The Wedding Contract

A Stand Alone Ferro Novel by New York Times Bestselling Author H.M WardAfter I get the witch at the front desk to hand me my room key, I head for the shower I was supposed to shoot my best friend s wedding alone, and I couldn t wait to escape New York and Nick Ferro.Yeah, he s beautiful, sexy, and completely charming, but he s stealing my clients He s done so much damagA Stand Alone Ferro Novel by New York Times Bestselling Author H.M WardAfter I get the witch at the front desk to hand me my room key, I head for the shower I was supposed to shoot my best friend s wedding alone, and I couldn t wait to escape New York and Nick Ferro.Yeah, he s beautiful, sexy, and completely charming, but he s stealing my clients He s done so much damage that I m going to be lucky if I can keep my studio open for a couple of weeks This wedding means everything to me, and I refuse to let a spoiled brat with a shiny new MBA put me out of business Screw that.But then I find myself wearing nothing but a smile when the person I hate most walks through the hotel room door Nick Ferro Two adversaries, shooting one wedding and sharing one room for one week What could possibly go wrong Genre New Adult RomanceType Novel 1 of 1
The Wedding Contract A Stand Alone Ferro Novel by New York Times Bestselling Author H M WardAfter I get the witch at the front desk to hand me my room key I head for the shower I was supposed to shoot my best friend s we

  • Title: The Wedding Contract
  • Author: H.M. Ward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Perhaps I went into this with overly high expectations because the average reviews seemed to be off the charts?? Unfortunately this book just did not work for me. At all. There were numerous times I contemplated giving up on this book, but I actually stuck with it. This was just one of those reads that felt too similar to numerous books in my past. There was nothing that sucked me in and I'm sorry to say the plot seemed juvenile and immature not to mention overly ridiculous. (Example of the absu [...]

    2. I had a good time reading it!!! 3,5 Stars!It wasn't brilliant but it was charming and funny I will read the other books in the seriesThe story starts with Sky freaking out all over Nick I found that quite promising He systematically steals her clients and she had enough of that Her job is at stake and there is noone to really help herWell now to the wedding Sky has to stay in the same hotel room with Nick and due to a misunderstanding share the photographing of her friend's wedding, with him. So [...]

    3. I stayed up until 3 a.m. reading this page turner from my fav author HM Ward and what a treat! A full freaking Ferro novel, what could be better? This book made me want to pull out my hair, scream at the top a of my lungs and slap someone all in the first 50 pages. Clearly, a Ferro was close by. Nick Ferro has those damnable eyes and sexy physique ( and yummy phermones to boot ). He has an ax to grind and he won't stop until he has destroyed her. Beautiful strong Sky is the target of a Ferro, ou [...]

    4. DNF at 85% and I don't even care I had like 15% left, this is a godawful book and I highly recommend you just run away quickly as far as your legs will carry you!!Edit: After this fiasco, I'm giving up on the NA genre. God knows I've tried, and it always ended in me getting pissed and the book with a one-star rating. It's always the same crap and I don't have the patience or will to cope with it.

    5. Sky is a twenty something business owner who is always trying to prove herself to her parents especially her judgmental mother. She finally has some success as a photographer when in walks Nick Ferro to wreak havoc on her life. Nick begins to steal her clients and sabotage her at every turn. When they both get hired to shoot the same wedding a week of drama and chaos unfold. Sky needs this shoot to go well so she can save her studio and her pride.I am definitely an H.M. Ward fan and have read se [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book, it was a nice change, something different then the other books. Not real heavy sex, just enough. I love Nick, he reminds me alot of Peter, more loving and caring then Sean, Jon, or Bryan. He is sexy, cocky at times but not like the other Ferro's and I loved that he stood up to his father and did not back down. I like Sky but man is she ever clumsy lol and talk about someone that has the worst luck, wow. I liked the descriptions of the settings when they were taking th [...]

