Book 2 of the CULL Two new enemies emerge as the relationship between Amy and the new Katie evolves in unexpected ways Katie is searching for answers a new ally may help in her quest Amy finds herself taking on a powerful adversary without the help of her partner An old nemesis returns in an unforseen twist in this thrilling continuation of the CULL Bloodline
Bloodstone Book of the CULL Two new enemies emerge as the relationship between Amy and the new Katie evolves in unexpected ways Katie is searching for answers a new ally may help in her quest Amy finds herself

  • Title: Bloodstone
  • Author: Eric J. Gates
  • ISBN: 9781494468460
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Amy and Katie are back! Gates second installment of the Cull starts off with the "new" Katie and the mild mannered, geeky Amy. While Katie was awesome before, she's a badass now. While Amy was a newbie, geeky intelligence officer, she can take torture like no one's business. So many twists and turns, and the array of characters, some old some new. The two agents are in pursuit of the Bloodstone (you will have to read the book to find out what that is)Again, high praise to the author for his spot [...]

    2. Got the boxed set, so I read all 3 books start to finish. And I did it in a hurry! And when I was done, I was impatient for the next one. A unique and interesting take on the old vampire stories. It's fun and unpredictable. I love that the good guys aren't saints and the bad guys aren't demons. Lots of gray areas in there, give the story more depth. The main character turns from a rookie to an adept veteran during the course of the books. Nice character development. I saw a review that complaine [...]

    3. It’s a rule somewhere, and if it isn’t, it should be. Don’t write anything in book one that you can’t top in book two. For the CULL – Bloodstone, this is achieved through absolute genius plotting. Another rule should be that every series is required to remove its characters from their comfort zones. Rip them away from home, away from their safety nets. See how they react. The results are usually unpredictable and hopefully completely awesome.The old Katie left her mark by her attention [...]

    4. “The Cull – Bloodstone” by Eric J. Gates was recommended to me by friends and it did not disappoint me. It begins with a very claustrophobic dream and so drops the reader into the deep end of an adrenaline filled and twisted vampire and spy thriller.Although this is the second part in a series the author brings us quickly up to scratch and takes us on a fast paced action ride with this well written novel.It is definitely a great take on the otherwise worn out vampire genre and offers a lot [...]

    5. One of the things I enjoy about Gates' writing is that it is difficult to pigeonhole into any single genre. Like its predecessor, 'Bloodstone' is a page-turner, and contains obvious thriller elements, but it also takes in components of vampirism (in its broadest sense - none of your sparkly 'Twilight' vampires here), technological geekery and an unusually deep psychological profiling of the main characters. It also oozes with a delicious moral ambiguity as unlikely alliances form and dissolve.It [...]

    6. Bloodstone is the second of The Cull series. Not as edge-of-your-seat-I'm-never-going-to-sleep-again suspenseful as the first but still plenty of drama and lots of plot thickeners. Good suspense, in a way that had me avoiding responsibilities to keep reading and yet still let me sleep at night.And as for The Cull series in general wellI like thrillers. A good dose of running-in, guns blazing while the world blows up, just as the good guy outsmarts the bad is good for the soul Ok maybe not good f [...]

    7. the CULL - Bloodstoneby Eric J. GatesViolent, action-packed and strikingAnother great book from this author and very quickly becoming one of my favourites.Violent, action-packed and intricate striking fighting scenes in this creative paranormal thriller,A vampire heroine cracks skulls and I can't wait to get hold of the next book in this series.5*****

    8. 2 down and 2 to go what a top 4 part series The Cull this is top stuff hats off to our Author for this terrific high fever pitched thriller series

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