Giant's Bread

Vernon Deyre is a sensitive and brilliant musician, even a genius But there is a high price to be paid for his talent, especially by his family and the two women in his life His sheltered childhood does not prepare him for adulthood To write his greatest masterpiece, he has to make a crucial decision with no time left to count the cost.
Giant s Bread Vernon Deyre is a sensitive and brilliant musician even a genius But there is a high price to be paid for his talent especially by his family and the two women in his life His sheltered childhood do

  • Title: Giant's Bread
  • Author: Mary Westmacott Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. In all honesty, the back of the book is a little misleading:"Vernon Deyre is a sensitive and brilliant musician, even a genius. But there is a high price to be paid for his talent, especially by his family and the two women in his life. His sheltered childhood in the home he loves has not prepared Vernon for the harsh reality of his adult years, and in order to write the great masterpiece of his life, he has to make a crucial decision with no time left to count the cost"Misleading in the way tha [...]

    2. What did I think?I thought it was elegant. Terrifying. Morbid. Haunting. Beautiful. Artistic. Human.Something about this book always bothered me, even when I put the book down. I thought that the book was horrifying and the characters were so abstract and cruel. Then I realized that it was reality. Christie, Westmacott, had really captured the feelings and indecisions in a human life. That book was so accurate that it made me embarrassed to read. The characters were very.n. I think I've said tha [...]

    3. This is one of the titles written by Agatha Christie under the pen name Mary Westmacott. Being a big Christie fan, I was really looking forward to reading my first Westmacott novel.I was aware that it wasn't in her usual genre of crime novel, however, I read lots of different genres so the difference just made me llook forward to reading it even more. However, I have to say I really didn't like it.Under her own guise of Christie and her crime novels, it is accepted that she doesn't develop her c [...]

    4. Agatha Christie + high melodrama involving a world war and the art world = totally enjoyable if ridiculous. The writing is just fantastic, though; I loved loved loved the first part, which is from the perspective of a small child.

    5. Mary Westmacott’s books are like a cup of good old strong English tea in the afternoon. And this is my sixth ‘cup’, I mean book! Several reviewers and many other readers believe that her books are mere love stories which are bittersweet; however I think that it is not an accurate description of these books. Westmacott’s books are a wonderful exploration of human relationships and offer us an insightful analysis of the way the human mind works. Reading this particular one, made me think t [...]

    6. Book #13 for 2017/#6 for the Mt TBR ChallengeThe Legendary Book Club of Habitica's Ultimate Reading Challenge Task: A book published before you were bornPopSugar's Ultimate Reading Challenge Prompts (max 3):- A book that's been on your TBR list for way too long- A book by an author who uses a pseudonym- A book that's been mentioned in another bookPersonal Reading Challenge Task: A book with a woman on the coverBetter World Books Challenge Prompt: A book by a female writerBook Riot's Read Harder [...]

    7. GIANTS' BREAD, Mary Westmacott aka Agatha Christie1930, Christie's first romantic novel, a semi-historical tale of a young English gent, his growing up, The War, and life after it; sentimental but enjoyable; three-and-one-half stars. The first of Christie's six romantic "straight" novels, this is a nicely wrought, well-plotted - if extremely sentimental and typical of the period - story of a Victorian genteel boyhood, The World War and its effects on one man and some of his friends, and their gr [...]

    8. 4.5 starsThis is my first novel of both Mary Westmacott and Agatha Christie (Westmacott is Christie's pen name). I'd have to sayGiant's Breadwas long and at times tiresome to read but it made you feel full and satisfied in the end, and I think that's the mark of a good classic. It's mentioned in the introduction that Christie wrote this book and several others under the pen name Westmacott to prove herself as a versatile and talented writer, and I think she did pretty good job!Technically Speaki [...]

    9. In my quest to read all of Agatha Christie’s books (may or may not be achievable), I included on my list the six novels she wrote as Mary Westmacott. I expected these books to be different from Christie’s other fare (why else would she use a different name, other than to escape expectations?), but I was still surprised to find how heavy Giant’s Bread was.Our story opens in London, with the opening night of a new opera. Strange, wild, artistic, innovative, alluring – it is a musical the l [...]

    10. I had only read this book once before. I remember thinking it was a bit odd for me to read the first time, just because there was some humour in there, especially in Vernon's childhood, that surprised me for La Christie. Vernon's childhood and the way he saw the world back then was very amusing.In fact, if I hadn't known this book was written by Agatha Christie, I don't know if I even would have recognized her styleexcept, of course, for the rampant racism throughout the book, which was very Chr [...]

    11. Giant's Bread was the first novel (1930) Agatha Christie wrote under her nom de plume "Mary Westmacott". It tells the life story of Vernon Deyer as he follows his destiny to become a composer, and the choices he makes along the way.As is often with Christie's mysteries, Giant's Bread is a story of psychology, of what makes a person "tick", and it is a powerful story. The phrase "giant's bread" is taken from the fairy tale quote: "fee, fie, fo, fum, I smell the blood of mortal Man. Be he alive or [...]

    12. When I started reading this book my expectations were low, I'll admit. I had already read another book by Mary Westmacott - Unfinished Portrait - that had disappointed me, so when I started this one I thought it was going to be more of the same.The first part wasn't spectacular and - I have to say - a bit boring but fortunately it got better and I was able to enjoy it. As for the characters I don't think they were particularly fascinating and I didn't connect with them - I was just reading about [...]

