Candles Burning

An extraordinary southern saga begun by Michael McDowell and finished after his death by Tabitha King Known for his chilling Blackwater series, author Michael McDowell left behind the unfinished manuscript for Candles Burning upon his death in 1999 In the spirit of the ghost stories that Michael loved, Tabitha King has taken up where he left off, weaving a Southern gothAn extraordinary southern saga begun by Michael McDowell and finished after his death by Tabitha King Known for his chilling Blackwater series, author Michael McDowell left behind the unfinished manuscript for Candles Burning upon his death in 1999 In the spirit of the ghost stories that Michael loved, Tabitha King has taken up where he left off, weaving a Southern gothic fabric of murder, guilt, innocence, corruption, and survival, in the voices of the living and the dead Calliope Calley Dakin is just seven when her beloved father is tortured, murdered, and dismembered by two women with no discernible motivation In the aftermath, Calley and her mother find themselves caught up in inexplicable events that exile them to Pensacola Beach, where in a house that s a dead ringer for Calley s late great grandmother s house a woman awaits their presence For Calley is no normal little girl.
Candles Burning An extraordinary southern saga begun by Michael McDowell and finished after his death by Tabitha King Known for his chilling Blackwater series author Michael McDowell left behind the unfinished manus

  • Title: Candles Burning
  • Author: Tabitha King Michael McDowell
  • ISBN: 9780425210284
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Okay this was a struggle to be honest. I loved the work of Michael McDowell - his Blackwater series I think is amazing but this book - only partly completed at his death does not do him justice. Basically the book was only half completed at his death and was then later picked up by Tabitha King and completed. Now I am not one to give too much credence to other reviewers, I read after all for my own benefit but the comments about this book I totally agree. It is 200 pages too long. It has some am [...]

    2. 2.5 stars.I have been LOVING all of the books written by Michael McDowell lately. This one was unfinished at his death, and completed by Tabitha King. While I was immediately drawn into the story, it began to get overly descriptive about one third of the way in. Yes, there were some genuinely good ideas in here, unfortunately, (at over 400 pages), I ended up feeling like the story could have EASILY been cut by at least 200 pages, and managed to keep my interest better. This one is very difficult [...]

    3. This review refers to the audiobook version. 4.5 for McDowell's portion/2 for King's portion -- somehow this works out to somewhere between a 2 to 2.5, whatever, don't read itOkay, it can't be the easiest thing in the world to pick up an unfinished novel and finish it, but I deeply wonder why someone would want to? How can this possibly turn out well? I think this is the first book I have read (listened to) of this kind, so I really don't know if other endeavors of this type turned out well, but [...]

    4. I read some of Tabitha King's novels as a teenager and really enjoyed them. This novel is quite different from her earlier work, which is understandable considering that the manuscript was written by another author.Reading the book was something like a rollercoaster: from great expectations at the beginning to slow motion with only a few twists and loops in between. At the beginning I was sure I'd love this story, but my enthusiam was slowed down somewhere in the middle, where the story dragged [...]

    5. This was a good book, but it's fairly obvious where Mr. McDowell stopped writing and Ms. King started. I have a feeling that this was not the ending that Mr. McDowell envisioned, but I think she did a good job of finishing the book. It was an interesting story, but I found that there were a few things that weren't explored quite enough or developed to the point where I could understand what the writer was trying to convey. But it did keep me interested, so I would give it a 4 out of 5. Horror is [...]

    6. Tabitha King is Stephen King's wife.I've read most (if not all) of Michael McDowell's books and especially loved his Blackwater series. He definitely knows how to write creepy stuff.I really enjoyed this book of his finished after his death by Tabitha King (Stephen King's wife). It was subtle and insidious!

    7. Very very disappointing. Michael Mcdowell is one of my favorite authors. I have read and re-read most of his books. This book felt so disjointed and Mrs. King's lack of skill was so clear. It was easy for a fan to pick out what was her ideas vs. the original manuscript.

    8. I liked it, I liked the heroine and the story but there was something missing. It seemed a lot of time was spent on the filler instead of the stuff that was cool. Calley had lots of talents that I think were unexplored in favor of I am not sure. Maybe it was too mellow for me.

    9. Esta es una joya literaria, que me informan, gozó de mucha fama en su momento. Sí, está bueno, es una historia de vampiros; y, sí, acaban de realizar la segunda o tercera peli 'inspirada' en la novela (que a mi parecer es un filme excelente), sí, sí, y sí a todo lo que me digan, eso no le quita a Matheson ser un autor dentro y fuera de género.En mucho tiempo no había leído una 'buena' historia, escrita con una pluma directa y concisa. Escrita con solo lo necesario, sin paja, sin añadi [...]

