The Chase

Brew Lloyd, openly gay, returns to his hometown of Noble, Nevada, to live in his parents home while they travel to see his dying uncle Brew s been gone since graduation, avoiding his gay hating father, yet all the while taking the money offered to him almost as a bribe from his father for not accepting him or his sexual orientation Upon his return, his lawyer father manBrew Lloyd, openly gay, returns to his hometown of Noble, Nevada, to live in his parents home while they travel to see his dying uncle Brew s been gone since graduation, avoiding his gay hating father, yet all the while taking the money offered to him almost as a bribe from his father for not accepting him or his sexual orientation Upon his return, his lawyer father maneuvers him into securing a summer job at a ranch called The Chase There, Brew finds himself face to face with an old fantasy the rancher s son Chase, former football hero at the local high school, a soft spoken and dynamite looking young man.Chase has struggled with his sexuality for years, and has shunned dating in favor of staying on the ranch Unable to come to terms with his frequent fantasies of a young man he d secretly admired in high school, Chase pours his emotions into hidden erotic writing But now, when he sees Brew again after many years, he s forced to confront his hot desire for the glib guy who s not shy about his own sexual preference.As these two men grow closer, two other men stand in their way The first is a federal agent, who taunts Chase with the news that part of the ranch is being reclaimed by the BLM, the agency that owns most of Nevada s rangeland and mining concerns The other man is Brew s lawyer father, who s been helping long distance in the fight against the BLM, and who cannot guess that his own son Brew is having an affair with a manly ex football player.Can two sensuous young men expose the crooked federal agent, cope with a hateful parent s prejudice, and still find unbridled joy together Genres Gay Contemporary Western Action Adventure Series
The Chase Brew Lloyd openly gay returns to his hometown of Noble Nevada to live in his parents home while they travel to see his dying uncle Brew s been gone since graduation avoiding his gay hating father

  • Title: The Chase
  • Author: Erin O'Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “The Chase”

    1. This was such a great story! I loved that we had two men, so very different, that come together and find love. Be warned this a graphic M/M super hot erotic love story.I just loved this story. These two men knew of (and were drawn to) each other in high school, but never even spoke. Chase is older and is drawn to listening to Brew speak…ywhere, whether it was the debate team practices or the plays Brew was a part of. He didn’t understand why he was drawn to the younger man, he just was. Brew [...]

    2. Review to follow soonI'm still basking in the glow of this wonderfully easy, deeply satisfying story.

    3. 2.5-3 starsUm I'm not sure what to think of this book. It looks completely conjured from the depths of imagination. The ties with reality or realistic approach seem so, so fragile. Well, if you go with this mindset then I guess it's quite entertaining and strangely funny.But let’s take a look at the story. We have Brew, a rich young man nearly off college. His ties with his family are fragile at best. He loves his mother but his relationship with his father ended the day he learned Brew was ga [...]

    4. The Chase is a great story. As I read the story it was more of a cross between a contemporary and western. You have Brew Lloyd who is the son of one of the towns’ best lawyers and Chase Grayson who is the son of one of the ranchers and mine owners. Being in a small town the young men did know of each other but didn't hang out in the same groups. Brew was a couple years behind Chase. He was into the arts in school he performed in the school plays, was on the debate team and is openly gay. Chase [...]

    5. Reunited And It Feels So GoodThe classic ballad "Reunited" by Peaches & Herb is both the right title, and the lyrics are the right description, for this deceptively sweet, erotically complete, modern cowboy saga. The story of Brew and Chase is a bit familiar: Mid-twenties guys who went their separate ways after avoiding each other in high school in a small conservative farming community because of their unspoken and erotic feelings toward each other get reunited by happenstance and circumst [...]

    6. Someone has done her homeworkThe overall love story in this book is very well written and believable. The everchanging POW of the narrator gives us the full story.This is a story that touches on many different themes:The grief that follows the untimely and unexpected loss of parents.The nervousness related to coming to terms with one sexualityThe love that dared not speak its name - but now shouts it from the rooftops.I love the fact the writer has done her homework and has included - unlike all [...]

    7. 2.5-3 stars.I had some issues with this story. I liked the characters and I think the relationships could have developed well BUT it seemed rushed. Chase has a secret that he struggled with his entire life, and that 'struggle' is thrown out the window within a few short hours. And everything happens way too fast. Others may disagree but I had some issues with the rush of the story. Sorry, I wanted to really like this book.

    8. It was an okay but forgetable read. The main characters didn't talk in high school but pined after each other, years later they meet again and there is an instant attraction and almost immediatly they have sex (altough one of them is a virgin), not very believeable to me.

    9. 3.5 stars.I am not sure what to say about this. It was better than the first one and I would not say I hated it, I just didn't love it either. If I had to read one again, it would be this. The characters were better than the last book too.

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