Strange Trouble

A baby necromancer calls her mother from the grave, starting a zombie infestation Rune and the crew are not prepared to handle.But as always, they jump headlong into battle a battle that will lead into some of the darkest moments of Rune s life Moments that will shatter her tenuous grip on sanity and make her long for the man whose abuse allowed her to function.And whenA baby necromancer calls her mother from the grave, starting a zombie infestation Rune and the crew are not prepared to handle.But as always, they jump headlong into battle a battle that will lead into some of the darkest moments of Rune s life Moments that will shatter her tenuous grip on sanity and make her long for the man whose abuse allowed her to function.And when she falls, the berserker is there to catch her To bring her back To give her what she needs.The zombies are just the beginning Worse even than the zombies is what comes after a nightmare witch named Damascus, a horrific decision, and death.Always, death.As she is given another jagged piece to the puzzle of her past, Rune knows that despite its best attempts, life doesn t have the ability to destroy her though she offers it all the help it might need.With Strad Matheson and the crew behind her, Rune will stride through hell, horror, and the endless, black despair of her own mind to show the monsters why Shiv Crew is the scariest group of warriors they will ever face
Strange Trouble A baby necromancer calls her mother from the grave starting a zombie infestation Rune and the crew are not prepared to handle But as always they jump headlong into battle a battle that will lead int

  • Title: Strange Trouble
  • Author: Laken Cane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Strange Trouble”

    1. Let’s just say this is not one of my favourite book. This was giving me whiplash on Rune’s sanity, here now, gone next, then back again. Not saying she is crazy, but her fight with what she is never ending.As for the story, I’ll break it down to two parts. The start was awesome, it went straight to action with the Shiv Crew fighting zombies and then there’s this all scary and powerful, super evil witch on top of it all… All of this leads back to Llodra, the vampire. Now the second half [...]

    2. Ok I'm ready to write this review. GOD DAMMIT MS. LAKEN! I've broken up with you and got back together with you so many times because of this book. How dare you do all the things you did in the book? Strange Trouble is another great book in the Rune series. These books just keep better and better. Also, these books also get darker and darker. The last two books there were moments were I could chuckle and laugh, not that much with this book. At one point, I had to turn off my kindle because I kne [...]

    3. Bloody hell. Give the poor girl a break. Laken Cane drives her main character, Rune Alexander, hard. And can she write! All of that exquisitely described pain and anguish. Holy horror of a cow! What a life our heroine leads.Rune Alexander fills me with compassion. I want to crawl into "Strange Trouble" and somehow comfort her, to let her know that she is OK as she is. My own ghost pain is awakened, and I want to tell her that things will get better. But I would be lying by saying that because Ms [...]

    4. Son. Of. A. Bitch! Laken Cane could write the ingredients for Spam and I'd pay to read it!From literally page one, book 3 in the saga of Rune Alexander and her remarkable Crew , was one of the most brutal roller coaster rides of turmoil and emotion I've ever been on!I just want to help Rune main-line whiskey and fast! This series gets betterd harder to heal fromwith every chapter. I don't know where we're headed and that kills me! My heart was torn apart so many times in this book that I don't k [...]

    5. The action started on the first page and didn't stop. The scenes flowed effortless from one disaster to the next. And there were lots. We got a little bit of everything in this book: Zombies,werewolves,ghoul,necromancers,vampires and witches. After all that they still had to battle the human slayers. Phew, I was exhausted for the crew. I'm team Strad, I'm rooting for him and Rune. But he has competition for Rune's affections now from Owen. But I like seeing he has to fight for her ;) And Ellisoh [...]

    6. This is the 3rd book in the Rune Alexander series by Laken Cane and she just keeps getting better and better with each book. Ms. Cane took me on quite a rollercoaster ride! I cheered for Shiv Crew and I cried for Shiv Crew. There was heartache, zombies, vampires, a witch, a necromancer, and one HOT Berserker! That is just the tip of the iceberg! It is one wild ride and you will need to hang on for the ride! These books are not for the faint of heart. Rune is seriously one messed up tortured hero [...]

    7. Well, apparently this is just one of those series that isn’t for me. Books 1 and 2 were ok - decent enough that I moved onto book 3, but with this one I have decided to quit on this series all together. The heroine and her pet names of "baby" etc simply annoyed me. I enjoyed this book even less then the 1st 2 in the series. I do appreciate it being offered a kindleunlimited and will read more of this writers work, just not this particular series.

    8. Shame on you Laken what are you doing to this poor women, I don't know how much more abuse she can take, she clearly needs a holiday. After a brush with a Zombie Apocalypse i am not surprised her hair started falling out - ha ha!! Anyway another great fast paced action packed book with great sexual tension, I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one.

