The Borgias

Alejandro Jodorowsky and Milo Manara s four part sweeping saga of sex, blood, and religion is collected in a single edition for the first time ever, a perfect companion volume to Dark Horse s award winning Manara Library series
The Borgias Alejandro Jodorowsky and Milo Manara s four part sweeping saga of sex blood and religion is collected in a single edition for the first time ever a perfect companion volume to Dark Horse s award wi

  • Title: The Borgias
  • Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky Milo Manara Katie LaBarbera Fábio Moon Gabriel Bá
  • ISBN: 9781616555429
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Anybody interested in a blatantly exploitative yet meticulously crafted account of Italy’s first Mafia family? Then this little comic-book saga by Chilean visionary Alejandro Jodorowsky and Italian maestro Milo Manara might be for you. Admittedly, it does not provide the most scientifically detached and reliable history lesson in the world, but it makes up for such alleged shortcomings with lots of rage and sex and blood – what’s not to like? Bottom line: sweeping and downright gorgeous tr [...]

    2. Milo Manara's art is as gorgeous as ever. His backgrounds and clothing are incredibly lush and the coloring is very nuanced and lovely. His crowd scenes contain an insane level of detail akin to a more perverted Where's Waldo page. His women are of course, absolutely gorgeous and sensual, and Manara even managed to avoid an excess of what I like to call "blow job face." There are some little niggling issues here and there, though -- Manara isn't great at drawing children, for one. There's an obv [...]

    3. This is a good comic book to introduce someone to the infamous Borgia family, that is if they don't mind lots of sex and violence. This also reminds me a little bit of From Hell and Lost Girls, but with easier writing.Ever since I picked up Gregory Maguire's book Mirror Mirror, I've been obsessed about the Borgia family. I think it's my love for crime, mystery, and dysfunctional families that draws my attention. I've watch most of the Showtime show of them, so most of my knowledge of them might [...]

    4. This is the last time curiosity has gotten the better of me The only thing I can say about this mess is: WHAT. THE FUCK. DID I JUST WATCH! (Read if you prefer, but still is a graphic novel).You know, I've an immense fascination for the Borgias since 2 years ago so I got the TV series with Jeremy Irons. I watched it, liked it (not loved it, it had some flaws it was not perfect, but it was pretty) and then I went and got more documentation about the whole Borgia family. Turns out quite a few autho [...]

    5. Laughingly ridiculous most of the time, this graphic novel is very loosely based on the historical Borgia family. Over the top in every way you have to take this graphic novel as it is to enjoy it at all. Most of the content of this graphic novel is simply gratuitous, seemingly for the sake of being gratuitous. For example, King Charles VIII of France did not actually die in a lava flow whilst having his way with a prostitute and why Jodorowsky had him die in such a way must mean something to hi [...]

    6. Sensationalist, melodramatic, dark, excessively violent and sexual--but I couldn't tear my eyes away. The artwork is beautiful and the characters Jodorowsky creates (as in: this book is not historically accurate in theleast) are nearly flawless in their blind selfishness. I gave it a high rating (after about 50 pages, it was going to be 5 stars, and it got to be too much for me!) but not sure to whom I would recommend it. Definitely not for the faint or pure of heart.

    7. Priča počinje prilično dobro (prvi deo), posle potone kako sve više odlazi u najekstremnije tračeve o Bordžijama. Crtež je sasvim kul.

    8. Jodorowsky and Manara's account of the notorious Papal dynasty is replete with the incest, poison and backstabbing you'd expect, but then manages to go far enough beyond the historical record that even I, who generally incline to believe the most interesting version of events, was shaking my head. Some of it you can excuse as secret history, as when a rival candidate for the papacy, whose powerbase is founded on his monastic catamites, is presented with a literal bag of dicks. But other bits are [...]

    9. L'arte di Manara non ha bisogno di presentazioni e quella di Jodorowsky nemmeno. Le vicende della famiglia Borgia sono qui raccontate in chiave erotica, dando per certe tutte le dicerie su quanto fosse lussuriosa e viziosa questa famiglia. Anche troppo. D'accordo che non si legge un fumetto del genere per l'accuratezza storica o per la trama, ma ci sono dei buchi talmente macroscopici che è impossibile non rimanere straniti. Soprattutto perché sono buchi che ostacolano il lato erotico delle vi [...]

    10. I was drawn to this because of Milo Manara. I saw some of his art on imgur and was enthralled so I tried to find as many books he had been apart of that I could. I had heard vaguely of the Borgias before but never knew anything about them.A part of me imagines that a lot of creative liberty took place in this book. It was certainly gratuitous, but I was in awe of the art either way. It was beautiful, especially in the contrast of the world depicted. I am interested in learning more about the Bor [...]

    11. Beautifully drawn and borderline pornographic; historical and not quite historically accurate (though in some ways likely more so than the HBO series, particularly in having the right number of Borgia siblings). More or less what one might expect out of AJ, though perhaps with fewer amputees and the like. I wouldn't exactly recommend it for inclusion in a "Lives of the Gnostic Saints" volume, though.

    12. Typical Manara, shock value and hyper erotic characters. There is a decent plot but it's burried under a ton of exaggeration. Everyone is mean, evil, and goodness never prevails. If you are in a mood for evil jerks having their way, be my guest. If you are offended by blasphemies and immorality, don't bother. It's nothing deep either way. At least the artwork is fantastic.

