Don't Know Where, Don't Know When

What a nightmare Hannah Dias, California Girl with Attitude, and Alex, her laid back brother, have moved from exciting San Francisco to boring Snipesville, Georgia Life doesn t improve when they meet Brandon, a dorky kid who is plotting his escape from the Deep South, and the weird Professor, who has a strange secret Suddenly, the kids are catapulted thousands of milesWhat a nightmare Hannah Dias, California Girl with Attitude, and Alex, her laid back brother, have moved from exciting San Francisco to boring Snipesville, Georgia Life doesn t improve when they meet Brandon, a dorky kid who is plotting his escape from the Deep South, and the weird Professor, who has a strange secret Suddenly, the kids are catapulted thousands of miles and almost seventy years to England during World War Two They fall into a world of stinging nettles, dragon ladies, bomb blasts, ugly underwear, stinky sandwiches, painful punishments, and non absorbing toilet paper They learn so much than they could ever learn in a history class Not that they want to learn it But they can t go home unless they find George Braithwaite, whoever he is, and whatever it is that he has to do with Snipesville.
Don t Know Where Don t Know When What a nightmare Hannah Dias California Girl with Attitude and Alex her laid back brother have moved from exciting San Francisco to boring Snipesville Georgia Life doesn t improve when they meet

  • Title: Don't Know Where, Don't Know When
  • Author: Annette Laing
  • ISBN: 9780979476945
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Perfect Paperback
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    1. I purchased this book and the next two titles in the series, "Snipesville Chronicles," at a conference. I love historical fiction and had attended a session presented by the author of these books. She reeled me in and made me want to read them. It's a time travel with a sister and brother, and a new friend they've met in their new town. Hannah, who has a bad attitude, did get annoying, but her brother, Alex, and the new friend, Brandon, were quite nice chaps. When they are unknowingly time warpe [...]

    2. Do you like being immersed in the world of the past and learning about another time and place? Do you like educational fiction that aims to expand your knowledge base as well as entertain? You do! Well, you’re in luck. Here’s the scoop on Don't Know Where, Don't Know When: Hannah Dias and her brother Alex are moving from California to the most boring place in the world, Snipesville, Georgia, where nothing exciting like time travel ever happens, or does it? It does. Hannah and Alex are having [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this historical novel! The youth heroes are realistic--each with strengths and foibles, and the adults also show this real-life duality. I found it educational (in a good way) to learn of the hardships of English people during WW I and WW II--largely the historical settings. Transported back in time, sister and brother Hannah and Alex, along with their friend Brandon, must readjust their attitudes and expectations to fit into a time of great deprivation, physical danger, and [...]

    4. I'll admit, the opening of this book was a little slow for me. All the time spent with Hannah and Alex before they go back in time (and before they even get to Georgia), didn't really do anything for me. BUT, if you stick it out through Hannah's whining about how unfair her life is (actually, this continues throughout the book), they'll meet up with Brandon and end up in WWII England where things get very cool. In WWII England, Hannah, Alex and Brandon are all evacuees for the London, sent to th [...]

    5. Hannah is probably one of the most annoying characters I've ever read. She was so frustrating, argh! I understood her initial panic at traveling back through time but gradually as she learned more about why she was there, I grew sick of her attitude. She was completely spoiled, always complaining and refusing to go with the flow. To make matters worse, I don't think she changed that much at the end (maybe she will in the next book?). I felt bad for her because part of her acting out was due to h [...]

    6. When Hannah and Alex move to Snipesville, Georgia from San Francisco with their father they are incredibly bored and somewhat resentful. Their mother has died in a car accident, and when they leave California they also leave their grandparents behind. But their dad says he’s being transferred, so off they go to an area of the country totally alien to them.To occupy their time, their dad enrolls them in summer camps at the local community college, which is where they meet Brandon. None of the k [...]

    7. Raise your hand if History was the subject that you groaned over in school. If you're raising your hand right now, you are just like me! When I was younger I abhorred History, and it wasn't because of the subject to be completely honest. It was because each and every one of the teachers I came across treated History like it absolutely had to be this boring and dry curriculum. To me it was most definitely a groan worthy subject.Enter my college professor, who put my preconceived notions out on th [...]

    8. To readers who aren't cranky old people like myself, in case the following comments make it sound like this book is nothing but a history lesson, let me say that Hannah, Alex, and Brandon, the three young time travellers, have plenty of interesting adventures, get into some tight scrapes, and act heroically before it's all over. I think you'll enjoy this book *and* maybe learn something along the way.Now, in case there are any adults reading, who are perhaps trying to pick out a book for younger [...]

    9. This was a sweet story about a brother and sister and their friend. The kids unknowingly travel through time from present day Georgia to 1940's England in the middle of World War II. I'm no history buff, but I enjoyed reading about what life was like in that time. We follow the siblings in 1940's England for most of the book, and we also get to read about England during World War I, as one of the kids time travels back an additional 25 years. I like historical fiction, so I found that enjoyable [...]

