Pay It Forward

The story of how a boy who believed in the goodness of human nature set out to change the world.Pay It Forward is a wondrous and moving novel about Trevor McKinney, a twelve year old boy in a small California town who accepts the challenge that his teacher gives his class, a chance to earn extra credit by coming up with a plan to change the world for the better and to pThe story of how a boy who believed in the goodness of human nature set out to change the world.Pay It Forward is a wondrous and moving novel about Trevor McKinney, a twelve year old boy in a small California town who accepts the challenge that his teacher gives his class, a chance to earn extra credit by coming up with a plan to change the world for the better and to put that plan into action.The idea that Trevor comes up with is so simple and so na ve that when others learn of it they are dismissive Even Trevor himself begins to doubt when his pay it forward plan seems to founder on a combination of bad luck and the worst of human nature.In the end, Pay It Forward is the story of seemingly ordinary people made extraordinary by the simple faith of a child In the tradition of the successful and inspirational television show Touched by an Angel, and the phenomenally successful novel and film Forrest Gump, Pay It Forward is a work of charm, wit, and remarkable inspiration, a story of hope for today and for many tomorrows to come.
Pay It Forward The story of how a boy who believed in the goodness of human nature set out to change the world Pay It Forward is a wondrous and moving novel about Trevor McKinney a twelve year old boy in a small Ca

  • Title: Pay It Forward
  • Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • ISBN: 9780671028602
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Not many books have actually made me cryis one did the last few chapters.Bittersweet.I originally gave this book 4 stars, but the more I thought about it, it really deserves 5 stars from me is why and what I took with me after reading this book:1. The next time someone asks me how they can pay me backI will defintely tell them to pay it forward instead!2. Don't just SAY you are going to do something to help someoneop talking about it and DO it. Life is short.I liked that it was a child who came [...]

    2. I saw the 2000 film adaptation of Pay It Forward in my health and human services class, so I figured I should read the book, and I can easily say that although the film was good, the book was better by far! The characters feel much more real and "alive" in the book, the descriptions of everything are well-detailed and incredibly vivid, and the book itself is both depressing and very hopeful. It's an excellent novel about selflessness, empathy and understanding, and about how we all have it in ou [...]

    3. I was moved to read this book after hearing a couple of people at work raving about it.I love the premise of the author's idea and how she goes about developing it within the story line. It really is an excellent story. What makes this story so engrossing to read, is how the author piggy backs from one situation to another, eventually bringing it full circle. It's like watching a row of literary dominoes fall, one on top of another; with the fall of each subsequent domino influencing the traject [...]

    4. I remembered this movie from the 90s and had a sappy feeling when I thought of it, but still dove right in because usually if you enjoy a movie the book is infinitely better. I found that to be the case here.The entire premise of the book is a Social Studies extra credit assignment to think of a way to better the world. Trevor MicKinney takes the assignment to heart. Trevor is the only child of a hard working, tender-hearted (kind of) down on her luck single mother. He is wise beyond his years a [...]

    5. A disfigured lonely war veteran, Social Studies teacher Reuben St. Clair, assigns an extra credit project to his class to change the world. Most do nothing, but one 13 year old student Trevor comes up with a concept to "pay it forward." Out of pure kindness, he helps three needy people, with the caveat that they repay his gift by each helping three more people in need . Meanwhile, Trevor lives with his mother, Arlene, who has been abandoned by Trevor's father and is also lonely. Trevor thinks hi [...]

    6. If I hadn’t had anything else on my plate, I would have read Catherine Ryan Hyde’s Pay It Forward straight through. Even so, I pushed some things off and shuffled the schedule around in order to make time for reading.I had seen the movie a few years ago, but hadn’t been aware until recently that it had been based on a book. Usually the books are better and more satisfying than the movies that are based on them, so I was happy to find a copy of “Pay It Forward” in my local library. Afte [...]

    7. In this exciting book a boy named Trevor gets a project from his Social Studies teacher to somehow change the world. But Trevor to this project to a totally different level then his teacher Ruben expected. Trevor decided to create a movement called "pay it forward." To help make the world a better place. This book talks about his journey along the way and how he pays it forward to society. I would most definitely recommend this book. It was a very inspiring and easy to read.

    8. I almost never read paper books anymore, but my daughter had this laying around and I picked it up. I was immediately taken in.It is the Young Readers Edition, and I love the author's note that it had become historical fiction when she did the rewrite. Set in the 1990's with President Clinton and no cell phones and no internet to speak of, the story would have to be written completely differently if it were to take place today. Terrific, inspiring book. Yeah, "sappy" is an adjective that could a [...]

    9. For a book with such a contrived plot, stupid and shallow characters, completely predictable ending, strange acting choices (on audio), and prose that mercilessly buggers the reader/listener with marathons of cliches, Pay It Forward was inspiring. I was inspired to throw my hands in the air every few minutes shouting "REALLY!? THEY CAN'T BE SERIOUS" at the idiotic plot turns and character developments. To take a phrase that has been around for at least a hundred years and treat it like it's a ne [...]

    10. I began this book rather dismissively. At a few pages in I was tempted to just flick it as a twee concept.d suddenly found myself hooked in by the characterisation. I remained glued for the few hours it took to read the book (oh I wish I could read more slowly!) and at the end - yes, it's a twee concept but it was a brilliant read and I wanted to know more about ALL the characters and if they were okSo.l we are missing for the world to change is a mysterious alchemical thing that would make it t [...]