    7. I've read better fan fiction than this. The events and plot lines were either too ridiculous, makes you go "WTF", or doesn't make sense at all and felt forced just to keep the story going. Ugh, I should've just re-read one of my old favorites, instead of wasting time on this thing.One star.

    8. This was my first H.W. Ward book! It was a quick read and I really enjoyed it. Now I'm intrigued with the Ferro Family! I'm definitely going back to the beginning to find out more. I love the relationships that the author has created with the characters. You know they all mean something to each other (good and bad) and I love when I care about secondary characters as much as the main characters. Great read!

    9. Not met any of the Ferro men before; this was a great intro to them. An unexpected read, the banter so good - would have loved to have seen more.

    10. OMW OMG OM its getting published on my birthday yay i'm so excited for this book. I have read almost of all H.M Ward's books i'm so in-love with her style of writing. ;) loved it

    11. Damn, now Nick Ferro is my new favorite Ferro!!!Uggggg Holly, how do you make me keep falling in love with these boys!!!The whole Ferro family is F’d up beyond repair. Each of these men are so twisted and broken until the right girl comes along to put them back to rights and Nick is no exception. The Wedding Contract is a fabulous addition to the Ferro family empire that H.M. Ward has built. It’s full of super silly slapstick moments, twisted pranks, hidden agendas, childhood dreams and most [...]

    12. I started reading this book and noticed I was having a case of the hot flashes. What is it about these Ferro men? They are raised to be cocky, entitled, ruthless, never show their emotions and be ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.Dysfunctional does begin to describe the Ferro Clan. In Nick's case, being the middle child, life must have been very difficult at home, while trying to keep up with the rest of the family's antics. He learned his lesson well and to prove it, he is ruthlessly driving Skylar out of b [...]

    13. I was given this boo as an ARC. Another amazing Ferro boy, bad on the outside but soft and warm underneath. Skyler is a wedding photographer who has built her business on her own. Her cold and harsh mother waits in the wings for the failure she is sure will happen. But the business is doing great until, Nick Ferro. He opens a wedding photography business right across from Sky. He copies everything she does and steals her clients. It all comes to a head at her best friends wedding. Sophie hired S [...]

    14. Skylar Thompson is struggling to keep her photo studio business up float. Nick Ferro has been copying every one of her ideas and stolen more clients than she can afford. He is handsome, charming and a back stabbing snake. Too bad he is also the only man that has managed to set her heart racing by simply being in the same room as her. This wedding matters to her, it is her best friend's Sophie's wedding and she promised to cover it. Except the father of the groom hired another photographer for th [...]

    15. I received an ARC for my honest review of The Wedding Contract (The Ferro Family) by H.M.Ward.Holy crap! That is one heck of a rollercoaster ride and is worth every shiny gold star! The chemistry between Sky and Nick is lethal and so freaking hot! I love how they play games with one another! I was left wanting more from them! But then EVERY Ferrolishous book always leaves me wanting more! Nick Ferro has got to be one of my top favourites!!! Holly has done an incredible job and she is such a tale [...]

    16. I received an advanced reader copy from the author for a honest and fair review.A different take on the Ferro men and I loved it!This wasn't as dark as some of the other Ferro novels and even contained a lot of humor!!! I'm so happy Ms. Ward went in a new direction. Even though this is a stand alone novel, the book still ties into the other series and I can't wait for more of Nick and Sky!! Where will they turn up???

    17. A really enjoyable read and it felt stylistically a bit different to other Ferro reads which was nice. Sky is a talented photographer whose business is weddings. She was successful until Nick Ferro established a copycat business a few shops down. Nick has endless finances but Sky over the months of competition is in her last dollar. This is where the book starts. They compete for the best photos at a wedding but fight their attraction. Nothing is what it seems. Excellent!

    18. This book had a pretty decent premise, compared to the plots of some of HM Ward's other series/serials but fell totally short for me. As a reader, I have an issue with inconsistencies within a book, especially when it comes to everyday things such as the location where certain events take place. Most of the Ferro Family books take place on Long Island (where I am born, bred and still reside) and the towns that the characters travel to and the amount of time or how they get there is completely un [...]

