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Collection of Curran POVs in chronological order.UNICORN LANE Magic Bites FERNANDO S Magic Bites SOUP Magic Burns MIDNIGHT GAMES Magic Strikes HOT TUB Magic Strikes KATE S ORIGIN also referred to as Kate s Daddy Between Magic Strikes Magic Bleeds NAKED DINNER Parts 1 2 Between Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds CONCLAVE Magic Bleeds AWAKE Fathers and SCollection of Curran POVs in chronological order.UNICORN LANE Magic Bites FERNANDO S Magic Bites SOUP Magic Burns MIDNIGHT GAMES Magic Strikes HOT TUB Magic Strikes KATE S ORIGIN also referred to as Kate s Daddy Between Magic Strikes Magic Bleeds NAKED DINNER Parts 1 2 Between Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds CONCLAVE Magic Bleeds AWAKE Fathers and Sons End of Magic Bleeds
Curran POV Collection Collection of Curran POVs in chronological order UNICORN LANE Magic Bites FERNANDO S Magic Bites SOUP Magic Burns MIDNIGHT GAMES Magic Strikes HOT TUB Magic Strikes KATE S ORIGIN also referred to as K

  • Title: Curran POV Collection
  • Author: Gordon Andrews Ilona Andrews
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook
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    1. This collection is available for FREE here. Because the Most Wondrous Authorlords (MWA™) are awesome like that.⚔ The Grand IAA™ KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza (GIAAKDBRE™), aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs ⚔[January 22, 2018]Uh-oh, looks like someone is Awake:"I took a deep breath, opened the door, and roared at my subjects as if I had every intent of ending their lives in the next several seconds. The sudden silence was deafening. Oh yes, Daddy's home and he ain't hap [...]

    2. It's not like I needed another reason to love Team Andrews, but they gave me one anyway. This collection of scenes from previous books, retold from Curran's POV, are FREE HERE on their website.Did somebody say free?Yes, free. Instead of charging an arm and a leg for tidbits like this, these guys give it away to their fans. And, pay attention authors, stuff like this is why these two have such die-hard fans to start with.Well, that and their stories are A-Mazing!*giant squishy hugs*Like I said, t [...]

    3. FIRST, you should know that you can get this POV collection for FREE here:ilona-andrews/curran-pSECOND, you should know that if you're reading this, I'm assuming that you've read the books, b/c this is an EXTRA. Normal rules of nothing after the first 10% of the book don't apply, so there may be spoilers. I'm not deliberately including them, but I am talking frankly about the situations, so be warned . . . Unicorn LaneEver wonder what was going on in Curran's head when Kate crouched down and sai [...]

    4. Buddy read with Armina, Eilonwy, Asya, and Monty Cupcake.This is a collection of scenes from the main Kate Daniels series told from (can you guess it?) Curran POV. It is also freely available from the authors' web page. In the first half of the book the scenes are amusing, but not groundbreaking as people who read Kate Daniels books - from the first to the forth - already know what happened. The only thing I learned from it that my suspicion about Curran being full of it was correct. The guy is [...]

    5. 3.5 starsI'm having a hard time reviewing this book.*please don't throw tomatoes at me for what you're about to read.*1. The book is good. Was it needed?When I first started to read KD series, this book wasn't released. I think I first read it after I had finished the first 7 books. So you can understand my hesitation in accepting Curran's thoughts as they are presented in this collection. Those who have read the 8 books can understand that there is a dissimilarity between Curran's behavior in K [...]

    6. Buddy read with Eilonwy, Evgeny, Asya and Monty Cupcake3 SOLID STARSA good compilation of short stories narrated from Curran's POV, set in chronological order from Magic Bites(book #1) to Magic Bleeds(book #4) including. You can get this for free here:ilona-andrews/curran-pIt’s obligatory to say that if you haven’t read the first four books in the series it’s better to do it before reading this collection. Expect mild spoilers ahead.The quality of the writing varies but I felt it a bit wea [...]

