Lotus Blossom Lane

Life after Yuma was blissful for Layla and Michael After the turmoil of the old Red Dirt Road, their journey seemed to be moving them in the right direction, leading them to Ireland, Michael s birthplace, where history runs deep and secrets run even deeper As the road to happily ever after leads them down Lotus Blossom Lane, years of entombed history starts to emerge, chLife after Yuma was blissful for Layla and Michael After the turmoil of the old Red Dirt Road, their journey seemed to be moving them in the right direction, leading them to Ireland, Michael s birthplace, where history runs deep and secrets run even deeper As the road to happily ever after leads them down Lotus Blossom Lane, years of entombed history starts to emerge, changing the course of their lives forever And the person waiting for them at the end of Lotus Blossom Lane, one of the biggest stars in the world, will bring them to the Crossroads of the Saving Angels Series Although the first two books in the Saving Angels series, Marigny Street and Red Dirt Road, could be read as standalone stories, Lotus Blossom Lane should not be All roads start to merge in this book, so it should be read in sequence, or you might find yourself lost alongside the road.
Lotus Blossom Lane Life after Yuma was blissful for Layla and Michael After the turmoil of the old Red Dirt Road their journey seemed to be moving them in the right direction leading them to Ireland Michael s birthpl

  • Title: Lotus Blossom Lane
  • Author: Annie Rose Welch
  • ISBN: 9780989960717
  • Page: 124
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Warning!! Before you start this book, make sure you have plenty of time to read, coz once you do start reading this magical story, you are not going to want to put it down!! I have had the extreme pleasure of reading the first 3 books in the 'Saving Angels’ series ;) I received this ARC #3 from the author in exchange for an honest review. I really loved all 3 books, but I had absolutely LOVED the first book “Marigny Street” the best :o However, now I’d have to say this 3rd book “Lot [...]

    2. In Lotus Blossom Lane, Annie Rose Welch takes us on yet another wonderful journey. We pick up where we left off, at the end of the red dirt road. Michael keeps his promise turning Layla into a honest woman. Following the fairytale wedding, the loving couple heads to Ireland for their honeymoon. Here we finally get a chance to examine how Michael was molded into the man he is today. While getting to know his family Layla also gets the opportunity to dig into the tragic and mysterious events surro [...]

    3. This is such a fabulous continuation of the previous story, Red Dirt Road. I was honored to be called upon to beta for this author again and never can be disappointed in Mrs. Welch's work. She really knows how to dig deep and make the characters come alive. It's almost as if the story plays itself out in my head. This was so hard to put down. The tensions, the history, the love, the betrayal, the symbolism---all of it---blended into this masterpiece of art. Such a beautiful way to keep Lola and [...]


    5. I was provide a copy of all three book in the series by the Author for an honest review.Ok so I am gone do this different, since I have read all three books in this series, and did not stop to write a review, I will do it here, I am gone say a little about each book, I have to say that I am so in love with the series, that I did not wanted to finish, I want more I love the characters, and love the way the books turn out to be, but I also love anything that has to do with Dreams, this Is a heartw [...]

    6. This is a series I could read over and over again. My love for the Saving Angels series by Annie Rose Welch started with Marigny Street and continued on with Red Dirt Road. Lotus Blossom Lane just solidified the adoration I have for these characters, for the author’s words.Annie Rose Welch has this style of writing that is poetic and just so beautiful. She takes your breath away with the descriptions of places and scenes and her books are just haunting. There is this light otherworldly quality [...]

    7. Layla and Michael defeated that which bedeviled them in Red Dirt Road (Saving Angels, book 2). In the aftermath of their battle they promised to love one another forever and to make vows of that eternal love. That is where Lotus Blossom Lane begins and just like a wedding is merely the beginning of the rest of their life together, so too is it simply the beginning of this story. The beauty of the love that Layla and her saving angel Michael share continues to shine like a beacon through this sto [...]

    8. This picks up where red dirt road left off. But what I love about this book is it finally ties and solidifies the first book and Gabriel and Evangeline into the story at the same time explaining Garbriel's and Michael's past and connection. I think the next book will be more amazing than this beautifully written, emotionally charged story was. I think that because I believe we will finally get Gabriel's story and his ability to find peace like Michael did. I also think that this story was necess [...]

