1 thought on “LA Catrina: El Ultimo Secreto”

  1. Had to read this for Spanish. Needless to say, I would give it negative stars if possible.Unfortunately, I also had to suffer through the corresponding TV series. Terrible acting. Plus, all the bad guys are immediately identifiable by their suits and sunglasses. I mean, they hang out by the POOL in suits and sunglasses! How much more conspicuous could you possibly be?! The characters have to be stupid in order for the story to progress as it does. Perhaps the funniest part was when the main char [...]

  2. I think this is a pretty good resource for teaching teens Spanish. However, literary merit is greatly lacking, which can make a lot of kids frustrated! I would suggest reading the first La Catrina: La Novela and stopping there. I don't think the second one goes very much deeper into Spanish than the first one did, so unless you really loved the story. it a pass.

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