Pierre, the 14 year old hero of The Broken Blade , spends a winter with the North West Company in French Canada The canoe men build a camp beside an Ojibwa village, and Pierre learns the deep winter survival skills and secrets of the fur traders and trappers, and friendship with an Ojibwa brave opens up a rich new world to Pierre.
Wintering Pierre the year old hero of The Broken Blade spends a winter with the North West Company in French Canada The canoe men build a camp beside an Ojibwa village and Pierre learns the deep winter s

  • Title: Wintering
  • Author: William Durbin
  • ISBN: 9780440227595
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. In my opinion it was a very good book. There were a lot of very exciting fast paced moments in the book but it also had slow more upsetting moments that just hit you by surprise. The main character Pierre is just a young boy who is following in his fathers footsteps by becoming a voyageur. Red Loon is an Indian boy who is around the same age as Pierre and while Pierre is up in the French Canadian wilderness they become close friends. Beloit the bow man of the crew is also the loud mouth that tea [...]

    2. This sequel toThe Broken Blade is well, a sequel. It pulls in many of the same characters from the original and attempts to catch that magic that made the original so good, but in the end it doesn't quite match up. Ah, well. It's not a bad story for all that. Wintering picks up the tale of Pierre La Page the summer after his coming of age journey described inThe Broken Blade. Once again he has journeyed from Montreal, across Lake Superior to Grand Portage, where European goods are traded for Ame [...]

    3. gr 5-9 191 pgs1801 winter camp in Northern Canada. 14 year old Pierre becomes a hivernant, who works with the fur traders/trappers over the winter in the north. Pierre is disappointed to see that he will be spending a lot of time with Beloit, who is always teasing him, but meets a new friend Red Loon, the son of the chief of the Ojibwe tribe living nearby. Like his experiences as a voyageur, Pierre also finds life as a hivernant challenging, but rewarding.I would recommend this book to readers w [...]

    4. This is a great book for kids to understand what it was like to winter in the north during the fur trade season. Very interesting, based on facts and fun to read.

    5. Wintering by William Durbin a outdoors book that caches you and leaves you hanging on and off and it is a really great book. There is never a dull moment with Pierre La Page. wintering is a second book of this collection of 2 books and i enjoyed both of them vary much.Pierre is following in his fathers footsteps by being a voyager and I think his father is very proud of him.In this book Pierre is on his second trip of being a voyager. On this trip Pierre is wintering so that means staying all wi [...]

    6. Bought for my oldest kids and read it myself. Was nicely surprised to find this was the sequel to Broken Blade, which my 9 year old is currently reading, and raving, about. The visual impact this book brings to the mind is stunning. The author does an incredible job of pulling you right into the time period and the setting. The colorful characters and warm friendship between Pierre and Red Loon are vivid as well. The ending makes me wonder if there will be a third book. If not, the ending seems [...]

    7. In this book there is a crew of men that go on the lake to go find animals to kill and to bring back the fur and sell it for money one time when they are out they shoot a bear and but a rope on it and haul it back to shore then the bear starts to run and pulls the that is holding the rope and then the rope breaks. one life lesson in this book is that you should treat otheres how you want to be treaded. and onthere on is that you should not be shelfish beacus some people need stuff to. another le [...]

    8. Not quite as memorable as Gary Paulson, but a great adventure for a children's book. Definitely would recommend.

    9. A continuation of the first book, Broken Blade. The author, William Durbin, did a much better job with this one. I recommend this book for everyone ages 11+.

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