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  1. Blackburn has been neglected by posterity. In the days before King and Herbert he kept my horror juices flowing with his pulpy tales of British horror. This one is no exception, being a completely bonkers plot with grail quests, rampant plagues, ancient evil and devil worship all told with his usual sly humor. I'm glad I went back and re-read this loads of fun and a reminder of how to keep a pulp novel moving along at pace without losing the reader along the way.Bury Him Darkly

  2. This hardcover is copy 40 of 200 signed by Nathan Ballingrud and Gahan Wilson and Family-approved facsimile by John F. Blackburn.Contains the bonus short story, “The Field of Blood” .

  3. First written in 1969, Bury Him Darkly is at first an "oh no! Don't open the vault where the crazy man swears he's coming back to life" story, but if you keep reading it, it turns into more of a piece of science fiction. Actually, I was quite happy that it turned out that way, because it made the story a lot more interesting.Set in England in the 1960s, the story revolves around the proposed opening of the vault of the Railstones. There is a group devoted to the study of Sir Martin Railstone, wh [...]

  4. Only the second Blackburn novel I've read, but another successful combination of mystery, SF, and horror. The tale concerns the sealed tomb of man who was either an under-appreciated genius or a straight-up evil alchemist, depending on who you ask, and follows the attempts made by a group of fanatics to open the crypt and discover the secrets. Everyone knows how that usually goes.

  5. I liked it but found the language kind of hard to get through at times. As mentioned by other reviewers, the buildup was better, the actual horror fairly short and not as well described. Took me awhile to get through, but I did finish.

  6. The build up to the horror was more fun than the horror itself. Pairs well with The Story of the Stone.

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