal conspiracy whose purposes are not at all clear, and events take an unexpected turn as Theodore and Nella play detective Replete with evil villains, physical dangers, and secret passages, The Grand Babylon Hotel is a mesmerizing thriller that will be enjoyed by mystery lovers everywhere Newly designed and typeset in a modern 6 by 9 inch format by Waking Lion Press.
The Grand Babylon Hotel The Grand Babylon Hotel is an exclusive London establishment and American millionaire Theodore Racksole visiting the hotel with his spirited year old daughter Nella decides to buy the place What

  • Title: The Grand Babylon Hotel
  • Author: Arnold Bennett Frank Swinnerton
  • ISBN: 9780140001761
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. If you are looking for an amusing and easy to read novel with lots of mystery, political conspiracy, espionage and interesting characters all bound together with a splash of romance and humor then The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennett can be a satisfying choice. Written in 1902, this is a pretty fast paced novel with plenty of silly action and has a certain charm of simplicity that is common with the plots and mysteries of the books from the early 1900s. At the beginning of this story, the r [...]

    2. Really a very charming book written in the early 1900's.The Grand Babylon Hotel - luxury and elegance, mystery and romance in London. Light hearted tale with enjoyable characters, a pleasant easy story with an almost fairy tale quality. I listened to an audio version and I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

    3. A delightful “lark”: a humorous Edwardian mystery, told in short chapters, each ending on a cliff-hanger or surprising revelation (written for serialisation). It sounds clichéd, but is so well done, that it merely adds to the charm.Theodore Racksole is an American millionaire “who owned one thousand miles of railway, several towns, and sixty votes in Congress”. He and his daughter, Nella, visit The Grand Babylon Hotel in London, which he buys on a whim because the head waiter refuses to [...]

    4. In 1902 Arnold Bennett told the world an extraordinary tale of events at london’s most prestigious hotel: The Grand Babylon Hotel.A hotel founded in 1869 by Félix Babylon, the son of a successful Swiss hotelier, to offer the finest service and the utmost discretion to royalty and the creme de la creme of European society.He succeeded in creating the hotel of his dreams.He had a peerless team to support him: Jules ran the dining room, Rocco ran the kitchen, and Miss Spencer ran the reception d [...]

    5. American tycoon Theodore Racksole buys Europe's most exclusive hotel on a whim, but is warned by the seller that he will live to regret it. Soon, a mysterious death occurs and Theodore and his daughter Nella find themselves in danger in their own hotel.Theodore Racksole John SessionsNella Racksole Matti HoughtonAribert Joe KloskaJules Richard KatzMiss Spencer Fenella WoolgarFelix Babylon Stephen GreifReginald Dimmock Gunnar CautheryMiss Ferguson Jill CardoServant Inam Mirza.Great Fun.

    6. Is this really the same Bennett that wrote "The Old Wives Tale"? Wow. Well, nothing deep in this book! It was fine, I really enjoyed the beginning, the little tussle between the head waiter and the millionaire that starts the craziness that follows was quite funny. As a light adventure/mystery, its not bad, but not awesome either. I far prefer Bennett's more serious novels.

    7. "Follow that carriage !" commands the heroine as she jumps into a horse & buggy and gives chase. Did Arnold Bennett launch (1902) the classic line, "Follow that car !" A creaky serial, written over 2 weeks in Bennett's early career, which hosts schemers, evil-doers, plotters and mischief-makers at a grand London hotel and involves a Balkan prince who may renounce a throne for love. My year at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC, missed this pandemonium.

    8. From BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Drama:Murder mystery by Arnold Bennett, adapted in two parts by Chris Harrald. An American tycoon buys a hotel and is cast into a world of Edwardian espionage and murder.

    9. Intrigas políticas, derechos sucesorios, secuestros, desapariciones y la muerte es lo que vamos a encontrar en esta novela.Bennet presenta una trama que en su época resultaba ágil y dinámica gracias a la dosificación de los distintos efectos tragicómicos, pero que hoy en día, a mi parecer, resulta lenta y a veces incluso pesada; su argumento parece un poco simplista para los gustos contemporáneos.Hay que tener en cuenta que se escribió en 1902 por lo que para poder apreciar sus sutileza [...]

