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Tagged as in the Universal Tagging Program No one may buy or sell without the new chip implanted beneath the skin They own the night These zombies are a new breed and fast hair like women teeth like lions and sharp claws They hunt in overwhelmingly large packs like a plague of locusts The government and military are overrun, retreating underground and leaving theTagged as in the Universal Tagging Program No one may buy or sell without the new chip implanted beneath the skin They own the night These zombies are a new breed and fast hair like women teeth like lions and sharp claws They hunt in overwhelmingly large packs like a plague of locusts The government and military are overrun, retreating underground and leaving the populace to fend for themselves Lucky for Sven and his Cannabis growing crew they find shelter in a nuclear power plant The lights keep them at bay at least for a while But how long will it last In the lawless environment they survive by their own code until the Government and military return to establish a new world order Fast, deadly zombies and end times biblical prophecy meet in this compelling new look at the apocalypse.
Tagged The Apocalypse Tagged as in the Universal Tagging Program No one may buy or sell without the new chip implanted beneath the skin They own the night These zombies are a new breed and fast hair like women teeth like l

  • Title: Tagged: The Apocalypse
  • Author: Joseph M. Chiron
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. So, having bombed out with Richard Laymon I decided not to be discouraged from finding something hard hitting but well written. I've bought this one, it's on my Kindle and ready to go. The reviews have been awesome. But I've been burnt by good reviews before. We'll see. I'll update.Dear Lord. Am I condemned to start every review with a exclamation of disbelief at how, yet again, I've been fooled into reading such utter garbage? Five stars? How could anyone give this book 5 stars? Are they confus [...]

    2. I'm struggling on my star rating, so I will leave it blank for now.I'm reading "Tagged" as part of a monthly group for the GR group "Pro-Active Destruction." Although we have a reading schedule, the book sucked me in so effortlessly that, reading schedule be damned! - I had to finish the book and find out how it ended!There's a lot to like about this book: the storyline is unique and moves quickly and seamlessly, the writing style is solid and relatively error free (which is saying a lot in thes [...]

    3. "Tagged: The Apocalypse" by Joseph M. Chiron is a fast paced and intriguing futuristic thriller with Zombies.An ageing couple on the Bahamas start this novel off with steamy sex afte rbeing refreshed and artificially rejuvenated, only to come back to California to a rude awakening. A Universal Tagging programme aims to take control from individuals and hand it over to the government and Zombies hunt for humans.There is no holding back in this story, we are driven from one scene to the next. This [...]

    4. **3.75 Don't get tagged Stars**This was a good rendition of the end of the worldor well life as we know it.

    5. This is exactly what I expect (and usually find) from most 'indie' apocalypse book.Nothing new in here characters or plot wise.In fact, I found it to be highly Predictable. The plot was mind-numbingly limited meaning 'inside the boxed-thinking', lacking in any originality. It was a mixing of several already done to death plot ideas.Zero character development. What you see is what you get. There was an absence of character growth (character arc). The characters are pretty AMORAL. The women are pr [...]

    6. Exceedingly well-written dark, dystopian thriller/zombie horror hybrid where zombies are the "end of times" locusts sent to destroy ungodly humanity. The author cleverly draws you in to personally identify with a maturing couple vacationing in the Bahamas. They each have a dual purpose: the husband to protect their assets from the new government "taggings" regulations while the wife receives rejuvenating treatments.The happy couple find "her" youthfulness rapidly restored: face lifted, hair grow [...]

    7. Tag, You’re ItTHIS BOOK CONTAINS ADULT CONTENTIn Tagged: The Apocalypse, by Joseph Chiron, the government mandatorily “tags” citizens with a computer chip in the forehead or hand. Like cattle, people line up for the “tagging,” and even drag along their children.At the same time, an anti-aging procedure works well, taking years off the users. The downside is the side-effect of the procedure. It turns the users into slavering, repulsive zombies with an insatiable appetite for human flesh [...]

    8. A refreshing thrill and a great step in today’s fiction! “Tagged” by Joseph Chiron is a momentous book in the realm of zombie fiction. This is how books should be written, and this is precisely the kind of book that keeps me reading. Even through my hectic last couple weeks, I could hardly put the book down nor find enough time to devour it.This book far exceeds the usual zombie fiction hype that’s sweeping the nation. A thrilling mix between George Orwell and the writing young adults cr [...]

    9. I was impressed by the amount of work that went into this, especially for a first novel. The quality of the writing was very good. The introduction was gripping and I loved the unique spin that Joseph Chiron put on the initial zombie infection. The book was packed with action. Even the zombies were uniquely designed. I am a huge fan of zombies in general and was very pleased to see this break away from some of the redundant, overdone themes that persist in many zombie books.The only issues I had [...]

    10. I’ll start by saying this is not my normal genre, but–I really did enjoy this book. It was incredibly fast paced, sometimes too fast, and I found myself wishing the author would take a breath so I could catch up. The plot was a little hard to follow at times, there were a lot of concepts rolled into this story, and they weren’t all easily defined or tied in with the rest of the story. I also found the dialogue a little confusing and found myself have to re-read sections to find out who sai [...]

