Winter Candle

When each family at the diverse Juniper Court apartment complex needs something to light up the dark of winter, the stumpy, lumpy candle provides a glow brighter than the fanciest taper, revealing the true spirit of each holiday it illuminates.
Winter Candle When each family at the diverse Juniper Court apartment complex needs something to light up the dark of winter the stumpy lumpy candle provides a glow brighter than the fanciest taper revealing the

  • Title: Winter Candle
  • Author: Jeron Frame Stacey Schuett
  • ISBN: 9781939547101
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. To see this week's Children's books, please visit readrantrockandroll/2017/Multiple residents at the Juniper Court Apartment complex are celebrating their family traditions during the holidays. As each family begins their celebration, they realize they are missing an important component- a candle. As the candle is passed from family to family, children will learn about Havdalah, Saint Lucia Day, and Kwanzaa.We enjoyed the vivid and detailed illustrations. The authors note at the end explains the [...]

    2. The residents of the apartment building at Juniper Court celebrate a variety of holidays in the winter months. It begins with Nana Clover at Thanksgiving who somehow forgot to get candles for her Thanksgiving table. The building super finds her a lumpy candle and she uses it for her centerpiece. Two weeks later, the Danziger family needs a havdalah candle for Sabbath. Nana Clover gives them the lumpy candle she used. A few days later, Kirsten needs one more candle for her Saint Lucia crown. In w [...]

    3. WINTER CANDLE is a gorgeously illustrated book. Stacey Schuett has done her drawings in deep rich colors that evoke the warmth of the story.Ashford's story is appealing and the type of tale I liked to read to my children when they were younger. (They can read it themselves now :)It's the story of a one-building neighborhood, where neighbors share and where all sorts of fall and winter celebrations take place. What ties all the neighbors together is their need for a light. Specifically, they need [...]

    4. This is a very heart-warming story about how a single candle ends up making its way around the apartments in a building, being used as part of many different winter time celebrations. It was well-written and respectful of the different cultures that were represented. Really loved this one - might make this an annual Christmas read!

    5. The holidays are coming to the Juniper Court apartments! As each family celebrates their own traditions of faith, they find they need a candle. All the superintendent has is one lumpy old used candle, so it will just have to do. The little candle is passed around from one family to the next, until at last everyone comes together to welcome the newest family to the building during a power outage. That little candle may not look like much, but it brings light and joy to everyone before the story [...]

    6. I received this book as a First Reads giveaway.This is a sweet little book about the residents of an apartment building who share an important part of a variety of special celebrations: the light of a candle. When each family finds that they do not have the candle they need, they look to their neighbors for help. One candle, already burned and not as "pretty" as a new one would be, is passed from apartment to apartment, lending its light to each special event, and demonstrating the light of lov [...]

    7. Although many apartment complexes consist of units that separate their inhabitants entirely from one another, that isn't the case at Juniper Court apartments. As the storyline progresses, it appears that these residents are caring neighbors who help each other when needed. In each vignette, someone in a different apartment needs candles, and "a lumpy stick of wax" (unpaged) is passed on from one place to the other. While the candle may not look like much, it glows brightly each time its wick is [...]

    8. I have this marked as "Christmas" because it does include a Christmas scene, but it's nice because it's more of a winter book than just a Christmas book. In it, different residents of an apartment building pass along an old, stubby candle as they need it for different winter celebrations, and eventually, it helps welcome some new neighbors. I wouldn't describe it as a particularly flashy or exciting book, but just a nice solid story of lots of different people sharing a neighborhood and helping [...]

    9. This multicultural holiday book is a great introduction to other cultures. The families of Juniper Court all celebrate different holidays that involve candles. The neighbors borrow from each other throughout the winter and one stubbly candle participates in many different celebrations - Thanksgiving, Sabbath, the Feast of Saint Lucy, and Kwanza. The candle saves the day in more ways than one at the end of the story. This book is a simple yet wonderful read.Ages 4-6momsradius/2016/12/8-g

    10. A nice little story, however I expected it to be better from the excellent reviews. I was stolen away by the beauty of the cover which is unfortunately the nicest illustration of the book for me. It would be nice used in schools to teach the differences about personal beliefs and it does go to show that no matter how different we are, we are all have similar needs. The light of the candle is a beautiful way to represent this.

    11. A wonderful picture book that shows how the simplest gesture of kindness can bring people together. Each family is celebrating a different but each needs a candle, as the candle is passed between neighbors it helps unite them. In the end the candle helps light a welcome dinner for the newest member in the apartment complex. A delightful story that highlights sharing and community.

    12. This is a beautiful, gentle, cleverly done book that celebrates multiculturalism and community. It’s an incredibly sweet story of neighbors in an apartment building who pass a candle between them over the course of a month or two so they can each celebrate their winter holidays. It’s a bit wordy for young preschoolers, but it’s perfect for bedtime sharing with 4-7 year olds.

    13. too long but okay for a one on one very multicultural about a candle that keeps getting passed form neighbor to neighbor for each holiday and always burns the brightest till it's placed in a window to welcome a father moving in home and everyone comes to lend something to welcome the family to the building.

    14. When each family at the diverse Juniper Court apartment complex needs something to light up the dark of winter, the stumpy, lumpy candle provides a glow brighter than the fanciest taper, revealing the true spirit of each holiday it illuminates.Note: I like the story better than the illustrations. I also do not like the font.

    15. Diverse families in an apartment building each have need of a candle to celebrate their respective holidays - it may not be pretty, but it brings light to each celebration and brings these families together. This book includes an author's note with additional information about each holiday.

    16. A multicultural look at how candles are used in celebrations as several families observe different holidays in an apartment complex. The treatment feels a tad contrived but is similar in concept to titles such as "Everybody Eats Rice." A supplementary title for holiday sections.

    17. A lovely story about a candle being shared by a building's residents. Each needing it for a different cultural/traditional or even just practical reason. Nice illustrations too.

    18. This was a very charming picture book about a variety of winter celebrations of light and the power of neighbors.

    19. beautifully illustrated story about the meaning of friendship between neighbors of different ethnicities and believes. great story for kid to learn about different traditions during the holidays.

    20. Inspiring story for the winter season! Young readers will enjoy learning of the various holiday celebrations and be filled with hope from a beautiful story.

    21. I love Yesterday, I had the Blues by the same author. I like this story too. Many cultures represented and all by the same candle.

    22. This book teaches a mighty lesson: despite our differences, we are all the same. Full review --> littlemisstrainwreck/2014/

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