    10. "The Grand Babylon Hotel [was] written 'for a lark' and sold as a serial for £100. The novel was intended by its author to be 'absolutely sublime in those qualities that should characterize a sensation serial'. And it is."As action crowds on action (with cliff-hangers to close every chapter) crowned heads, petty princelings and plutocrats jostle with international conspirators and murderers in the public rooms and corridors of the greatest hotel in Europe."When THEODORE RACKSOLE, New York rail [...]

    11. I loved it it's exactly what I wanted to read , I always had an admiration of hotels stories and the life stories of their guests and this one was great .It started when the millionaire Theodore Racksole visited the grand babylon hotel with his daughter and for some reason he decided to buy the hotel from the owner well he's a millionaire after all.d the story starts to get really exciting when Theodore suspect there's something happening and a few days later . He found out he's right . There's [...]

    12. Arnold Bennett wrote this book 'for a lark' and it takes the form of a madcap chase from London to Ostend and back. The opening chapter is so promising, with Racksole's purchase on a whim of the capital's most luxurious hotel so that he can call the tune in the restaurant and insist on dining off a steak and a bottle of Bass, to the chagrin of the supercilious maître d'hôtel. With a cast of shady minor royalty and cardboard cut-out crooks from the melodrama, the novel should engage its reader, [...]

    13. The second Bennett adventure I've read, the first being 'Buried Alive', and I thoroughly enjoyed itAmerican millionaire Theodore Racksole is staying at The Grand Babylon Hotel with his daughter Nella and is a bit displeased with service one evening, so he complains to the manager and ends up just buying the hotel from him Now this may seem a rather simple transaction for a millionaire but what about when murder and other crimes and conspiricies follow such a transaction?

    14. I liked the idea of the book.I didn't feel bored in the middle of the book because of its comedic,sweet way of narrating,but i sometimes felt a little unsatisfied as i wanted more suspense and i wished to get tired of thinking but that didn't happen as almost every time the troubles came i thought of jules and only jules and it came true without hard thinking like it solves itself not offering many people to suspect and accuse.But in general i liked it but i'll give it 3 or 3.5.

    15. I love vintage mysteries, a bit old-fashioned, no gratuitous sex or violence. They’re comfort reads for me. I read a short story by Arnold Bennett in Resorting to Murder from Poisoned Pen Press and enjoyed it, so I picked up the free Kindle version of The Grand Babylon Hotel and I’m glad I did. It’s a light mystery, but full of intrigue and adventure and a plucky young woman who’s not afraid of a bit of danger.The hotel was an interesting setting. The Babylon is a quite distinguished hot [...]

    16. Un multimillonario estadounidense, junto a su caprichosa pero muy sagaz hija, Nella, recalan en Londres, en el mejor hotel de la ciudad y por extensión del mundo civilizado, el Gran Hotel Babylon. Por un capricho azaroso, se convierten en los dueños del hotel y comienza la aventura de sus vidas, gracias a un director que se jubila anticipadamente, a un personal de servicio variopinto y algo deshonesto, a un príncipe empobrecido de la realeza qué desaparece misteriosamente y al que han de ir [...]

    17. Anti-Semitic, misogynistic, prejudiced claptrap.I picked this up by chance believing it to be a light pleasant read by a renowned author. Unfortunately, it is riddled with explicit anti-Semitism, prejudice and misogyny. I don't expect or require writing from a century past to conform to current language or thought, in fact that is part of the attraction of reading widely. However, as Andrea Freud Loewenstein points out in an excerpt from Loathsome Jews and Engulfing Women: Metaphors of Projectio [...]