    9. Wow, that was really raw and emotional. How much more can Rune take before she breaks completely. This was Rune's 'Empire Strikes Back'. I just hope she is not so broken as to sucumb to the temptation that Cruishack waves at her

    10. I am soo in love with this series even more now!! It just keeps getting better. The first two were wonderful and this one did not disappoint. Wish there was like 10 more i could just continue reading

    11. There is something so seductive and alluring to be found with the Rune Alexander series. Perhaps it's the characters or the gory, dark version of Ohio, or the fact that Laken Cane doesn't gloss over bits of her storytelling. Bad things happen to the good guys in her books, the good guy doesn't always win and that's a nice change of pace from the hordes of other books in the urban fantasy genre where the good guys kick ass and win every time. Rune and her Crew have experienced their fair share of [...]

    12. This is the third book in the Rune Alexander series, and oh my God! If you don't think things can get any worse for Shiv Crew, you are sorely mistaken. I loved this book for all the things it is not to the other two books. This one is not happy. This one is not light. This one is nearly devoid of joy. It is a dark, gripping, earth shattering tale about a group of law enforcement that never, ever gets to take a break. Rune Alexander and her crew of misfits own me lock stock and barrel. They are s [...]

    13. Whoa. What can I say about Strange Trouble that I haven’t said about other two books in this series? First off, let me say the perfect soundtrack for this book is Evanescence’s Fallen album. It’s absolutely perfect for this book, maybe even the whole series. Be ready for heartbreak and devastation. I don’t think I've ever wanted to cry so badly while reading a book and that happened only a few pages in! I almost couldn't keep reading, I was so broken over this one. But, at the same time, [...]

    14. Zombies aren't my thingsCompare to the first two books, this book was alright, not my favorite of the series. Not only because I am not a Zombies fan, but I thought this book as a whole were too crazy and messy. The plot was all over the place, none-stop of actions that not even the heroine can take a breather(poor Rune, I felt really bad for her in this book). And speak of the heroine, in this book we learn Rune is truly an immortal (the body damage that she was able to regenerated from my opin [...]

    15. I do love it when a series can still surprise you. Rune is coming into her own, while still making stupid mistakes. I'm becoming really attached to these characters, which speaks volumes of the author. Rune's relationship with each one is special, and I'm beginning to be able to predict what she'll say to each one; but no one knows what her crazy ass is gonna do Girl's got issues! Her relationship with "the berserker" is boiling, and some of the transactions are enough to leave your mouth agape. [...]

    16. That's is I'm giving up. If one or multiple characters die in the book and it doesn't make me feel anything, that's it.I really like the mystery around Rune, about who or what she is. But it's all too vague and has to little heart. And I HATE zombies The world is depressing and her love life is depressing. The action scenes are too frequent so that they start getting annoying and boring. So that's it, I will forget the story in 3,2,1.

    17. WowWowwhat a great story.I have spent the entire day reading this st of books. I can't wait for the next in this series.

    18. adding zombies to the insanity plus an evil witch added to the usual cast of baddies. this world is grim beyond belief.

    19. What a powerhouse of a book! A solid 4.5. Great UF series with a conflicted, dark MC. Sure it has its little quirks and weaknesses but each book gets better as you go along and with this one, I can safely say we are getting into JL Murray or Jane Yellowrock territory. The year is only young but this series has made a great start to my year and one that I definitely recommend.

    20. Holy zombie apocalypse!Ms. Laken continues to broaden the Shiv Crew world in the most beautifully disgusting ways. Emotional issues present for some of our Shiv Crew members while they deal with work issues and frightful, rotting things. Sounds strangehence the Strange Trouble title. Not gonna lie, I cried. You've gotta read the book to understand why.

    21. This series is getting progressively better as I read on.I love love triangles. They're my most guilty pleasure.

    22. Wow!I'm addicted to this series like zombies need brains. Action packed, with a punch of sex, the plots are interesting and the characters epic!

    23. (3.5 Stars)"Strange Trouble" is another action packed installment in the Rune Alexander series but seriously guys this book left me emotionally exhausted but not necessarily in a good way. Throughout the book, I kept thinking when is Rune going to stop making obvious mistakes and when is she going to finally get a break.This time, the town is underseige with zombie attacks. In order to rectify the situation, Rune will be faced with both an old and new enemy. We also find out more information abo [...]

    24. OMG, Laken has done it again! I freaking LOVE the Shiv Crew! Rune Alexander is one kick ass chick to go though everything she has and not have a mental breakdown. I think she deserves a nice vacation to somewhere hot with sand and a cool breeze. And a cocktail with an umbrella. In book 3 of the series we get to see Rune evolve again. She is stronger, both physically and mentally, but a person, or other, can only take so much. Rune goes through hell in this book, fighting zombies, an evil witch, [...]

    25. *Some spoilers* I think I'm done with this series. I just can't handle the underdeveloped plot and characters any longer. I'm having trouble staying connected. For example, I was intrigued by Strad at the beginning but the author really never explains his motivations. Why did he stay working for a monster for years? Did he never notice? Why did he randomly sleep with his ex? And too many plot points get dropped. The main villian at first appears to be crazy like a fox, but no, he just went on a [...]

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