Creatus Rogue

Ancient myths, superheroes, preternatural sentient beings Prepare to believe For four thousand years, they ve managed to stay hidden from the humans who almost hunted them to extinction Now one rogue creatus wants the world to know they exist.
Creatus Rogue Ancient myths superheroes preternatural sentient beings Prepare to believe For four thousand years they ve managed to stay hidden from the humans who almost hunted them to extinction Now one rogue

  • Title: Creatus Rogue
  • Author: Carmen DeSousa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This is the second installment in DeSousa's Creatus series about a race of superhumans who live and keep their skills hidden in contemporary society. Victoria is a hard-edged part of this community, but we get to see her fall for the last man she'd ever consider as her mate--a human. But he? There's twists and turns in the rogue plot that was started in the first book, Creatus, along with revelations. We get to see some of the characters from the first book as well, but you never feel overwhelme [...]

    2. I would love to blow this story out of the water and tell you all about this awesome series. I absolutely love the first book and this ones even better. Derrick and his friends and family are after a rogue that's killing humans, but some of the murders look connected to a Creatus. Victoria is suppose to watch Reece, a agent their keeping hostage( from Creatus one) because they think he will turn them in. Creatus are being sought out by the police and FBI, or at least the ones who believe somethi [...]

    3. I DIDN'T LIKE IT!!I am glad I read the prequel to the Creatus series, becasue book2 is all over the place. The story between Kristina and Derrick was BLAH!! and Boring. I am not sure how the PR element really fits into the story. Creatus are normal human beings who have existed in for 4 thousand years. Nothing special about that. Most of the human races have been around for four thousands of years. They are 4 thousand years old they live too about 150 yrs they age slower, hear and see better and [...]

    4. One of the things I love most about this series is that Carmen DeSousa takes all the stereotypes and tosses them in the trash. This is paranormal romantic suspense, absent the weak-kneed female falling at the dominant vampire's feet. Another thing I love is that she allows her characters to poke fun at those stereotypes with a subtle humor that had me giggling in the mist of the suspense. While Derrick and Kristina, the stars of Creatus, still play a big role here, other characters step out and [...]

    5. Victoria is a fantastic heroine – being a creatus, she’s as strong and tough as any man, yet she still has the true emotions of a woman. She’s surrounded by several men claiming to love her and must sort out her feelings for them, both in her heart and her head.With the rogue creatus still on the loose, it’s hard for Victoria to know who to trust. Especially Reese, a cop who discovered the creatus’ abilities and is now being kept prisoner. He should be the enemy, but is he really?As in [...]

    6. I'm having so much fun reading this series. I kinda dragged my feet towards the end of this one bcuz I haven't seen the next one in the series out yetd I just wanted to be in their world longer I would be like Vic ;) **spoiler alert**I wasn't surprised it was Ry but I wasn't the least bit sure either. Cooper is the one that caught me off guard. I sorta had him pegged as a jerk but clearly he was over the edge and on a downward spiral towards the looney bin. Jonas is probably going to fall for Re [...]

    7. I loved the first book, but I thought this was even better. This is the second book in the Creatus series, but stands fine on its own. Vic and Reese are both great characters. I seriously love them both. She hates humans and is a super-tough creatus woman that most of the creatus men are practically fighting over. He's the agent that they have locked up to keep their secret safe, but there is more to him than they realize. I just love their interactions while she is guarding him to make sure he [...]

    8. If you liked 'Creatus' the first book in the Creatus Series you are going to LOVE 'Creatus: Rogue'. It is even better and I might even go so far as to say Carmen Desousa's best book yet.I loved the protagonist, Vic. She was strong in all the ways I wanted a strong female lead to be but she also had weakness and vulnerability in areas I could really relate to--making her a character that I really cared about.The plot was fast paced and kept me hooked from page one. Carmen DeSousa is a master at p [...]

    9. Disclaimer: I read this book in the bundle (1-5)What can I say? I love aliens and I loved this book. Probably my favorite along with the last of the series.Vic and Reece's story had me smile and I almost completely forgot Derrick and Kristina. Here again the back stories continues with more of the plot revealed. This one has a little more twists than the first two.

    10. DIVINELY ENTERTAINING !!!Title: Creatus RogueSeries: CreatusAuthor: Carmen DeSousaDesignation: Book Two of Series, NOT a StandaloneReading Platform: Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating: FIVE DIVINELY ENTERTAINING STARS*****Loved, loved, loved it! The Creatus Series is my first time reading the work of Carmen DeSousa but it certainly won't be my last. I began my adventure with DeSousa after downloading Creatus, the first book of the series, when it was offered as a free download on . I enjoy discovering ne [...]

    11. I picked up the set of five books via a Bookbub special for 99 centers since I did enjoy the prequel and first book. The second book centers on Victoria, Reece, Mike and a rogue creatus. I wish there had been more focus on Victoria and Reece, but the overarching story arc - searching for the rogue - did keep the pace moving along. The third book continued the search for the rogue, but moved away from Reece to his daughter Megan and her love interest, Jonas. I felt like the plot became diluted a [...]

    12. This is the 2nd book. It had a lot more to do with Victoria than Derrick but still involved then and all the other secondary characters. We learn more about Reese and who the rogue really is, but still don't know who's really behind the faction trying to take over the world.It was a little obvious who the real killer was, but the way it was written, could have had any of the suspects. I'm still wary of a few other creatus, but we'll find out more In the 3rd book

    13. This is the third story of the box set I'm reading and it was thoroughly enjoyable.Very well written, this time, the series concentrates more on Victoria and the choices she has to make. This too mixed with the rogue, murders, betrayal and secrets.Full of action and suspense, this is a clever take on human myths at the same time seeming believable and realistic.I am now reading the next installment.A recommended read.

    14. Good book in this series. This story centered more around Victoria. She was a character from the previous book that I did not like or care about. However, due to how the author exposed more of her character and past I have begun to like and cheer for her. Looking forward to the next book to see how this all comes together.

    15. Fun fun fun!This series has been a great escape for me, full of lovable characters, an exciting plot, and engaging writing. I've already bought the 3rd book and I'm ready to dive in to another wonderful storyline. It'll be sad when I don't have a 4th book to go to afterward, but I'll enjoy the ride as long as I can.

    16. I like this set of books I like the things that creatus can do, and they are a little more like us which is more believable to me. I also like that the author stops her explanations at a certain point during the supposed sex scenes. The talk of sex only goes so far which is perfect for me as she finds a way to write an adult story without excessive private encounters. Perfectly done.

    17. So frustrating. If Ry and Jonas are not the rogue, yet they each took an equal part, who else is helping tear the family apart. Reece is heaven sent for Vic. She needs a man that lives her for who she is and can protect her.

    18. ReallyI like the series the re mysteries good series so far let see what happens next. Plus it take two books for each character to fall so is good

    19. Love this series!I am intrigued with this new paranormal life. The books are easy to read and follow but difficult to put down.

    20. I couldn't stop reading! Loved the way Victoria and Reese met and fell in love. An amazing book and I don't give 5 stars unless I feel the book is exceptional!

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