A Virtuous Death

A gripping tale of vengeance inside the extraordinary world of Queen Victoria s court, this richly layered novel from Christine Trent will delight fans of historical mysteries.Queen Victoria, still mourning her late husband Prince Albert, has found solace in John Brown, an enigmatic palace servant who dabbles in the occult Undertaker Violet Harper is invited to attend oneA gripping tale of vengeance inside the extraordinary world of Queen Victoria s court, this richly layered novel from Christine Trent will delight fans of historical mysteries.Queen Victoria, still mourning her late husband Prince Albert, has found solace in John Brown, an enigmatic palace servant who dabbles in the occult Undertaker Violet Harper is invited to attend one of Mr Brown s readings, during which he implies that Buckingham Palace will soon be shrouded in death s dark veil Well acquainted with death, Violet shrugs him off as a charlatan until his sinister divinations begin to prove true The aristocratic young friends of the queen s daughter are dying mysteriously The deaths merely buttress the queen s enthusiasm for Mr Brown s ominous talents Is Mr Brown an innocent court favorite, or does he have a malevolent plan that involves both the queen and Violet Or does Violet suspect the wrong man entirely
A Virtuous Death A gripping tale of vengeance inside the extraordinary world of Queen Victoria s court this richly layered novel from Christine Trent will delight fans of historical mysteries Queen Victoria still mo

  • Title: A Virtuous Death
  • Author: Christine Trent
  • ISBN: 9780758293268
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. So, I've recently been introduced to 2 series set in this time period that I'm really enjoying. Came across this series while looking around on . The idea of a female undertaker in Victorian England was interesting, so I gave this a shot. (The first 2 got mostly poor reviews, but this one got much higher marks.) Shouldn't have bothered. Didn't like Violet, the Royal family and court were annoying as Hell and the story was just really mediocre. Won't bother to read further.

    2. Violet Harper, an undertaker, is back in England and staying at St. James Palace and at Queen Victoria's beck and call. She is not quite sure how she did this, but she is part of the Queen's spiritual quest to talk to dearly departed husband, Prince Albert. The group also includes John Brown, a servant of whom the Queen has become quite fond. Violet also gets involved with the deaths of some of Princess Louise's friends. Sam Harper, Violet's husband, appears to have stayed out of Violet's diffic [...]

    3. This book was very detailed with so many twists and turns that I had to keep taking breaks by reading another book. There is a great deal of detail in Victorian funeral customs which was interesting. There are many suspects and you are left wondering which one it could be until almost the very end when it becomes apparent. I was entertained but the story moved very slowly which was frustrating at times.

    4. Although not my favorite in the series, I still enjoyed the character of Violet and the fictionalization of Queen Victoria and their relationship.My favorite parts of this series are the history of the time period and the history of funeral processes/mourning. I felt that this title took way too much liberty with true Victorian culture and social etiquette. Still fun

    5. I won this book in a giveaway and was so excited because I LOVE the Victorian era, mysteries and female detectives. And I was not at all disappointed!Not only did Christine Trent write a fantastic fictional piece, she used a lot of historically accurate practices, events and names.Her knowledge of Victorian funerary practice is extremely morbid and descriptive. The characters are very likeable, the bad guys are the perfect amount of bad and the annoying drunkard "psychic" servant is perfectly w [...]

    6. Didn't see that coming!I was surprised to find out who was the killer. I just love the heroine of the story. She is an absolute delight.

    7. Really enjoyed this installment in the series. Moved quickly with just the right amount of action. Looking forward to the next Violet Harper book.

    8. A good story but by this book I am a bit tired of Queen Victoria and her royal family. I just really felt like the author was stretching the "patience" of the Queen in creating another mystery for Violet to work upon. I would like to see Violet go through solving a mystery but that the catalyst be someone or something other than Queen Victoria.A female undertaker in Victorian times is unusual and Violet was living in a fascinating time where other women were asserting their rights. This is touch [...]

    9. I thoroughly enjoy any book/series that is set in Victorian times. I started with the first book in the series, Lady of Ashes, which was a very good read. We are introduced to the character of Violet who leads the way with being a rare female undertaker of the time period. The story was well written and engaging. The backdrop was well described and the research was impeccable.This offering by Christine Trent just didn't seem to hit the target for me. You can't get much more "Victorian" than slid [...]

    10. I received A Virtuous Death as part of a giveaway.Undertaker Violet Harper finds herself reluctantly entwined in dark dealings of the court of Queen Victoria, as several friends of the queen's eccentric daughter Louise are found murdered. As Violet delves deeper into the social causes pursued by Louise's circle, she finds her own life in danger from the radical politics and figures involved.This is the third book in a series, so I felt like I was coming in a little late and missed some backstor [...]