    10. Not as bad as I was expecting considering the way it was written. Some fairly eerie parts but it felt too forced in other places.

    11. I admire the ambition of Tabitha King for taking this story on. Michael McDowell had started this novel, had passed away sadly before he could finish it, and Tabitha had decided to take on the mission of completing it with his incomplete notes and manuscript. Ambition is a good thing, but failing to complete it is not. I understand how it could be a difficult thing to attempt to do. But she decided it on her own, and I hope that her agent doesn’t bring any opportunities like this to her. I’m [...]

    12. i enjoyed this story. Calley brings to mind huck finn, in pigtails. she hears things. was reading the sundial by shirley jackson and was reminded of this onemichael mcdowell is another i need to add to the pile to read. read one other by tabitha king, the trap's a quote or two from the story i liked:to this day i have found no reason to believe that the human soul, duplicitous to is core, suddenly becomes truthful just because it comes to be divorced from a corporeal formyeah, and so you have al [...]

    13. This was a fascinating Southern Gothic horror novel about a young girl named Callie whose father is kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. Her mother, suspected of being involved in the murder, takes off with her daughter. They end up in a strange boarding house in Pensacola, run by a mysterious woman who encourages Callie to develop her gift of speaking to "spirits." The book is written by Tabitha King and based upon an uncompleted ms by horror author Michael McDowell, who died before the book was [...]

    14. Както пише самата Табита Кинг, този роман е плод на съвместни усилия. Майкъл Макдауъл го е започнал, но е починал, преди да успее да го напише. Неговата редакторка се обърнала към Табита Кинг с молба да го завърши. Това, в крайна сметка, е историята, която е успяла да изллече от [...]

    15. This is an uneven book, unfortunately, but not surprisingly as it was begun by a writer with a fantastic southern Gothic voice but was finished, admirably so, by someone whose writing cannot possibly hope to capture the original voice or tone. King is a great writer, but southern Gothic is not her thing. Michael McDowell, on the other hand, is true evidence of an immense talent lost all too soon. While the story has its moments, mostly in the parts that McDowell completed, it is just after the h [...]

    16. I really wish that I could wholeheartedly recommend this book. The first half or so was awesome. I couldn’t put it down. But there is a sort of disconnect between the first and last halves of the story because the book was finished by Tabitha King after Michael McDowell’s death. I want to read more of Michael McDowell’s books now. I feel like this story would’ve been amazing. Nothing against Ms. King. I think she did a great job but it just doesn’t quite work.

    17. Very disappointing. I kept waiting for it to get exciting but it was overly and unnecessarily descriptive. It had the good premise of a story but never had me riveted. And the end just seemed uneventful.

    18. For being from these 2 of my favorite authorswho the HELL wrote this!!!? Terribly slow, and boring, boring, boring! Dont waste your time.

    19. It was an interesting enough story, except the constant build-up/hints, the conclusion of which was rather anticlimactic.

    20. I had hoped for more information as to the "why" and "how" with the story because I really liked the main character so much but I feel like something was missing with this.

    21. Note: I usually burn through a book within a couple of days. This one took me nearly 3 months, in fits and starts, between other reading. It just wasn't a good fit.-----------------------------Candles Burning was completed by Tabitha King (wife of Stephen King, and a good writer in her own right), from a partial manuscript by Michael McDowell (author of a number of other mystery/Gothic/horror novels, and the screenwriter for Beetlejuice.) In some ways it reminds me of both Pat Conroy's The Princ [...]

    22. Candles Burning was Tabitha King's last stint at novel writing, though after you read the book it's obvious that Michael McDowell had more than likely finished most of this novel before he died in 1999. I could easily find the parts that McDowell wrote over the parts that King added.If you have read McDowell's previous work, you know he was a master of painting images in your head using words. He was so good at giving things odd descriptions, or presenting them in such a way that they were hard [...]

    23. This was an odd book. It felt somehow disjointed, incongruous. It started with the discrepancy between the back-cover blurb and the reviews quoted in the front:Calliope "Calley" Dakin is no normal little girl. She hears things that maybe a little girl shouldn't hear — and knows things a little girl should never know.Just seven when her beloved father is tortured, murdered, and dismembered by two women with no discernable motivation, Calley and her mother find themselves caught up in inexplicab [...]

    24. This book is coauthored by Tabitha King (Steven King's wife) and Michael McDowell who left the unfinished manuscript upon his death in 1999. The narrator is a 7 year old girl who has suddenly lost her father to a horrific murder dismemberment when the family was attending a convention in New Orleans. There are multiple character storylines threaded through the book - Callie's Southern Belle mother who steps into the barely acted role of grieving widow that dotes on her son and ignores Callie; Ca [...]

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