The Sheik and the Slave

Katharine Fairfax is a high bred lady who enjoys a privileged life as the youngest daughter of Lord Fairfax But when she rebuffs an older man s insulting proposition of becoming his mistress the man decides to exact a most frightening revenge Katharine is kidnapped from her comfortable home and family in England and taken to Arabia where she is sold to a powerful sheik.Katharine Fairfax is a high bred lady who enjoys a privileged life as the youngest daughter of Lord Fairfax But when she rebuffs an older man s insulting proposition of becoming his mistress the man decides to exact a most frightening revenge Katharine is kidnapped from her comfortable home and family in England and taken to Arabia where she is sold to a powerful sheik Sheik Mohammed Aksam Al Sabid is captivated by Katharine from the first moment she is brought into his audience chambers by two Arab pirates He pays an outrageous sum for her and intends the white woman to join his harem But Katharine demands to return home When the sheik denies this request a clash of wills begins While each struggle with their emotions, Katharine falls under the Arab s spell in a world of sand and heat Mohammed is equally bewitched and decides that he will have no other woman but Katharine and ultimately disbands his harem to start a new life with her But there is someone within the sheik s palace who does not want Katharine as Mohammed s wife and will stop at nothing to tear the two apart.
The Sheik and the Slave Katharine Fairfax is a high bred lady who enjoys a privileged life as the youngest daughter of Lord Fairfax But when she rebuffs an older man s insulting proposition of becoming his mistress the man d

  • Title: The Sheik and the Slave
  • Author: Nicola Italia
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. ***3.5*** Freaking Anxiety Attacking Stars! Here I am enjoying this book, happily rooting for the author because I'm the girl that's all for the underdog. You hate it and rate it, then I know I'm going to most likely Love It!!At least that's how it usually works. Well I got to about 40% before I started frowning. Promise, I was looking for some aspirin because my head hurt from all the drama, kidnappings, and a few silly plot moments. I mean one bad thing after the other started happening until [...]

    2. Genre: Erotica HistoricalTags: Sodomy, Kidnapping, Harem, Need proofreading, Older man (it's barely mentioned but it's 18 yrs)Content warnings: (view spoiler)[ various rapes of ancillary characters, incest (hide spoiler)]

    3. I received The Sheik and the Slave as part of a giveaway.Kidnapped on the orders of a spurned suitor, beautiful, intelligent Kat Fairfax is shipped to Arabia to serve in the harem of Sheik Mohammad, a powerful, sexually dominant leader. Despite his sexual interest in (and activity with) many women, the stunning Englishwoman captivates him, while his power and prowess impresses Kat. As the two fall further into infatuation, forces--both English and Arabian--threaten to force them apart.The autho [...]

    4. Beautiful story, sensual erotica, highly charged!I loved this book! It was sensual erotica with a real storyline, very believable and I really connected with the characters and found myself crossing my fingers that everything worked out for them and that they would be together in the end.I noticed a lot of low ratings for this book from people who thought the book was "derogatory towards women" or who found there to be too much sex. I personally found this book to be very 'real' of what probably [...]

    5. 4+3/4 STARS!! Excellent Historical Romance that I thoroughly enjoyed.There are a few dark scenes that might be disturbing to some, but, unfortunately, these things did actually happen at that time.The story was amazingly well told and grabbed my attention from first page to last.I look forward to reading Ms. Italia' s newest book, just released.

    6. This book was won for free through Firsr Reads Guveaway.The beginning of this book really pulled me in. I liked it from the first pagebut then I started chapter 1. I thought this book was going to be more of a romance, but it is almost strictly erotica. Too much of it as well. Every single page.Would not recommend.

    7. I don't think you could call this historical romance with the word "snatch" in it! I enjoyed the beginning but it fell apart after about chapter 3 for me. Too many POVs for one thing. I don't need to hear every characters POV, this book had literally everyones. Now I know why some books are free.

    8. Based on vocabulary and dialog this books appears to have been written by a horny sixteen year old.

    9. Hmm, I'm not sure quite what to say about The Sheikh and the Slave. I'm almost alittle embarrassed to even admit I read it. It reminds me so much of the old Bodice Rippers but more explicit. There is definitely a love story here though mixed within the heavy erotica. When I started reading this book I had a nasty summer cold/flu and read the first half while heavily medicated on NyQuil and nausea meds. I mention this because I'm not sure I would have given myself a chance to read far enough into [...]

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it for anyone who would enjoy a well-written exotic romance.Thumbs up!Kathleen Fairfax is a young English woman excited about exploring the challenges of finding a loving husband.When she spurns the attentions of a lecherous, vengeful suitor. She's kidnapped and sold into slavery. Shipped off to a foreign land, she's purchased by a rakishly handsome sheik and sparks fly.Will she escape and find her way home?Or will Sheik Sexy wear down her alrea [...]