    10. Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadTooAlthough her little brother, Alex, might find their new hometown of Snipesville, Georgia, a welcome change, Hannah Diaz still thinks it's way more boring than California. To curb her whining, her father signs her up for a creative writing camp at the local college. She's so reluctant that, when she can't find the classroom on her first day, she instead finds solace in the student union café. Meanwhile, Alex attends the baseball camp held at the same [...]

    11. I picked up this book because I won the second in the series in a GoodReads giveaway.If I were to judge a book by its cover, I might never have picked it up. While the artwork is by no means terrible, it lacks the artistry of some novel covers (and which are the only good thing about those novels). However, the plot synopsis of the sequel drew me in and I couldn't read the second without reading the first!Hannah and Alex have recently moved to Snipesville, Georgia, from California. They are not [...]

    12. Hannah and Alex are not happy about having to leave San Francisco and move to Snipesville, Georgia. They are sure it will be an incredibly boring place to live. However, when they, along with a new friend named Brandon, encounter a strange professor, their lives become anything but boring. Before they even realize what is happening, the kids have traveled back in time to World War II England. Soon after, Brandon is separated from the group and ends up in the same English town, but in 1915! The c [...]

    13. This is a fun peek back into history. While the characters are modern and believable, the author's description of how things were in 1940's England is even more real and engaging. It's not just an entertaining history lesson, but an exciting mystery with a twist at the end.

    14. Hannah, Alex and Brandon find themselves back in time in war-torn England. It is World War II and the children are being sent to live with families in the country to escape bombs falling on the cities. Shortly after arriving in 1940 Brandon disappears to England 1915! This time the setting of World War I.The young people are sent back in time to find whatever happened to George Braithwaite. Hannah and Alex find themselves living with Mrs. Devenish, her grand-daughter Verity and Mrs. D’s evacue [...]

    15. REVIEWA stuck up girl, a laid back brother, and a dorky friend make for an interesting group of time travelers. I liked that each of the kids had such a unique personality. While Hannah was the main character, Alex and Brandon also had opportunities to tell the story from their point-of-view – especially in the second book of the series.Everyone knows that I enjoy historical fiction, and this series does a fantastic job of bringing history alive and making it fun. I especially enjoyed the firs [...]

    16. This is the first book in a series of time-travel books written about three children who react differently to the time periods in which they suddenly find themselves thrown. Each child experiences a different part of society - a society that is carefully recreated from historical facts and into which both the characters (and the readers) become immersed. Laing is a historian with a meticulous eye for detail - but don't let that deter you. These books aim to teach, but you will be too caught up i [...]

    17. This book had a fun idea for teaching history. I liked the time traveling to have kids not only learn but experience what it was like to live in a different time. I thought that was the greatest strength of the book - the day-to-day life of people in England during both WWI and WWII. It suffered from a rather slow beginning as well as some awkward parts that stopped the flow of the book for me. But, I'm sure some kids, those who like a little sci-fi with their historical fiction, will devour it. [...]

    18. This is what I like to refer to as a thinking child's literature. Some authors have a tendency to dumb down or go pop crazy with children's lit. as though children will not want to read a book unless is is catastrophically simple or silly, shallow and laced with endless, pointless pop culture references. Child are not stupid nor should they be treated as such. I hope that if given the choice between insipid, brainless reading and smart, challenging reading that children, like adults will choose [...]

    19. This is a terrific time travel book. The time travelers are three kids, Hannah and her brother, Alex and their new friend, Brandon. The story begins in 21st century Snipesville, Georgia but the kids end up traveling to England of long-ago. First they are all in World War II Balesworth, England but then Brandon ends up in World War I. The years for both are before the United States was a part of either war - 1915 and 1940. I really loved the book but grew tired of spoiled Hannah. It is the first [...]

    20. Don't Know Where, Don't Know When is a book about three modern American kids who (against their will) time travel to Britain during WWII and WWI. What was so great about this book is Laing's abounding knowledge of Britain during these periods of time. I learned so much while reading, and I must admit, that hardly ever happened in history class. The best characters were the Brits with my top two being Mrs Devenish--a formidable woman with so much history and depth--and Verity. How I adored Verity [...]

    21. This is a YA novel that I found to be generally compelling. If you enjoy reading about the "home front" during world war II, as I do, this book is for you (although the home front in this case is in England). The main female child protagonist was rather annoying most of the time, but provided an interesting perspective on how children behave today compared to the past. This is the first book of the Snipesville Chronicles, and I anticipate reading the following volumes.

    22. Great time travel book! It brings together the experiences of the characters at the end to show why each had to have their unique experiences. I appreciated that the author tried to be factual to history.

    23. This was a great middle school read. It introduces information from WWI and WWII England. I think the author does a great job with capturing the attitudes of teens today and how time has changed acceptable behavior.

    24. 3.5 Stars - Please see review on Mundiekids:mundiekids/2010/0Content: a few mild expletives but otherwise clean.

    25. I'm an adult but I bought this to read with my students and we all loved it. I think they even learned some things!

    26. Time traveling kids wind up in England during WWII. Find life not quite as easy as it is during modern times. Learn about history with the adventure.

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