Bez dechu

NOVELA ZASAZEN DO SV TA DRAKIE Azurka opustila na n kolik t dn sv j kmen a vydala se s rodi i na dovolenou, na kter si m vyzkou et, jak zapadnout mezi lidi P t rok se toti chyst vyrazit na cesty nejd v chce vid t oce n a teprve potom hodl zaujmout svou dosp lou roli mezi drakii Ale na dovolen se nachom tne k nehod , p i kter zachr n lidskou d vku p ed utoNOVELA ZASAZEN DO SV TA DRAKIE Azurka opustila na n kolik t dn sv j kmen a vydala se s rodi i na dovolenou, na kter si m vyzkou et, jak zapadnout mezi lidi P t rok se toti chyst vyrazit na cesty nejd v chce vid t oce n a teprve potom hodl zaujmout svou dosp lou roli mezi drakii Ale na dovolen se nachom tne k nehod , p i kter zachr n lidskou d vku p ed utopen m a sezn m se s Tatem, nej asn j m lidsk m klukem, jak ho kdy vid la A v echno je najednou jinak
Bez dechu NOVELA ZASAZEN DO SV TA DRAKIE Azurka opustila na n kolik t dn sv j kmen a vydala se s rodi i na dovolenou na kter si m vyzkou et jak zapadnout mezi lidi P t rok se toti chyst vyrazit na cesty nejd

  • Title: Bez dechu
  • Author: Sophie Jordan
  • ISBN: 9788074475504
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. What? I don't get thisWill there be more books in Firelight series? Anybody??Edit: 6/1 Now for sure I'll never forget Az.

    2. Az and her parents are on a month long vacation away from their pride. One day while Az is swimming in a secluded spot she saves a drowning girl which leads to her meeting Tate. A gorgeous boy, a swimmer like Az and definitely human. Despite knowing that her interactions with humans must always be superficial she can't deny the attraction and growing feeling for him. Resisting those is doubly hard when there is no doubt in Tate's mind about what he wants, and that is to be with Az. This vacation [...]

    3. SpoilersNot good. The heroine (Az) was a bland, insecure, loner Mary Sue who'd never had a boyfriend or done anything memorable or exciting — just the usual boring bitch. Anyway the 'plot' was her going on holiday and meeting the most beautiful boy that ever was, and you know the rest. There's insta-wuv, a bitchy 'slutty' ex and just all around general lameness. The heroine was like every YA heroine that ever was and the hero was like every YA hero that ever was. There was no real story unless [...]

    4. I liked how with this one Az is starting to stretch her wings and how her parents are giving her the space to do that. They are there for her if she needs help, but it seems like they are willing to let her learn from the school of hard knocks too. The romance between Az and Tate was sweet. I liked that they kept in touch and have hope that they can find more.

    5. It wasn't bad, it was just average. A typical story of young summer love, with a hint of fantasy/paranormal and not much depth to it. Not my cuppa tbh. It literally took me less than two hours to read, so if you're into this kind of book you should try it out. Won't take long to read.

    6. Zbožňuju svět drakií! O to víc mě mrzí, že ze série i novely autorka s takovým talentem nedokázala vyždímat víc. :( Ale bylo fajn si její styl a její dílko připomenout. :)

    7. Sometimes, I don't look forward to novellas that involve side-characters from a much loved book series. In most cases, I've grown to love those main characters so much that it seems that a short story centered around the protagonist's best friend--I can usually count on it being a bit underwhelming. WellI had so little faith with this novella in particular. Breathless was just as awesome and a wonderful compliment to the Firelight trilogy and I want MORE!!Once I got started into this short story [...]

    8. Už si ani nepamatuji hlavní postavy z této série :DNevím no, nijak mě to nezaujalo, neuchvátilo asi bych to před pár lety ocenila víc.

    9. There are a few authors whom I feel can write both adult (romance) books, and YA books flawlessly. As in these few authors are ones I feel like they know how to write hot scenes without them being adult romance kind of scenes. There's nothing wrong with a good adult romance, I just don't enjoy reading those scenes in YA books. You can have an ultra hot YA scene without making it adult, and Sophie Jordan is an author who does that perfectly! Wow can she write HOT! Let me just say, Breathless did [...]

    10. This was a amazing book I really liked getting to know Az, (Jacinda's best friend from the Firelight trilogy). Az didn't have a huge role in the other books but I quickly got the feeling that she might have an interesting story. I found her voice refreshingly real and honest. She was a little naive when it came to human interaction but her inner confidence held up ok. Az is very loyal to her parents and her pride, which also adds to her integrity.This story deals with Az on vacation among humans [...]

    11. I liked seeing another character's POV. Problem was that, and maybe I'm wrong, but this seems to take place BEFORE Firelight, not after it, which ruins all the continuity because in the original series, Az hasn't met and fallen for a human boy. If this does in fact take place AFTER, then it still is weird because wouldn't they not be as afraid of humans after meeting Will and everything? So that really ruined this for me. Also, I just didn't feel like they really like each other enough to be tha [...]

