The Mind Keepers

Check out the exciting conclusion to the Mind Readers series It s been months since everything familiar in Nora s life vanished into the unforgiving waters off the Savannah coast, leaving her with nothing but her powers of mind reading Although she s lost her mother and her home, Nora has managed to move on, thanks in part to her sister Cameron, the only family she has lCheck out the exciting conclusion to the Mind Readers series It s been months since everything familiar in Nora s life vanished into the unforgiving waters off the Savannah coast, leaving her with nothing but her powers of mind reading Although she s lost her mother and her home, Nora has managed to move on, thanks in part to her sister Cameron, the only family she has left Perhaps someday she can forget the pain she has endured if only the past would stop haunting her Before she can truly move on and accept the relative normalcy of her new life, there are a few things she has to uncover What happened to Maddox, the one guy to betray her trust and stomp on her heart Did he escape S.P.I s clutches, or is he being held a prisoner as Cameron believes But Maddox is the least of her worries when someone starts stalking Nora s every move a woman who looks eerily like her dead mother For Nora, time is running out In the end, she must learn to trust not only in herself, but also her dangerous new powers before it s too late to save the only guy she s ever loved.
The Mind Keepers Check out the exciting conclusion to the Mind Readers series It s been months since everything familiar in Nora s life vanished into the unforgiving waters off the Savannah coast leaving her with not

  • Title: The Mind Keepers
  • Author: Lori Brighton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This review is spoiler-free for the entire Mind Readers series.The Mind Keepers is probably the most disappointing book I've read in 2014. I adored Brighton's other three installments in the Mind Readers series, they were quick and really fun reads that I enjoyed a whole lot when I read them and the third book in the series even left me a sobbing mess because the ending was so emotional. Either way, The Mind Keepers was such a disappointment, I can't even believe it's part of the same series. I [...]

    2. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN ALMOST 4 STARS :(SO several inconsistencies here. Why were people including Maddox and Tara who were long term undercover willing to blow their cover and die for Cam when everyone kept repeating the simple fact that if she died, the source would just find someone new? It was not the end of the world if she died. So why would people she barely knew, with years under and massive resources behind their cover throw it all away on a girl who kept changing sides and making dumb ch [...]

    3. I didn't care for this one. there were things that didn't make sense that I won't get into on here. I thought that book 3 could have been a little longer to just finish the story, because this one was really short. it started with the last chapter from book 3, but I was at 85% and it ended. Then it started the beginning of another of the airhors books. I also didn't like that this one was told through Nora. I just wasn't use to it since the other 3 were told by Cameron and I would put the book d [...]

    4. Just, no.I was so excited to read this series literally for the sole reason that mind reading seems so cool and the first line of the first book, "The man across from me was thinking about killing his wife", (or something to that effect) intrigued me from the get-go. Now, after having read books 1-3 and the ending novella, I have never been more annoyed or frustrated not only in a story line but also in a writer's incompetence for her own story.-I can't say how many times Cameron said "This will [...]

    5. Wow!The worst ending in the world but couldn't be more perfect. Your get a big cliffhanger but it was perfect. This was one of my favorite and best series I have read! Great book.

    6. Not happy with the new point of view. After reading three previous books, I enjoyed the main character. I do not like this other character and the fact this changed in book 4.

    7. Living at Aaron’s house and taking care of the rescued children, Nora is trying her best to put the past behind her when Cameron begins insisting Maddox is in real danger and in need of a rescue. To top it off, she thinks she sees the ghost of her mother.This novella started off slow and then took off, really took off. This had plenty of action and super powers, sprinkled with romance here and there. Twists and turns abound in this suspenseful story which kept me guessing and held my interest [...]

    8. I am having a hard time with this book. Way more swearing than in even the second or third books. Also if was not for the fact I want to see Maddox freed and have that story satisfied I would not keep reading. It seemed to get dumbed up with the swearing. I swear it was a condition to have one to two on each page almost each paragraph. It seems forced then in the middle it's slightly back to a good story like the rest but I'm not holding out for it. It's a hope though. Maybe it's Nora' s attitud [...]

    9. Alright, so maybe I'm rating the whole series instead of just The Mind Keepers alone. That is probably because I have been reading the books from first to last nonstop.Yes, there are a few grammar mistakes in the book, but none that come to mind at the moment.At first, I wasn't sure I liked Nora as a narrator, but I grew to like her as the story carried on. Still, sometimes I wished I could read through Cameron's POV just so I could observe her beautiful relationship with Lewis as they grow clos [...]

    10. WOW!! Yes, that's the word I would use to describe the 4th book in the "Mind Readers" series.Just finished the "Mind Keepers" Wow! I loved Maddox from the beginning, but I love him even more!Nora is back after losing everything she loved. With Cameron and Lewis to offer her support and the addition of Aunt Lyndsey, they take on the S.P.I. and secure the man that mattered most to herNora is great I wasn't sure about her previously, (I was a fan of Cameron), but this story made me realize where he [...]

    11. This series was good. I got through it all in about a week which is always good. The writing was good, the characters were pretty good. I felt like there were a lot of inconsistencies, especially with Lewis. The Lewis in my head was constantly changing and I had to stop for a bit to figure out why I couldn't get a good grasp on who he was in my head until I realized that the things the author would say about him would contradict with earlier characterizations. I finally just made him how I felt [...]