    7. June 2016 Re-read: So, there are some inconsistencies with the progression and continuity in the books (especially in regards to Kate and Curran's relationship/thoughts about each other) that plague some of the stories (especially up through Magic Strikes). I tend to ignore them because I know and remember that these POV scenes weren't written at the time the books were written. Most of them were written months or even years later. They were not written in order. They were fun little snippets me [...]

    8. You can get this lovely collection for free from the Ilona Andrews site, get it now and read a few as you read through the series or wait until the end and then read them all at once either way is fun fun funona-andrews/curran-pThis is seven different scenes show through Currans PoV. I loved getting into the beast lords head. But I’ve decided that a picture is worth a thousand words for the review. Unicorn Lane Book 1Fernando's Book 1Kate on a date with CrestSoup Book 2One of my favorite scene [...]

    9. "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."Oh my God. She was an imbecile, and I was going to kill Jim. I have always wondered what Curran’s thoughts were when he first met Kate and it was even better than I had hoped. And then when they met again at Fernando’s, both of them on date’s with other people. I loved that he was attracted to Kate, and a little jealous that she was on a date with another guy. I’m also very happy that he knew things wouldn’t work between him and Myong, and that she wasn’t [...]

    10. I'm a newbie in KD's world, but I fear I'm already addicted to it.So I couldn't help taking a peek inside the Beast Lord's head.And after reading the first POV snippets, I think I love Curran even more.#1 - Unicorn Lane/Book 1The first snippet re-tells Kate and Curran's first meeting from his POV.She crouched with her hand out. What the hell was she doing?"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."Oh my God, She was an imbecile, and I was going to kill Jim.#2 - Fernando's/Book 1No words.#3 - Soup/Book 2I shoul [...]

    11. This was difficult to rate. My experience with additional stories to a series, just from another POV, aren't that great. This, however, was pretty good. Especially the fight between Curran and Mahon (I only wished he had hurt him more because Mahon is an even bigger asshole than Jim in his best moments). Nevertheless, there was of course a lot of repetition and the one story (in Kate's apartment after Curran almost lost his shit thanks to Saiman) was NOT in it so I was sorely disappointed.*pouts [...]

    12. I loved seeing things through Curran's eyes. It adds more flavor to Kate's universe.My favorite scenes were: *Unicorn LaneShe crouched with her hand out. What the hell was she doing"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."Oh my God, she was retarded and I was going to kill Jim.*Hot Tub We were not finished yet, not even close. I could still smell her. I remembered what she felt like. What she tasted like. This wasn’t a casual sexual thing. This was a mating. I would have Kate as my mate. Whatever it took, [...]

    13. So once again I am way late to the Kate Daniels party, but luckily one of my friends' reviews of this freebie collection popped up yesterday in my feed *waves to Anne* and alerted me to the existence of it (the link is in the header). This collection of retold scenes from Curran's point of view is a must for any fan of the Kate Daniels series. I did have to skip over the section that's from book #4 (I think that's the one I still need to read in the early part of the series), so just be warned [...]

    14. Short companion pieces to Kate Daniels, books 1 to 4, from Curran's POV. You can find the collection for free on Ilona Andrews' website. Read in order, after the respective main book of the series. Don't jump ahead, you will spoil yourself!Re-reading the series with the Ilona Andrews Addicts, before 'Magic Binds' comes out in September 2016. Hadn't planned to re-read all the shorts and novellas as well, but changed my mind. Will catch up and then read parallel to the main seriesA bit spoilerishU [...]

    15. For a start if you haven't already read it this is a free collection of short stories that can be downloaded from Ilona Andrew's website HERE. Some of these stories have been available separately but as far as I know this collection contains all of the Curran POV scenes that have been written so far.I absolutely love getting the chance to see inside Curran's head at during some of the major events from the series. Ever wondered about his first impression of Kate? What he thought when she sent hi [...]

