Guardians: The Nycren

It all ends here
Guardians The Nycren It all ends here

  • Title: Guardians: The Nycren
  • Author: Lola St. Vil
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This book is amazing. This whole series is amazing beyond words. If you have never read any of the books from this series read them now. They are cheap but personally I would pay hundreds for them. The characters are so perfectly written and you come to love all of them. The plot is fantastic, and the plot twists and cliff hangers, even-tough heartwrenchingly frustrating, are part of what makes this series my FAVOURITE SERIES EVER!!! I read it in one day, only a few hours, I never put it down no [...]

    2. If you have read the other guardians books and have become a tic or even if not this series is worth every word written Lola went all in with this heart passion soul she put everything she had into this series and here it is the end and her fans are still begging for more tho book will make you fall in love piss you off make you laugh cry break your heart and then make you crave more the great thing about this series is not only the storyline character development love stories and straight up dr [...]

    3. Fantastic end to an amazing series!!! love love loved it!! Went through a crazy amount of emotions and full of LOTS of twists and turns!!! Lola St Vol is one talented writer and cannot wait for the new series xx

    4. Okay, this review is not just for this particular book (I'm putting the same version on each book) but for every single hair pulling book in the series. I have rated the books mostly 4's and I'll stand by that because the story, had it been about something like super heroes, rather than "angels/demons" it would have been great. Butey're not. They're aboutumLola St. Vil's warped idea of angels. Here are my MAIN issues.1: She is obviously either an Atheist or not of a Christian religion because sh [...]

    5. so this one is my favorite book of the series. too bad it's on the last one that I finally completely enjoyed it. I'm hoping the noru will be as good as this last book because I sort of promised my friend i'd read all of the books from this series and the noru qualify as part of the series because they're technically the same story but enough of that and on to the actual book. (spoilers) As I predicted Emmy/Marcus is a thing again duhwhat I enjoyed about this book was the lessening of the Emmy/M [...]

    6. I don't intend specific spoilers. I apologize in advance if there are any. I liked the idea of the background story and the plot moved along enough to make me want to find out what happened. However, I just wanted to say that the female characters in these books were just mean.cially Emmy. I get it, she is just a kid, but poor Marcus puts up with a lot because she us always blaming him for things he just can't help. She is a lying hypocrite when it comes to that angel. Thank goodness for Rage be [...]

    7. It did all endAnd wow The story pretty much started off where the last book started! i have never been soo damn scared to read a final book in a series! Lola put me on such a emotional rollercoaster ride with this whole seriesBut it was awesome I finally read this and WAS NOT disapointed in the final out come of this book! I cant tell you about it with out giving away lots of spoilers! So thank you Lola Stvil for a wonderful series i hope everyone will give it a chance and read book one first Th [...]

    8. The Guardians SeriesThis whole series was written to keep the reader wanting more, and it suceeded. The books draw the reader into the story and the characters become real. I gave this series 5 stars as I really enjoyed reading all the books. Looking forward to reading The Noru series that follows.

    9. I can honestly say it was tough finishing the series (because I didn't want it to end) but I'm glad it turned out the way it did. I'm not gonna comment too much on the twists and turns because, to me, they were fairly predictable but the story was so good I still ended up "holding my breath" while I waited for the obvious reveal. Overall, it's a great way to end the series. I'm excited about the Noru series as well, but sadly I haven't gotten into the kids yet. I'm excited because it means I'll [...]

    10. WellSo the books of Marcus and Emmy come to an end! This book was pleasant. It had some jaw droppers in some of the chapters, but nothing to overwhelming. You could see the events unfolding before you even turned the page. It was predictable. Once again I was disappointed in the skipping of major events in the book. You turn the page only to find you are somewhere else. You are left thinking wait, what? I even had to turn back the pages to see if I actually missed something. There is definitely [...]

    11. Loved, loved, LOVED it!!! Did it end how I expected? Yes and no.Some parts were definitely bittersweet and yes, we lost some more characters but it was wonderful to see how one easily entertained little character in particular, turned out. The twists and turns were just what we’ve come to expect from Lola and I love that I’m unable to predict the storylines. Julian makes a re-appearance as does Eta and Emmy comes to a new understanding about her father. As usual, Marcus has to make another h [...]