    11. Violet is back in London staying at one of Queen Victoria’s residences where she is being asked to help Mr. Brown decipher what his spirits from the tarot cards are trying to say. She becomes a confident of Victoria’s daughter, Princess Louise. There are three unsolved murders in Princess Louise’s circle so of course, Violet is trying to pinpoint the murderer. Her husband, Sam, is in Wales trying to help the Swedish scientist, Alfred Nobel, find a location for his dynamite manufacture. The [...]

    12. I enjoyed this third novel in the Lady of Ashes Mysteries. Violet continues to be a character I admire and enjoy. She is odd for the period, but I enjoy her uniqueness. She is complex and I enjoy these intrigues she finds herself in. Although the feel of this one was different from the previous two, I enjoyed the difference. There were more points of view from other characters, but it was not excessive and helped move the story along and the majority of the narration still centered around Violet [...]

    13. Violet Harper, undertaker during the Queen Victoria era is yet again embroiled in a mystery. Princess Louise asks Violet to accompany her to the home of one of her friends, recently deceased. Her friend was a member of the Moralists. Soon, the bodies start adding up and Violet is asked by the queen to investigate a threat perceived by Mr. Brown during one of his tarot card sessions. We learn about the Mold Rebellion involving the deplorable conditions the coal miners in Wales suffered, the creat [...]

    14. Another good book in the series. I find this series fascinating because it's loosely based on historical events. Queen Victoria is back and batty as ever. There was more detail on mourning traditions in Victorian England --complete with funeral photography (creepy) and mourning jewelry (making jewelry out of dead people's hair). The story was pretty good and the pacing was good. I wanted to read more about the burgeoning feminist movement.

    15. One of the things I like about this series is there is alway lots to learn in each book. Parts of history and social reform play a large part of this book. I hate to admit it but I particularly enjoy the notes at the end with more detail and information. That being said the mystery itself was just okay for me. The booked picked up once we "meet" Mary againI am hoping in the next book we get see more of Sam, Susanna and Mary.

    16. I really enjoyed this book.The historical background,from the activity in Queen Victoria's court to the mourning traditions were quite interesting.I also enjoyed the author's notes at the end of the book about the characters.Violet Harper was my favorite character,an amazing lady and a super sleuth.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good historical mystery.I won this book" A Virtuous Death "by Christine Trent on the website.

    17. We have to get away from Queen Victoria because she and her's have become monumentally annoying and Violet is astoundingly spineless around her. We need more of Sam and I think it would be lots of fun to change the scene to America. I was really disappointed that (view spoiler)[ they decided to stay in London. It would be great to see her in a more egalitarian environment. (hide spoiler)] The "you are only a woman" and "but a mere commoner" is getting old.

    18. I am addicted to the kindness and compassion of the heroine Christine Trent has given us.This story started out a bit unbelievable, why would a Queen ask an undertaker to find out why spirits are mad in her castle? The writing is enjoyable and characters are well developed. Plus, the mystery murderer evaded me.

    19. It may just be a result of being read in juxtaposition with a St. Cyr mystery and a Lady Darby one, but this historical mystery dragged a bit for me. The kindle version definitely needs to be edited, as it jumps from one point of view to the next without any space. I found that disconcerting, and it kept pulling me out of the story. Probably a three minus.

    20. UPDATE: After posting about the MIA book, the author contacted me and forwarded my mailing info to her publisher so they could resend the book! Thanks so much! I love authors who look out for readers. I won this through the GoodReads giveaways, but unfortunately just received an empty envelope from the post office. Looks like someone forgot to seal the envelope when packing the contents. :(

    21. It was well written, but it moved too slow. And detailed explanations for how to make mourning jewelry bogged it down. While the idea of mourning jewelry is interesting, readers can look it up if they want step-by-step instructions, instead of throwing it into the novel.

    22. After completing my first semester of grad school, it is so nice to read something other than homework! And what better way to celebrate than with one of my favorite authors? Love this series, and I’m so pleased Trent didn’t decide to leave it at a trilogy. Book #4 comes out in March 2015.

    23. Another great story about Violet, the undertaker. Very much enjoy this series and can't wait for more of Violet's adventures. If you like historical fiction and like a good mystery this series is for you.

    24. I liked this book because the series revolves around a female undertaker in Victorian England. Though I have liked a previous book in the series better than this one, I will continue to read the series because they are interesting and well-written.

    25. Many deaths after!tThis sequel was very exciting! Although, I was so worried about Violet! I read this sequel with a lots of trepidation about this adventure because there were two killers lurking about. Anyway, I really enjoyed this book.

    26. Great SeriesThis is another great addition to this series! You can envision Victorian London through the author's descriptions. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment.

    27. So good it took me 24 hours to begin and end this one. Thoroughly enjoyed it. A true crime mystery of the non-obvious type. I can't wait for the next installment, The Mourning Bells in April, 2015. I highly recommend for anyone looking for distraction over the holidays.

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