    11. I really wish the movie would have stuck to the characters/situations that were in the book. It's totally different from the movie but the same if that makes any sense. Reuben was just weird in the movie. In the book his character was really well written and more understandable than the movie. I wasn't as shocked at the ending in the book since I had seen the movie but then again the movie ended with Trevor. The book didn't. I'm really glad I read this book.

    12. A book that if the world we live in was the one Trevor wants for us, WOULD change the world.And it just could. I've seen the film years ago but don't remember feeling anywhere near as moved as I was in reading the novel. I finished having to wipe tears away so I could read the final pages.A 12 year old boy, on being asked to come up with an idea to change the world in his Social Science class, creates the idea of 'Pay it Forward', doing good deeds for others and then rather than paying back the [...]

    13. I am so happy to be a part of Catherine Ryan Hyde's read and review team in the UK. I love her books and look forward to each one as she releases them.This story was different to some of the books she has written about as in style of writing. I found it fascinating to read it from all angles, and from Trevor's point of view as a child. I think most reviews have expressed what the book is about, and the extra challenge that was weaved in, Trevor taking this seriously did a superb job to change th [...]

    14. I saw the film of this book A long time ago but can't remember it in detail only that the theme of course was the same. The book is much fuller and for me has a slow start so that I wasn't sure I was going to engage with it for awhile. I was taken aback to discover the book is stated to be suitable for the age range if 8 to 12 years. Whoever decided that I wonder? Both the sexual content and the style of the writing makes it more appropriate for older children I would think. The concept of payin [...]

    15. Pay it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde is about a 12 year old boy named Trevor who is in 7th grade. During this year his social studies teacher gives the class an extra-credit assignment to make a difference in the world. Trevor took this assignment very seriously and decided to create a world changing movement called "Pay it Forward". Throughout the book it shows diary entries from Trevor. It is also written in 3rd person omniscient, meaning there are many narrators through out the story. The bo [...]

    16. I won this book in a FIRST READS GIVEAWAY! I remember watching this movie years ago and how much it touched my heart. A sweet little boy wanting to do better in the world by paying it forward. This is such a wonderful idea. I think it's wonderful that Catherine Ryan Hyde started the Pay It Forward Foundation. I'm going to be buying some of the bracelets to wear in case I ever forget. Not everything in this world has to be so bad. The characters in the book are great in their own unique ways. I [...]

    17. I can't believe it took me so long to actually come around to reading this book, especially because it's such a beautiful story, and it so wonderfully executed.

    18. Although I love Catherine Ryan Hyde novels, I'd never gotten around to reading her most well-known one until now. Its marriage of compassion, true-to-life characters, kindness, and engrossing storytelling has made Pay It Forward one of my favorites of hers. As is the case with most movies to books, this book is far superior to the movie version, which I now know took great liberties with the story. Highly recommended for those who love an uplifting story with more than a few tears.

    19. Mi chiamo Chris Chandler e sono un giornalista. Un giorno, quasi per caso, ho scoperto che un ragazzino di dodici anni poteva cambiare il mondo. Grazie a una buona idea. Un'idea semplice, facile da mettere in pratica.Così è nata la "Formula": la Formula del Cuore.'La Forumula del Cuore' è quello che non ti aspetti: una vagonata di emozioni che prendono possesso del tuo corpo con naturalezza, quasi inconsapevolmente.Reuben St. Clair è il nuovo insegnante di una piccola cittadina di nome Atasc [...]

    20. So I let six months go by. I thought I'd "chill" and give this novel another try BUT I still find the book has no appeal for me. None. Apparently I am not enough of a sheep to run with the herd on this being a brilliant novel. I adore most of Hyde's books. She is a favorite author of mine but this book leaves me annoyed. We have a very old saying where I live, "What Goes Around Comes Around". Isn't that the same premise of this tale? Books such as this one tend to make me doubt my ability to dig [...]

    21. One of the most beautiful stories I've read.This is about a teacher who starts a new project in his class: each student had to create something they think could change the world. That is when Trevor appears with a revolutionary way of spreading forgiveness and love. It was called the "Play it Forward" system. If Trevor helped out 3 people, those 3 people had to help other 3 and that on and on until everybody has helped and was helped by someone. Being a kind hearted, Trevor puts that in reality [...]

    22. I check off "books that made me cry" for any book that will bring a lump to my throat, even if there are no actual tears. This is one book, and the only book at that, that made me actually sob, put the book down and have a good cry, before picking it up to carry on reading. I've never found another book since then that has impacted me in the same way.

    23. I remember the movie from when it came out almost 20 years ago. I didn't even realize it was a book. The movie was good, but the book is great.

    24. Not sure why, but I was surprised by the little differences between this book and the movie. And the story of the author's inspiration for the novel was really cool. But what I really liked about this book was the way it was written in pieces from different character perspectives. Not all authors can make it work, but this was well done. And emotional. Read with some tissuesd maybe the expectation of frustration.

    25. A sweet story really. A young boy Trevor is set an assignment at school to do something that will change the world. Trevor comes up with an idea of doing a good deed for 3 people and those people will pay it forward and help others. Trevor is a lovely boy, living with his mother and his father has disappeared. He likes his teacher Reuben and they form a lovely relationship. It was nice to read about how Trevor decided who needed help and the impact of his little idea. Now to put that forward in [...]

    26. A really good book. A small deed can change the world but the ending was sadl is not lostgood deeds are remembered forever.

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