    19. I received an ARC for an honest review, and here you go!I LOVE Holly's writing style and her ability to weave you into the story and care so much for these characters. I knew from the very first paragraph I was going to love Sky and I did throughout every single page of the book. She is strong and fearless, yet innocent and vulnerable. Her passions are on full display with her and she never lets up. She fights, hard.Nick is a prick from the very beginning, but aren't all the Ferro boys?:) He has [...]

    20. I was trusted with this book as an ARC, in exchange for an honest review.As usual, another great book from Holly. Nothing will ever be dull are boring if there are Ferro's involved.Skylar was just an amazing, motivated, independant woman. I admired her, being strong through all that she had to go through, but still kept going, like a bulldozer, nothing was gonna get in her way.Then along comes Nick. Although he was just as determined, and hot as hell, at first I was getting frustrated with him, [...]

    21. This book had no credibility for me. The hero was a jerk, the heroine appeared neurotic and in a panic most of the time. Supposedly she liked him so much the first time she saw him that she brushed him off because he was married, now they meet again and there's no mention if he's divorced, widowed or what. Her photography business is flailing because he installed another photography studio nearby and is stealing her clients. Then they are both hired to photograph her best friend's wedding. Durin [...]

    22. I received a ARC Copy for my honest review. Wow,Wow,Wow loved it Holly what a story I laughed so much reading this I love Skylar Thompson she is a young talented girl that started a business on her on and was doing good until Nick Ferro sets up shop across the street from Sklars studio and copies and takes her clients and he's HOT and Sexy. Skylar mother is a witch a parent is so post to encourage their children not put them down like sky's mother does. Nick let his father run his life but at th [...]

    23. I've read a couple of Holly's books, both I rated three stars. I like them but don't love them. I found the things that happened to the heroine just went on and on. Kick a girl while she's down. I don't think anyone really defended her and she came off looking so ridiculous at times I didn't find it funny. It went too far for me. I honestly didn't want her to end up with the gorgeous Mr Ferro. I didn't think he had much backbone. For me he wasn't a good hero. I didn't like the fact that she almo [...]

    24. My first HM ward book and I'm going to give it a 3.5! I loved the witty banter back and forth between Sky & Nick but I feel like it lacked in the romance and steam department.I won’t spoil the book for anyone but it definitely left me wanting more I wasn’t satisfied with the last 30% of the book. BUT I am not going to give up! I’m going to try and read a few more of her books!That’s not to say the book was bad by any means! I just wish she would have gave us more in the steamy depart [...]

    25. This was my first HM Ward book and I really enjoyed it!Skylar hates Nick for blatantly ruining her life. He steals her clients from right under her nose & copies her style. He was ruthless in his pursuit to destroy her business. They were thrown together & forced to stay in one room on the weekend of Sophie, Skylar's best friend's, wedding. This was a short but fast paced read. Talk about chemistry! I want more Nick & Skylar though! I look forward to reading more HM Ward books. She's [...]

    26. Amazing.A lil bit of more drama than necessary.Though every drama will make you laugh.I think I liked the chemistry between the two characters.What I didn't like was the transition made by the author regarding the love between the two of them.I could see and rationalise attraction. Even something more than that.But love? No.But since it is a very short book I went with the flow and it's a good read.

    27. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED. IT SO MUCH!So much is in this book that was everything that i like about romance. I've been looking for a hate\love romances and this one is not one done carelessly. It has great interwoven story, fantastic and passion filled characters and beautiful words by H.M. Ward. I wish this could be turned into a movie. Anyways, great and fun time i had reading this.

    28. It was OK. Just fine. I didn't like it that much, the story seems pretty simple and kind of boring to me. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele of Fifty Shades are way better than Sky and Nick. It did not exceed my expectations, sorry.

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