    13. A non-mystery (a romance, in fact) from the great mystery writer. Not finished with it yet, but am far enough along to see that the writing is very good. Strikingly human characters, making strikingly human mistakes with their lives. Not your typical, contrived romance novel, and I'm not sure how it's going to end.Ok, I've now finished it and can confirm that I could not have predicted the ending, despite the fact that the entire thing is a flashback. So points to Dame Agatha for keeping us conf [...]

    14. Sembra un romanzo rosa, ma non lo è affatto!!! E' il romanzo di una grande passione per la musica, che brucerà letteralmente la vita di Vernon e gli farà sacrificare qualsiasi cosa in nome dell'arte. Ma detto così è davvero poco: l'abilità della Christie è nel tratteggiare personaggi interessanti, approfonditi e realistici, molto più che nei romanzi gialli. La lettura è piacevolissima e scorrevole.Vorrei che "Mary Westmacott" avesse scritto molto di più. Chissà cosa ne sarebbe potuto [...]

    15. Another Mary Westmacott story that I read, and another story that left me feeling awful. I really, really need a happy ending ~ or at least one that is satisfactory and I never felt that with any of Dame Agatha Christie's Westmacott books.Sad but true.* * * * * *Yeah, and the star? That's my feelings about the book and nothing about how well-written it was. I know a lot of people who would absolutely LOVE any of Mary Westmacott stories I'm just not one of them.

    16. Good, but different from her (Agatha Christie´s) crime novels. This is said to be a romance but I prefer relationship drama.

    17. This was a very intense, profound book! Some of the characters were annoying but overall very intriguing relationships between all of them.

    18. I had previously heard the Mary Westmacott novels described as bittersweet romances. The cover of this edition of Giants' Bread calls it a "novel of romance and suspense". I find both of these misleading. This is not a romance novel. It's also not terribly suspenseful, or bittersweet. While there is a lot of emphasis on various romantic relationships, they're really not the point of the book. They're also fairly uninteresting. This is a hard read because you are following a cast of characters wh [...]

    19. Agatha Christie's books always deserve very high ratings, and the only reason I did not give this one five stars is because there are even better books by the author. When Agatha Christie took up the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott she temporarily shed her passion for all things criminal and channeled her profound understanding of the various nuances of human nature into the lives and stories of men and women who do not have the additional burden of a dead body in the offing. These non-crime novels [...]

    20. What I haven't seen in other reviews here, which surprises me, is that this book is very, very anti-Semitic. It is not its main cut-and-thrust, which perhaps is even more chilling, but its description of all Jewish characters and their motivations is frankly disgusting. It's an old book, written between the world wars, and as such the author's prejudice has, I suppose, its historical context (by the way there are also some incredibly racist words sprinkled into it for good measure). But I strugg [...]

    21. A tangled tale of love, loss and heartache.Vernon, his cousin Joe and his friend Sebastian have always seen themselves as a close triumvirate and their love and friendship no one can break but as they grow older they realise that other people come along to complicate things.Vernon In particular is finding life difficult as he is deeply in love with a girl called Nell but there is also the enigmatic Jane in the background.Sebastian loves Joe but Joe is the Queen of lost causes and has a string of [...]

    22. This was the first Agatha Christie novel I've read that was written under a pseudonym and sadly, it was disappointing. The story was headed in one direction that was interesting if occasionally boring and then 70% of the way through the story it decides to switch direction completely using a really improbable and totally stereotypical twist that could be seen a mile coming (although to be fair, maybe it was a unique and interesting twist back when it was written. And then to make things worse th [...]

    23. I first read this book in my teens after I had exhausted the Agatha Christie canon. I was delighted to discover the Mary Westmacott books and this was my favourite.This time around I found it a great read. She is a very good storyteller and, while there are a few elements and attitudes which date it, it has stood the test of time. She knows how to show not tell, and has a light touch. Some of the characterisation is simplistic; she relies quite heavily on social and racial stereotypes. But the p [...]

    24. This fascinating book is quite the departure from the crime mysteries by Agatha Christie that I love so well. It has an epic feel to it with many stories within the story, and it reminded me somewhat of Daphne DuMaurier's novels that follow a character from childhood through adulthood, and even contains risque moments that also are laced through DuMaurier's writing. This is the kind of story that would be adaptable for a TV miniseries.

    25. 2.5 stars. I liked the writing style, but would have liked this book more had it had deeper character development. This was very depressing throughout, and the author seemed to dwell on her characters' most unflattering personality traits. The main theme of "you can't have it all" was driven home a little too heavily and frequently for my taste.

    26. A beautifully written novel about how life can be cruel at times.The characters were terrifyingly realistic. Their actions and thoughts felt so real. 'To reach the things you want sometimes you have to sacrifice the things you love the most ' was an important lesson this novel taught me. The ending was a bit tragic yet the book was enjoyable and very satisfying.

    27. One of the best novels that I ever read. Though, a tad bit over-dramatic but it only develops the characters. The novel is written in such a way that it loops the end with the beginning. As soon as I finished the book, I was back to reading the preface in immediate succession. Brilliantly written.

    28. oboe oboe everywhere. young man supposedly musical genius - talks of oboes and harps - Mexican standoff but with love - patronizes jews and definitely racist - titanic like scene in end but with two Roses - exercise in masochism - suggest to worst enemies

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