    12. This was ok, I guess. Everyone else seems to love it. I liked Az, she seems different enough from Jacinda that I didn't feel like I was reading about the same person, which is generally how I feel when I read these spin offs. Usually there is no difference between the characters and it seems pointless. I was surprised that this takes place before Firelight, and since that is not explicitly pointed out in the beginning, I was kind of confused. And really, if this takes place before Firelight, it [...]

    13. I've never really picked these books up, though they get recommended to me constantly because everyone who knows me knows that dragons are my thing. But these books just seemed like any other generic YA setup but this time, there's dragons! And I'm not here for that. But after reading this, I see I may have been a little too quick to judge. The unabashed insta-love in this was laughable but most books I've read as of late that haven't been able to make me care about the characters in over 400 pa [...]

    14. This novella took my breath away. I believe it takes place before the Firelight series. The writing draws me right in and I was taken by Az, her water Draki and Tate. If you can keep in mind that this story has nothing to do with Jacinda, takes place somewhere else, with a different set of characters, I believe you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

    15. This is actually a 2.5 for one reason only. INSTA-LOVE. I hate hate hate it! UGH! This is a novella. Limiting amount of pages. And somehow, the main character decides she's madly in love with this guy! I mean, basically everything else was awesome but I just can't get past the insta-love!

    16. Para mí, ésta novela estuvo "ñe" pues tuve un problema con eso del amor instantáneo, por favor ni dos días de conocerse y ya se besaron, PffTampoco me gustó que Az siempre se comparara con Jacinda, ok, sabemos que admiras a Jacinda pero no porque ella siempre siga el riesgo signifique que tú también tienes que hacer lo que tú harías. Me gustó que fue un novela cliché (a mi me gustan éste tipo de novelas) pero ya está demasiada usada, la chica nueva conoce al chico de pueblo se enam [...]

    17. Reseñado en mi blog Nanny BooksCuando leí esta saga, hace ya varios años, quedé totalmente encantada por las poderosas drakis, aquellos seres "dragones" capaces de convertirse en humanos a su antojo. Con Breathless volvemos a sumergirnos en ese mundo, en compañía de Az, la mejor amiga de Jacinda, nuestra antigua protagonista.Az nunca fue una chica que sobresaliera. Siempre se sintió una más del montón. Por eso le resulta extraño que un bello y atlético humano la miré de manera especi [...]

    18. Me encantó más la historia de amor de esta pareja que la de Firelight (aunque esa también me gustó mucho pero esta más).

    19. "It was ok" es la descripción perfecta. Libro no necesario para mí, para pasar el rato mientras viajas en bondi y nada más.

    20. I really wish there was more. This was just too cute! And I really wish she would right about Cassian because I really love him and want to see where he ends up.

    21. Für Az ist dieser Urlaub mit ihrer Familie eine ganz wichtige Erfahrung. Denn unter Menschen zu leben ist für Drakis nicht ganz ungefährlich und genau darauf soll Az vorbereitet werden, bevor sie nächsten Sommer alleine reisen wird. Ihr Reiseziel ist der Ozean. Denn als Wasserdraki ist das Wasser die Umgebung, in der sie sich sicher und geborgen fühlt. Deshalb kann sie es schon an den ersten Tag kaum erwarten schwimmen zu gehen. Doch da tauchen auf einmal vier Jugendliche auf und Az muss si [...]

    22. Wow!! I completely fell in love with Breathless and the Firelight series all over again. I really hope this isn't the last mini story I ever see from this awesome trilogy but even if it is, so amazing.Az who we were introduced to in the Firelight Trilogy as Jacinda's best friend is now the main character in this amazing short story. Az and her family are on a family vacation to prepare Az for her year length tour she will be experiencing the following year. While her family is wary about Az's ad [...]

    23. If your an avid reader of the Firelight Series then I know you are equally as excited about the first novella to appear for the series!! This release was so under the radar that I found out about its release randomly a few days after it came out on . Again, thank you GoodReads for being a girl's best friend! Only downside for those non-ereader's, Breathless is only available as an ebook.Novella's are one of my favorite forms of stories because it gives you a chance to view different characters i [...]

    24. Táto krátka novelka nám ukazuje letné prázdniny vodnej Draki Az (Azurka), ktorá je najlepšou priateľkou Jacindy - ohnivej Draki, hl. postavy v pôvodnej trilógii. Tu je však hlavná Az a okrem nej a jej rodičov sa tu iní Draki a ani lovci nevyskytujú.Bolo veľmi potešujúce viac spoznať Az, pretože pri Jacinde mi prišla vždy taká slabšia a utiahnutejšia. Jej povaha sa síce veľmi nezmenila, lebo bola stále vystrašená z porušovania pravidiel či odhalenia, no to jej nebr [...]

    25. I was looking forward to Breathless, although I had not really looked that much at the synopsis beforehand; with Sophie Jordan and the Firelight series, I don’t really need to look because I know I’ll love her writing. Once again, I was sucked into the world of the Draki – Dragons who can shapeshift and assume a human facade. This time it was Azure, Az, who we followed – she is Jacinda’s best friend. Breathless is set before many of the events of the Firelight series, so far as I could [...]

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