Whose Chick Are You?

Tap Peck Crack Pop A chick hatches out of its egg, but who does it belong to No one seems to know not Goose Honk , not Duck Quack , not Hen Cluck , not Bird Chirp Not even Little Chick croo croo.But Little Chick s parents know, and as sharp observers will delight in noting they ve been swimming nearby all along.
Whose Chick Are You Tap Peck Crack Pop A chick hatches out of its egg but who does it belong to No one seems to know not Goose Honk not Duck Quack not Hen Cluck not Bird Chirp Not even Little Chick croo croo But L

  • Title: Whose Chick Are You?
  • Author: Nancy Tafuri
  • ISBN: 9780060825140
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. When different types of birds discover an egg, they all begin asking whose chick is inside. The baby is eventually discovered to be a little swan. Great use of animal sounds would make this one a great read aloud at home or in a group setting.

    2. This is a very simple book that would be great for toddlers. Children would love to do all the animal noises and the illustrations are vibrant.

    3. 3.5 starsI really liked this book. The story was simple, the words few and easy to understand. The illustrations were nice and I liked how the swans were shown in the water, never far from their egg, when the others were investigating it. I think this would be a good book to introduce young children to the joys of reading and to the sounds a few animals make. My only complaint about the book was that it was hard to distinguish the goose from the duck in a few of the illustrations, and the chicks [...]

    4. I need some toddler books, and this should do the trick! Easy animal sounds for the children to mimic. And some guessing for the older ones in the group, too. Few words. Large pictures with good color. I think it will work!6/29/10 & 7/1/10 Not bad. I made this into an activity where we matched up pictures of the baby birds with their various mothers. It kept focus and interest and passed time, too. Plus, it FELT like it was educational. Not sure if it was! :-)

    5. A chick hatches out of its egg, but who does it belong to? No one seems to know-not Goose (Honk!), not Duck (Quack!), not Hen (Cluck!), not Bird (Chirp!). Not even Little Chick (croo? croo?).But Little Chick's parents know, and-as sharp observers will delight in noting-they've been swimming nearby all along.Subject: Mother and child -- Juvenile fictionEggs -- Juvenile fiction.Swans -- Juvenile fiction.Birds -- Juvenile fiction

    6. Just right for storytime for the younger set. There are a lot of egg/duck/chicken/who am I stories out there and for good reason - children love to be reassured that everybody belongs to somebody. The art is wide on the page, gentle to the eye, and perfect for sharing with a group of toddlers. Swans, always magical, add a special touch to the story.

    7. I thought that this would be too simple for the older kids, but they didn't know what a swan was and couldn't remember who says, "Cock-a-doodle doo." (I was just looking for a short book to finish off the PJ Story Time and this was perfect.) 4/10/12Used for Lap Time as the first book and they enjoyed the sounds.

    8. Four different birds discover a hatching egg. Who will claim their new baby chick? Soon another bird family comes and claims their new baby. Large illustrations with big print makes this a great book to share at family storytime. The birds included in this book are goose, bird (sparrow), duck, hen, and swan.2015 Storytime Theme: BirdsReviewed from a library copy.

    9. An egg is left alone and the surrounding birds try to figure out whose egg it is. While they're watching it, the egg hatches. Out comes an unusual looking chick. No one knows who's it is. A beautiful swan joins the crowd. She knows who's chick this is.

    10. I had to rate this one high because Caleb actually laughed at this book. Every time I made the different bird noises, he cracked up! He typically doesn't react much to books, but now he may be getting old enough to enjoy them. We'll definitely have to get a copy of this one for his bookshelf!

    11. This was a really sweet one to read with the kids -- lots of opportunities for them to make the bird noises along with the reading and just enough guessing for them without getting obtuse. Tafuri is always a surefire winner!

    12. Read at Chicks & Bunnies Story Time on 4/9/11: storytimesecrets/Read at MOPS Story Time on 4/1/15: storytimesecrets/

    13. The hunt is one to find the owner of the baby egg and chick! Cute cute with little popping peeping sounds all over. Pretty illustrations as each of the grown up birds investigates the little chick until she finds her kind.

    14. An adorable tale about a baby chick whom no one knows who they belong to. With cute illustrations, and animal noises to impersonate, this read would be pleasing to younger children who are just beginning to he read to.

    15. This simple story with Tafuri's wonderful illustrations invites children to chime in with duck, goose, bird, and chicken noises. Simple enough to try with toddlers and babies, but probably best suited for preschoolers.

    16. Nancy Tafuri seems to be great for baby story time, and this was no exception. It's a fairly standard picture book theme, but one that is enjoyable and relatable nonetheless.

    17. This is a super-sweet book that encourages young listeners to make bird noises. The story is simple enough, but the illustrations are amazingly beautiful.

    18. Ducks, geese, chickens and swans ask the newly hatched baby, "Whose chick are you?" The mother swan identifies her baby. Pre-K springtime read aloud. Also Mother's Day tie-in.

    19. I am a big fan of all Nancy Tafuri books. Absolutely wonderful illustrations which seem very real with animals, bugs and more. A nice story about birds that live near the pond.

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