    12. So very interesting seriesI liked the series and read them all, back to back in a week. (Well some of us have to work too.) I suspect that if mrs. St.Vil had an editor, the percentage of likes would skyrocket. I know now that even if relations is not her strongest part to write, loss and grief is! And that turned the series on the sad side. Divine irony, she lost her balance. None the less this writer has skills. I have one more point to make, when she makes references to real people, which is i [...]

    13. Ok for the last day or two ive read some of the things people have written about this book and I have to know how it ends. I know I said I wasn't going to read it but curiosity is killing me.just finished the last book and it was good, not great. I was shocked at first then as I started to read more and more I became bored until mimi died . It's like when you see a dodge ball coming for your face and you forget to duck. I wasnt really surprised when Thomas took over as the sibs soul because I co [...]

    14. I loved this book. In fact, I loved the entire series.I remember having a good moan on here regarding the lack of editing that had appeared to take place on the last book as it was full of bad spelling and typing errors, et I still bought this book the second it was available.Lola St Vil has written an addictive series from start to finish and I loved them all.Was I happy that Marcus and Emmy ended up together?? absolutely.I cant wait for the next series to see how their children battle it out a [...]

    15. Great ending! (No spoilers)It was so crazy and unpredictable but I just knew it couldn't end badly. Technically it didn't end lol. And I was so invested, I felt angry when someone died, happy when there was a victory. And it really spoke to me because I've had moments of doubt, like Emerson, about my relationship that I've been in since I was seventeen. I really felt for Emmy. And I actually learned a lot about myself.

    16. In my opinion these books are horribly written, have many grammatical mistakes, and the the plot line is iffy. Although I have to say that the characters will pull you in and allow you to open your heart up to their problems. It has the regular romance of teens, but it somehow made me want to just keep reading. I'm subjective to female characters who are quite strong and there are plenty in this book. It contains lots of swearing, but if you can handle all the faults I would recommend it!

    17. So sorry to see this series end Lola has done a wonderful job telling this story and the ending will just blow you away this book is the last in the series. Lola's imagination is beyond anything you can comprehend I. to only am recommending this book to,y friends but the entire series. Wonderful spectacular job Lola love this series

    18. OMGI can't believe how this ended I was especially surprised to find out what happened to Emmy but on the other hand I figured it out before the book said anything and I can't wait for the new series based off of the guardians to come out the Noru I'm sure it'll be an exquisite read thank you so much Lola Stvil

    19. A bittersweet endThe journey comes to a close. Our guardians' job is almost complete with their biggest challenges ahead. After becoming completely consumed by our favorite angels, human and a demon you can't help but pray for a happy ending. But when Lucy is involved, there's hardly any happiness left.

    20. Love this series!I love this series i read all the Guardian and noru books. I do wish that someone would use spell check and proofread before these are released, especially when charging $4.99 a book. There were too many grammatical and spelling errors to count. However, looking past this I love the books very much and can't wait for the next noru book to come out

    21. Just Awesome!!Totally loved the whole series so far Wish the books were a bit cheaper though. $25 is way more than im willing to spend again especially since they are not very long books. The typos are a bit annoying and for the money you would think a better job would be done

    22. An amazing series! I could not stop reading, my poor family has been neglected so I could read about Marcus and Emmy. Lola StVil is so creative! The book has a lot of editing and publishing errors but the storyline is just well thought out and I can't wait to read bout the Norus!

    23. The end. Or is this just a new beginningThe same old adage of Good verses Evil or Light and Darkness. Pray Omnis that Good prevails. Earth and the Light are both saved for the present but who knows what the Future holds.

    24. this is yet another great book from Lola St vil, drags you in from the start and keeps you there till the end, i can't wait for the next series to start as i'm sure it will be another great series.Well Done Lola

    25. Wow, what an ending. It may or may not end like you wanted it to but it is a great ending which will keeps us in that world with a series spin off. I'm sad it is over but excited to read more from Lola.

    26. Great books! Couldn't put my kindle down!These are by far my favorite books, great story! Action, drama, comedy, and a wonderful but kind of twisted love story! So excited to read the next part, the Noru story!

    27. This is a series that I've really enjoyed. I'm always nervous to see how an author will choose to end a series, but I must say that this ending was pretty perfect. I'm also thrilled that there will be a spinoff series!

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