    11. First the good. I found the book easy to read. The pacing of the book was good. I liked most of the characters.However, there were just too many things that never came together for me -- the religious aspect, the flagellants, the earthquakes, the stem cell therapy gone bad, the tagging, etc. They all seemed to be just thrown together.I was torn between 3 stars and 4 stars, but went to 3 because I found the ending disappointing. Plus, I had an issue with the table of contents. I was using it to g [...]

    12. Tagged: The apocalypse by Joseph Chiron is a very unusual and different book. It combines the best sci-fi with important lessons about life, government and Christianity.As the title suggests, it is an apocalyptic book, full of zombies. But in this book they are different. They have a special meaning. The same applies to the main characters. This book rises many questions: what would happen if we were left us alone? What is the true function of a government?Chiron suggests very interesting answer [...]

    13. Awesome! This was a book that really pulled me in and kept my attention moving forward with great anticipation! Always a fan of zombies as well as current world events, this book was a real gem for me! I loved how the author tapped into the medical/pharmaceutical system to deliver a very believable and terrifying notion of what could actually happen in today's world. Very descriptive, with the characters being brought to life in more ways than one! Be sure to tag this book on your to-be-read lis [...]

    14. This book is so well written, evoking such vivid images, that I had to stop reading it. It scared me! I thought perhaps jumping ahead to other chapters would allow me to get through but the author painted pictures my active imagination could not handle. I do not like to quit when I decide to do something, i.e read this story.So, if you are looking for not-your-ordinary reading experience I recommend grabbing your copy now.

    15. Tagged: The Apocalypse by Joseph M. Chiron is an exciting take on the world of zombies.Different then any others in this genre, I loved the fast moving plot which was beyond exciting!I can't wait to see what this talented author comes up with next!Very creative and intriguing!

    16. I've just finished reading this great book! This thriller is well written with twisted and intriguing plot. All my recommendation for thriller lovers!

    17. A zombie apocalypse with religious end-of-days undertones. Fast paced with non-stop action. Great read. Highly recommend.

    18. 4 1/2 StarsTagged is the first zombie book I read, and I found after reading it that I didn't dislike the genre. (I always thought I would.) Actually I very much liked this book. The premise was different - original. Chiron is quite clever in combining an apocalyptic tale with Armageddon in a dystopian setting. I enjoyed his interpretation and weaving into the story the Book of Revelation, including the mark of the beast. I always found the Book interesting and Chiron didn't disappoint in recrea [...]

    19. Tagged- The Apocalypse is one wild ride! The end of times have come and it’s every man for himself! The action begins with the population becoming infected and turning into zombies. Very graphic descriptions here that will leave you with some goosebumps. Red glowing eyes, fierce teeth and massive hair seem to be the choice of this new breed. One man starts to quote Bible verses and seems to be aware of what lies ahead.While some prepare to enter the Kingdom of God others strive for survival.Th [...]

    20. I loved the opening to this novel. It highlighted the 'tagging' process without belabouring the point, and we learned of this process via a news report which Marvin Jones was watching. I liked this character, and enjoyed the good loving relationship he had with his wife, Samantha. What I didn't expect was what would happen to both of them, though I did detect a thread of unease in this first chapter when it came to Samantha's face lift procedure which was not yet FDA approved. I knew something w [...]

    21. And the Name of the beast is "zombie". What an interesting take on zombies. As the author of Julie Rayzor Zombie War Series, I was asked to read and review this book. At first the biblical references bothered me. (I was raised in a strict, unforgiving, and abusive church and school) but they do not overwhelm the story. In fact the bible is rather a book about how to live well and treat people right, and it's every version of right and wrong which is found in Tagged: The Apocalypse. Tagged finds [...]

    22. This book far exceeds the usual zombie fiction hype that’s sweeping the nation. A thrilling mix between George Orwell and the writing young adults crave today is exactly what Joseph Chiron has pulled off. While the book strongly expresses the views held in Christianity, it’s not overwhelming as many stories are in the religious fiction genre.Creative and refreshing writing style, the strong character development, and the underlying of the dystopian future that just may be ahead. Chiron mixes [...]

    23. This is a huge story. Implanted chips, zombies, apocalyptic, zombie thriller - TAGGED: THE APOCALYPSE by Joseph M Chiron has all the ingredients and the author knows how to use them in a riveting story that left me guessing and often stunned. Hope they make this into a movie someday, I’d love to see these characters up close (well maybe not all of the!) Recommended – 5-STARS!

    24. Fast, deadly zombies and end times biblical prophecy meet in this compelling new look at the apocalypse!The Apocalypse by Joseph M Chiron is a well-written book that catches the reader's attention from the very first page a science fiction, with great action adventure thrillers with zombies. You will enjoy the action packed book by an action thrilling author. Recommended

    25. Good readsome minor pacing issues and definitely some editing issues, but it's still worth a read. the ending might leave yup wanting though.

    26. Tagged- The Apocalypse will leave you feeling like you want more. Zombies are running rampant, they are fast, fierce and huge. Find out what happens when Zombies take over.

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