1 thought on “Me 2.0”

  1. This book isn't a guide to achieve "Me 2.0". It is more about how job searching works today disguised as a "personal branding toolkit".Me 2.0 goes over the following:What is Personal Branding (defined)The Gen Y Workforce Resume / PortfolioInterview QuestionsA Website- What info should be on your websitePosting on your blogHow to Find a Job Using LinkedIn How to Find a Job Using Twitter How to Find a Job Using FacebookCharacteristics of an Entrepreneur Offline Brand

  2. It seems that with personal branding books that if you've read one then you've read them all. I didn't feel like the book offered any really new information that would make a book worthwhile. However, if this book is someone's first exposure to the topic of personal branding then I think they might appreciate the content a little more.

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