    18. "The Grand Babylon Hotel" is one of those books ready to bring us into the depths of nostalgia. I read it with great fascination and was surprised at how easily it flowed especially for a book so old and on an age where speech was of completely different patterns. It was a detective mystery, but more than that: it provided a little passageway into the underworld of a truly great hotel, a little fire which sparked the imagination. It kept me hooked, maybe not to the very last page, but to the las [...]

    19. Added 7/28/13 (I became interested in this book after watching the film adaptation of Arnold Bennett's book, The Card: A Story of Adventure in the Five Towns .) See my review at:/review/show/ABOUT ARNOLD BENNETT:/author/show/enpedia/wiki/Arnold_BAlso see my Message #59 at: /topic/show/2 ](There are 3 different Bennett's.Their first names are: ALAN, WILLIAM, and ARNOLD.)

    20. Millionaire Theodore Racksole and his daughter Nella are used to getting their own way, and are determined to let nothing stop them. After buying the Grand Babylon Hotel on the spur of the moment, Theodore Racksole soon finds himself in the middle of mystery and intrigue involving a German Prince. I don't usually like political intrigue, but this book was a light read and the Racksoles were entertaining to follow. Somehow I imagined Theodore Racksole looking like Theodore Roosevelt without reali [...]

    21. A quick read, and rather a flimsy one, this is a fast-moving caper involving an American millionaire who purchases the titular establishment on a whim and, along with his spirited daughter, becomes involved in a far-fetched plot involving unscrupulous staff members and minor European royalty.Its origins as a newspaper serial are evident from the short chapters, often ending in cliffhangers. Hardly recognisable as being by the author of the magisterial "The Riceyman Steps", this early work is ver [...]

    22. El libro en si tal vez llega a ofrecer algo distinto dentro del género de policiaco el cual es tener muchos toques de comedia, es una lectura muy rápida y fluida. La historia avanza de manera regular. Pero a veces yo sentí que la comedia en los momentos los cuales debían ser serios y muchas veces me pareció totalmente fuera de lugar. Con muchos libros policíacos deambulando por ahí, con este libro lo malo es que este caso es un libro que me pareció plano en su contenido hasta que se sien [...]

    23. A light piece of fluff circa 1900 about an American millionaire and his daughter who impulsively purchase a London hotel with a clientele including European royalty. The millionaire and his daughter thus become embroiled in solving a kidnapping intrugue involving a very minor prince. Anyone heard of the principality of Posen? Quite a silly and preposterous story, but an amusing, quick read all the same.

    24. Arnold Bennett's The Grand Babylon Hotel is astonishingly silly but fun. It is told in thirty compact chapters that typically end in a cliff hanger. I believe this book was adapted for film. It reminded me of Feuillade's Les Vampires, the old 1913-1915 French serial featuring the character Irma Vep. The initial chapters also brought to mind Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel. Implausible but an enjoyable bit of fluff.

    25. The story line is a bit simplistic for contemporary tastes I suppose it's appropriate for the time the book was published. Bennet again manages to ravish the mind with his descriptions of the buildings and professional activities that appear in his book. Setting off the European aristocracy against American wealth, seems to be a topic that got public attention. I can't help asking myself, if the rich were quite that unconcerned with their security in times past.

    26. Was very amusing. Full of suspense, lots of escapades, royality, monarchy. Really loved the charachter of the extravagant, spolied, stubborn, having her own way nella and the love story with aribert. Loved the analysis and tone of racksole and his love for justice. The ending is rather funny as it tells all the events really happened cause of a steak and a bottle of bass at the table d'hôte of the grand babylon hotel.

    27. ************************************************************************bbcAmerican tycoon Theodore Racksole buys Europe's most exclusive hotel on a whim, but is warned by the seller that he will live to regret it. Soon, a mysterious death occurs and Theodore and his daughter Nella find themselves in danger in their own hotel.************************************************************************

    28. What did I think? I think Arnold Bennett should have stayed with the five towns. I found it difficult to believe that this is the same author who wrote the incomparable 'The Card'. He cannot find a credible voice for either the minor European royals or the rich Americans, and the plot is silly without being funny. A real disappointment.

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