    16. I really enjoyed all the short stories. And I really loved Curran's POV. His jealousy, his falling in love. I would have loved to read more but who knows maybe there is going to be more for the fans. Oh the Lord of all Lords! What a gentleman even if his are sharp teeth and his claw could rip your heart out in a heart beat. P.S. I loved reading about how Curran found out about Kate's father, his determination to be with her against all odds was enchanting!!! <3 P.P.S. Curran's thoughts are in [...]

    17. As the title suggests, this is a collection of short stories from Curran's POV for scenes from the 1st to the 4th book. Some of these include events which took place 'behind the scenes' from the main series (i.e. without Kate in the picture) and hence provide a more rounded perspective to the readers. It's fun and interesting to be in Curran's mind, and I especially love the first meeting. "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."Oh my God. She was an imbecile, and I was going to kill Jim.

    18. Wonderful collection of all of Curran's POVs during different scenes throughout the series.

    19. Reading these along with each book this is full of spoilers about the books and series.#1 Unicorn Lane: poor Kate cannot resist being herself and Curran goes from thinking she is some scummy merc to being intrigued.#2 Fernando's: I have to admit Curran is not at his finest here - he's obviously bored with his current arm candy and is intrigued by Kate (and it is good to know Myong was purely eye candy, not anything more). He can't understand why she isn't returning the favor and jump in his swam [...]

    20. Want to live through some pretty pivotal moments in the Kate Daniels series via Curran's POV? Do you enjoy novellas? Do you also like free shit?ilona-andrews/curran-pYou're welcome.UNICORN LANEThe first meeting of Kate and Curran from the Beast Lord's perspective. When Kate utters the now-infamous line, "here, kitty, kitty, kitty," what was running through this head?Oh my God. She was an imbecile, and I was going to kill Jim.FERNANDO'SCurran and Kate both on a date with other people.Best line :H [...]

    21. 3.5 stars"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."Oh my God. She was an imbecile, and I was going to kill Jim.Curran POV is a light and fun read. BUT it doesn't measure up to the main KD series! While Kate's POV is multilayered, full of flashbacks, funny observations and philosophical cogitation at times, Curran's POV felt flat and Curran quite shallow and one-track minded. Yes we all know he's egocentric, arrogant and full of himself but he's a lot more than that and these novellas don't do him justice. How [...]

    22. Great set of stories from the Kate Daniels world but from Curran Lennart's perspective.I wouldn't mind getting an entire book from his perspective at some point, but honestly, with all the POCs people are wanting them to write for us, they might not ever get to it! :P

    23. Cute, but lacking the heart and usual Curran personality somehow. I'd prefer it better if it was included in each book, maybe as an afterthought? I don't know, as is it didn't do anything for me. I like my Curran more nuanced and these short stories just don't do him any justice.Over and out

    24. Curran is a very intriguing character. From the get go I wanted to learn more about him and the way his mind works. This collection of stories gave me that opportunity as it shows some of the pivotal scenes in the series from the Beast Lord's POV. Let's just say that he does not disappoint! Minor spoilers ahead!Unicorn LaneKate has a mouth on her and the things that come out of it usually make other people see red. So I always wondered what was Curran thinking when he first met her and she decid [...]

    25. 4.5 starsI'm probably not the only one who didn't really like Curran in the beginning. However, with time, we all gradually fell for him. But it wasn't until I read his POV that I started understanding him.Being The Beast Lord is anything but simple. Just like Kate said in the first book, Curran is never "his own person". He has to make decisions he doesn't want to make, he has to deal with people he doesn't like and a lot of people dislike him. Hell, the most of the time, I don't even think he [...]

    26. 2½ out of 5 starsThe short stories included in this collection are chronological from Magic Bites (#1) to Magic Bleeds (#4). Each scene has a short subtitle describing the event taking place, so as to let you avoid spoilers.The overall impression I got is too much telling and not enough showing, which is characteristic of Curran's lion-king personality. 'Tis the nature of the beast (ha ha). To me though, the writing or rather the world seen through Curran's eyes isn't as interesting or nua [...]

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