    13. This book has beautiful and detailed art and a compelling story but there's a reason why I can only give it three stars. I'm not a squeamish or prudish person but there does come a point when there's too much sex and violence. On nearly every page someone is either screwing or killing (sometimes both at the same time) and it kind of gets in the way of the story in certain parts. Then again, maybe that is the story. The Borgias were supposed to be a depraved power hungry family after all (though [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this one. After reading nearly all of the previous Dark Horse collections of Manara's work, I think this one holds up the best. The writing is tight and Manara's art perfectly captures the sex and violence of the story. I have no idea how historically accurate it is, I can only vouch that it's a scorching read and one of Manara's better works.

    15. The Vatican has seen many lamentable moments in its long history, with a particular period when some pretty despicable figures pushed their way to the front of the queue to become Pope. The Borgias family, and in particular Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI), are thought to be some of the worst. Historians now challenge some of the more outrageous things that are attributed to them, but that still leaves plenty of debauchery, incestuous relationships, profiteering and murder.To be clear Jodorows [...]

    16. Two words to describe this graphic novel--"hot mess"! First, let's give credit to Milo Manara's wondrous and very erotic illustrations. Having encountered a number of his illustrations in other graphic novels, I knew what to expect and was not shocked by the amount of nudity or sexual themes on display.However, the main issue with this novel is the poor storytelling by Jodorwosky. I have no problems with authors wanting to change timelines and mixed up characters for the sake of their historical [...]

    17. Written by Alejandro Jodorowsky? OohIllustrated by Milo Manara? O-ohConfession time: I know diddly about the Borgias. Only the general reputation of decadence, corruption, and power. So I can't even begin to compare this against historical accounts of the family.But I can have fun with how gloriously over-the-top it is at times!Wondrous highlights include:[x] Vannozza mock-fellating a sculpture of St. Sebastian[x] "And no enemas! Vannozza's ass is as sacred as the Pope's ring!"[x] a sack of 150 [...]

    18. Leaving aside the quality of the illustration-- which is exceptional, even by Manara's high standards-- it's not always easy to know what to make of this book. The storytelling is brisk and engaging, one might even say pandering, so easily and perhaps eagerly it slips over the line into high-class soap opera and elegant soft porn. On the other hand, knowing what we do about the brutal violence of the times, and particularly about the bottomless depravity of its rulers, it may be that "The Borgia [...]

    19. I don't really know what to think of this one. As another reviewer put it "hot mess" describes it pretty well. Its beautifully illustrated, but that's about all it has going for it. The plot is about as thin as a bad porn movie and at times it feels like one. Its hard to find a page without some one showing something. Don't get me wrong I don't mind nudity at all and I get that they were trying to make a point about the ridiculous nature of the church at the time, but it was overkill. Definitely [...]

    20. Incredible real? Not real? Story of the Borgias, who ruled Italy with an iron fiste most evil, perverted family that ever lived, next to Charles Manson's family. I do not know enough about the actual history to determine what was real and what was rumor in the above book, but I could not stop reading it. Beautiful writing by Jodorwsky, detailed art by Manara, and probably one of his best art works.

    21. Anti-Borgia propaganda. I'm not saying they weren't bad just that their evil is so cartoonishly over the top. It feels more like a Chick tract than cartoon history of the universe, if you know what I'm saying.The art is beautiful but often explicit, avoid reading this in public.Also this is the English language hardback, not sure if I've selected the right version. This is the closest I saw.

    22. I'm so torn, because this book was absolute trash. I meanjustd not John Waters trash. Or maybe John Waters trash.Do you like incest?Water sports?Rushed storytelling?LOL History WHUT HISTORYAnd good art?Well, you might just like this book. And don't get me wrong; I like trash. But I think if you're wanting something trashy and exploitive, you'd do a hell of a lot better picking up "Crying Freeman."

    23. El oh-por-dios-este-tipo-está-loco Jodorowsky se alía con el maestro del arte erótico (por no decir pornografía) Milo Manara para traer la historia de una de las familias más controversiales de la historia. El resultado es como podría esperarse. Tiene, por su puesto, bastantes libertades históricas, la más divertida es cuando sale da Vinci. Como siempre, las acuarelas de Manara son excelentes y salvo algunos problemas en cuanto a ritmo, es una buena historia.

    24. Probably more like a 3.5. Very nice art, and nothing too specific to complain about with the story, but it just felt like it was lacking some of the punch that many of Jodorowsky's other scripts have. The historical context may have been too limiting, since Jodo seems to me to do best when he can stretch the story to whatever fantastical realm it takes him. Not bad, and very well illustrated, but not as much fun as several of his other works.

    25. 4 stars might be a bit of a stretch, but it's still pretty good. Not Jodorowsky's best, but still Jodo through and through.Almost like a bizarre mix between Game of Thrones and Jerry Springer. Which, basically, is just the Borgias HBO/Showtime series, I guessStill, an interesting read, and I'm glad that I read it. The art is amazing as well!

    26. If you're looking for "historical accuracy", stay far away. If you want graphic depictions of group incest, castrations, and the king of France getting covered in hot lava while having sex at the top of a volcano - then you came to the right place. And don't tell me that's not how King Charles "really" died because I don't want to hear it.

    27. Perfect union of story and art as Jodorowsky and Manara paints a scandalous history of Italy first mafia family. Sadly, all the scandalous behaviour in the name of lust, greed and power remains ever more relevant today.

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