    9. "I will always be safe with you. My love is, has always been, will forever be safe with you."This is the third book from this amazing author and I have to say, it is by far the best. I love the other two, but I can see her progression as a writer in each book. This book is much different for her, its darker then her other works and so much more emotional. This book will stay with me for a very long time. It amazes me how she can take 26 simple letters and create such a beautiful love story. "I h [...]

    10. I just finished Lotus Blossom Lane and I’m so blown away, I’m not really sure where to start my review! I’m torn because I loved Marigny Street so much, which is the first book in this series and I’m afraid this one may push past that. Marigny Street takes you to New Orleans. This book, the third in the series, is set, for most of the book, in Ireland….ese are two places I’ve never visited, but I feel like I have after reading these books. Ms. Welch’s exquisite descriptions of the [...]

    11. I was honored to ask to read this book, I was a fan from the very beginning of this series, and this book just seems to tie it all together. If you haven't read the others you need to so you don't get lost in the mix of it all. I gave this book 5 enchanting stars!The Author out did herself in this story.The must anticipated wedding between Michael and Layla. BEAUTIFUL. Breathtaking, and I was so captivated by this beautiful love that they have between them. You are in for an adventure as they ar [...]

    12. I was provided a copy of the books in the Saving Angels Series in exchange for an honest review as part of Drue & Sassy's Team. I feel like I was more open minded when I began reading this book than Red Dirt Road because I didn't go into it with the expectation that it would be a continuation of Lotus and Michael's story and then was very pleased when it did. They have the wedding little girls dream of and then head to Ireland. It is during this time in Ireland that the reader is once again [...]

    13. Lotus Blossom Lane was the third installment to the Saving Angels series that continues the story Laney and Michael from the Red Dirt Road. The things that you'll love about this book is how the emotions was embedded to each character that you can feel it as a reader. I also like the smooth transition of the series from the first book, Marigny Street unto this third installment. Annie Rose have written this story in a way that is entirely and uniquely her own. The only thing that I find I find f [...]

    14. I was so excited to read Lotus Blossom Lane by Annie Rose Welch. It’s the 3rd installment in the Saving Angels series. This book continues the story of Michael and Layla. It’s so sweet, full of love, there’s also some pretty interesting twists and turns, too. This one also touches a little on Eva and Gabriel, the characters from the first book in the series, Marigny Street. We get a chance to look into the past, Michael’s past, and a sweet glimpse into the future. I know, I keep using th [...]

    15. What an amazing addition to the Saving Angels series!! Lotus Blossom Lane begins to bring Marigny Street, and The Red Dirt Road together in a seamless, surprising, and wonderful way. As with the first two in the series it is hard to put down, and leaves you craving more when your finished. Annie Rose Welch is an extremely talented Author who has mastered the art of captivating readers!! Thanks to her brilliant writing style I find myself riding the same roller coaster of emotional ups and downs [...]

    16. A beautiful continuation of Red Dirt Road. Ms. Welch writes with such passion that you feel like you are part of the story and the details are so vivid you can close your eyes and be transported to another time and place. The history and symbolism in this story is beautiful yet heartbreaking. This is true love at it's best, the love of a family and the deep bonds of a brotherhood. I now understand why Layla and Michael's story needed to be told before Gabriel could tell his. I can't wait to go b [...]

    17. Annie Rose Welch sure does know how to up the ante with the lives of her characters in this story. With Lotus and Michael going to Ireland, Michael's home. Meeting his family, uncovering secrets, trying to solve mysteries and finally getting some answers to how Gabriel and Eva are intertwined with Michael and Lotus. So many questions, but not enough answers. I give this a 3.5 star rating.

    18. Bitter sweet ending to an amazing series. Living through the memories of Gabriel and his family makes you feel as though you are there with them. This is a must read.

    19. You just can't go wrong reading Annie's books. If you have started this series you are truly missing out.

    20. Just like the rest of the series, I LOVED this book. The characters and story just suck you in. These are books that are very hard for me to put down. A little romance, a little mystery. Perfect!

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