    11. All this book needed was an evil guy in a black cape and a stove pipe hat tying the struggling slave girl to the railroad tracks and then twirling his mustache as he laughed maniaciallly. I mean how many times can one person be abducted in a lifetime?

    12. This is the biggest piece of trash I have ever read, and not in a fun way. I was attempting to read this for a romance challenge, but am going to have to switch titles, because I just can't take this any more. The "sheikh romance" (notice the spelling) subgenre has its definite problems but Italia takes them to a new level with the blatant amounts of "rape is sexy!!!!" that this book employs, including the hero claiming that he didn't rape the heroine though HE CLEARLY DID.I would give this zero [...]

    13. If I could give this book a no stars rating I would have. How anyone can give this book a 4/5 star rating is beyond me, they must be getting paid to place the reviews. This book is horrendous! It has a stupid storyline with far too much badly dwritten sex scenes, rape and kidnappings. It was a tremendous struggle to finish this book! The author needs to either get some lessons in writing or never write another book.

    14. Crazy ride to the endThere were many twists that were completely unexpected. There was no predictions the outcome like you can with other books.

    15. Oh no, I just got through the prologue and it's stuffing a modern girl into history. Also, some of the information is repeated enough to insult my intelligence. Argh and mixed modern language with old English! I will keep reading, maybe it will get better.Bah! It felt like a narrator was telling me about everyone's thoughts with some dialogue thrown in to string along the story.I will see how far I get. After 7% can I read any more?The heroine is judged on her beauty and her upstart brains. She [...]

    16. I normally like most all books I read that are romance. This one however reads like a porno. I'm not a shy miss about romance novels either, but in spots of this book it's this one sleeps with that one, this one goes down on another, and so on. This alone wouldn't have been enough to make me not like the book, but it seemed as if the author couldn't decide what she wanted to happen to Mohammed and Katherine. They both went back and forth so many times & Katherine is kidnapped more times than [...]

    17. I will start with I will read anything about a sheik, it's kind of my weird obsession. So this book is definitely not for the faint of heart, it is erotica and has very graphic sex scenes. That being said I liked it well enough, it was a bit long and I wish the two main characters would have had more time together for their relationship development but it was interesting. I read this one in a day because I had to see what was going to happen to the heroine next, bless her heart she had really cr [...]

    18. I picked this book up at my local bookstore because the owner recommended it. To start off, I really did enjoy the book. The characters are really well developed for a bodice ripper type npvel. The story is pretty good too and it's a difficult book to put down. my main critique however is the conflicts of the book. There are some really good conflicts that aren't really dealt with, they just kind of sort themselves out so the couple never really deals with much turmoil. I would have liked to see [...]

    19. It was a struggle to even finish this book. I say "book," but what I really mean is far too many chapters of rape scenes, ridiculous kidnappings, gratuitous and horribly written sex, and just bad writing. This is like one of the worst romances of the 80s come back to life to haunt us. I am so glad I got this for free, it is not worth actual money. I feel kind of bad giving a book such a bad review but it. was. terrible.

    20. Could have been a good bookWhat a waste of words on such a good plot. This book could truly have been a worthwhile read but for the overdramatizations.minds me of the Perils of Pauline except Katherine had never been tied to the railroad tracks by the villains. Not worth a recommendation.

    21. I enjoyed this book and was certainly rooting for our female protagonist. It combines sex, romance, adventure and historical fiction. All genres that I frequently enjoy. I did find her father and some of the other nobles remarkably tolerant of her absence and then her pregnancy at a time when this would of been a complete no-no even if it wasn't her fault. Despite this, a lovely read.

    22. This book has tons of sex scenes and most leave you if a wtf attitude but still I enjoy the read it was definitely different from most books I have read. Mohammed and Kat go have many conflicts so at the end I was like they have to be together. Good read

    23. This book was awful. Too many points of view. No depth or deep character development. I won't even categorize this as erotica and it definitely is not historical fiction. Basically it is written porn. There is a reason the book is free.

    24. Good StorylineMy love for Arabian romance grew from my teen encounters with SergeAnne Golon's Angelique series and against which every book of that genre is compared.The Sheik and the Slave is a good story but not quite the epic that is Angelique.

    25. Good StorylineEnjoyed reading this story. The characters were developed well throughout the story. The book had just enough intrigue, mystery, and sexual situations. Recommend reading for some light entertainment.

    26. AmazingI was iffy at the beginning. But then she got to London and everything took off, and Mohammed was great. Steamy. Steamy.

    27. What I enjoyed most about this romance novel was the exotic landscape of Arabia and the tension between the two characters.It was an enjoyable book and I would recommend.

    28. Loved the storyThis love story withstood all the negative events of their relationship. Very erotic story with twists thrown in around every corner!

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