    12. I just had to finish out the series. I was not however impressed with the last book.I liked: 1. The change in perspective. I liked Nora a lot better than I liked Cameron. She seemed to be a bit more convincing as the heroine.2. I also like the character of Maddox. I liked him from the very beginning. I enjoyed learning more about him and I am glad that we got some closure with his character. Disliked:1. The fact that the author got mixed up with her characters. She kept saying that Nora's half b [...]

    13. When Nora's mother jumps off a ship into the angry ocean, taking Nora's father with her and leaving her with only Cameron, her half-sister, something inside her collapses. If only she could live a day without seeing her mother in Cameron or on her eyelids, things would be fine. But when a stranger who looks like her dead mother starts stalking her every move, maybe her mother won't haunt her dreams anymore. Maybe she's alive, is all the hope Nora has to hold onto. But when Maddox starts entering [...]

    14. At first I was sort of annoyed that this was told from Nora’s perspective rather than Cameron’s, but I decided that I like Nora a lot more. She is not as quick to react or jumping on her emotions without thinking about the consequences. You do however, get to know Nora better and realize that she is not as badass and fearless as she seems to be. You get to know the characters better and from that understand the story better. Since I read this series a while ago, it is not on the top of my mi [...]

    15. I got the 1st book as a freebie on Kindle - and i was hooked - had to buy the other 3. Young adult tags - not as compelling as The Hunger Games, but still a great read. Young girl - almost 18 - a mind reader. and she's not alone. The government wants the mind readers to use them for interrogation on other mind readers. A splinter organization wants to recruit them to go against the Gov't agency. Both sides have their good and bad - and the girl and the family she discovers along the way are caug [...]

    16. The final installment of the Mind Readers series, from Nora's perspective. With their mother dead Cameron and Nora have adjusted into a routine, raising the kids, running a school and saving Mind readers from S.P.I. Still she wakes up thinking of Maddox. If you haven't read any of the other Mind Readers series, don't read this one on it's own. It ties everything up and contains far too many spoilers from the series to come in at this point. Not to mention the series is far far too good to miss o [...]

    17. I will admit that at first I was a little bummed that the story was no longer in Cameron's point of view, but once I got started I found myself really liking to learning more about Nora. The Mind Keepers started off a little on the slow side, but really picked up the pace. Some of the main characters did not feel as strong as before -- Cameron and Lewis. In fact, Lewis seemed a lot more wimpy and like a scolded puppy. Maddox, however, really shined in this book. I have liked him in the beginning [...]

    18. I think this was a great book for closer. It helped me to feel at ease with the characters' futures. I loved this series. I read all four books in a week. Lori Brighton is so good with painting that picture in your head that is so much better than any movie. She is an amazing author who knows what her readers want. This series is a great way to relax and unwind. This is why I love to read and look forward to my evenings when I get to pick up where I left off with the story and characters I've gr [...]

    19. I liked this book because it was from Nora's point of view, but I disliked it for the same reason. It was nice seeing things through her eyes, but she is not as likable as Cameron is. I just couldn't get any believable emotion from her, not even anger. I think I would have rather continued reading from Cameron's p.o.v. and finished the journey through her eyes. Overall, this was a nice addition to the story and I did end up enjoying it.

    20. Not a fascinating book but still enjoyable. The main character is a little annoying with her senseless stubbornness. Repeating the same mistakes over and over while trying to fend for her own life, success of which should depend on her past experience. She seems not to learn. Her repetitive often childish behavior was annoying to me. The idea of this book is a very good one but it could have been better written which would make this book a lot more intriguing.

    21. Well for me this was a hard book to read just because it was difficult for me to like Nora. Ive always like Maddox from all the other books. The characters of Cameron and Lewis were very likable, on the other hand Nora for me was very hard to have a connection too. So that is why it took me a long time to read this book. I loved the mind reader series but this one ill just have to give a two star just because I don't care for Nora.

    22. it's a very good read for me. it's nice to read of what's going thru Nora's mind when it concerns maddox. Wow talk about frustration. But, Nora makes it through all of her confusion and lands on top. I know there are a few people who may not know what I am talking about. you are the ones who should start reading the first book in the series all the way through to the last book in the series. have fun reading

    23. sisters and other strangersNora was never jealous that Cameron had the source. it demanded too much. but when she found out that Maddox had not betrayed her, Cameron's power couldn't be more useful. until her aunt showed up in the middle of a fight with news that filled Nora with horror and hopeis was a superb way to and an extra wrap-up ending and i loved it. it's a must, an absolute must

    24. WOW!!!!!This book was the best way to end the mind readers series. All the plot twists had me on the edge of my bed and the beautiful young romance captured my heart. I LOVE the mind readers series and I LOVE Lori Brighton's books for they will always have a place in my kindle or any other device I have!!!!!!

    25. Cameron and Lewis have been reunited, her mother and fake father are dead, Aaron has disappeared, the children are safe, and all should be well in the household. Nope. Time for another adventure…Read the rest of the review on my blog: shouldireaditornot.wordpress.c

    26. Sad it's over :-(I'm a little sad now! Once again I very much enjoyed Mind Keepers. I will be honest and say that I thought this book was rushed and pieces left out, but hey, it's Novels For turning this story into a longer one would've been great. Anyway doesn't matter, as I loved it. Sad that it's over. Thank you Lori <3

    27. A happily ever afterA happily ever afterI love this book because it's a romantic book. but also there finally free. they don't have to look over there shoulder or sleep with one eye open. there finally free to do as they please. and they saved the ones they loved.

    28. After reading the first three books of the series and becoming attached with Cameron and Lewis' story, I was disappointed when I realized the fourth about book was going to be through Nora's perspective.

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