Along Came a Wolf

riguing contraptions, appealing characters, snide villains, humor, and an exciting story A very promising series opener featuring a young heroine and her pals that should win fans Kirkus Reviews In a world quietly coming to the brink of war, where our fairy tales and rhymes are their real world events and people, a critical invention is at hand, the ste riguing contraptions, appealing characters, snide villains, humor, and an exciting story A very promising series opener featuring a young heroine and her pals that should win fans Kirkus Reviews In a world quietly coming to the brink of war, where our fairy tales and rhymes are their real world events and people, a critical invention is at hand, the steam engine As an agent for a secret society the Fare is dispatched to retrieve the plans, three tweens get caught in the middle as they try to protect brilliant inventor, Nikolas Klaus Meet Tee Baker, granddaughter of the baker from secret society The Tub and of Nikolas Klaus, and her best friends Elly and Richy, as they come together heroically for the first time as the legendary Yellow Hoods Danger, intrigue and secrets await, and the intense grows, as the series builds A hit with those 9 15 and adults highly recommended Readers Favorite, 5 Star The Yellow Hoods books 1 2 were finalists for Book of the Year in Teen Young Adult and Fantasy Independent Authors Network s 2015.See the trailer for The Yellow Hoods at AdamDreece booktrailerThis is the first edition cover When the new cover was issued, the book was also re edited August 2014
Along Came a Wolf riguing contraptions appealing characters snide villains humor and an exciting story A very promising series opener featuring a young heroine and her pals that should win fans Kirkus Reviews In a

  • Title: Along Came a Wolf
  • Author: Adam Dreece
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Things I Find While ShelvingI received a free ARC via NetGalleyNormally I don’t finish books I don’t like because I see no reason to waste my time reading something that I’m not enjoying, for whatever reason. But Along Came a Wolf was a super quick read so I figured what the hell, my as well see what happens when I finish a book I don’t like.Quotes taken from an advanced reader copy, may differ from finalized version.This book has it all!+ Stupid Ass NamesThe MC’s name is Tee. There is [...]

    2. Along Came a Wolf combines fairy tale elements with a steampunk setting to create an action-packed adventure that children and adults can enjoy. The story is centered around a young girl named Tee and her two best friends, Elly and Richy. They are the Yellow Hoods, and they are brave, daring adventure-seekers. Tee's grandfather, Nikolas is an inventor who encourages Tee to be the explorer that she is. Tee and Nikolas's relationship was a strong theme in this book, which I really appreciated sinc [...]

    3. Ohmigod, meant to do this a while ago, and just kept forgetting. My mind is like a steel sieve. Like steampunk? Like YA? You'll love Along Came a Wolf. The MC, Tee, is okay--she isn't deeply irritating, like a lot of YA hero/ines--but the show-stealers here are the loveable but enigmatic grandfather, Klaus, and the charismatically crazy assassin LeLoup. I'm hoping there's a future sidestory somewhere dedicated specifically to LeLoup, in fact. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's an escape [...]

    4. Along Came A Wolf is delightful YA adventure that pays unique tribute to some classic fairy tales—with a clever steampunk twist. It tells the story of Tee, a spirited teen who, along with her friends Elly and Richy, attempt to stop antagonist Andrea Leloup from stealing the inventions of Tee’s grandfather, Nikolas. Despite the threat of danger to Tee and her friends, the book had a light, positive feel. A strong sense of family could be felt throughout the book, as shown in Tee’s happy, he [...]

    5. A delightful book with a heroine that is normal! The story is about a young girl caught up in a creative situation, with a plot that moves along quickly. Finally a lead that is not from a dysfunctional family, not living in hardship and not someone we feel sorry for. And the book is not about magic. There are things used to help fight 'the bad guys' but they are based on simple science, physics and ingenuity. The heroine is living in the country with her parents, with her grandfather and friends [...]

    6. Set in the greatly imagined world of Adam Dreece, this first book in an emergent steampunk series, ‘Along came a wolf’, is a captivating tale of a young girl called Tee, her brave and fearless Yellow Hood friends and her mysterious, inventor grandfather facing off against a wolfish and cunning enemy.From the beginning it is evident that Tee gravitates towards dangerous situations and one such encounter leads her into the company of Andre LeLoup. LeLoup closely resembles the big bad wolf and [...]

    7. This was a fun and upbeat book that definitely had a unique style to it. The story centers around three kids, Tee, Elly, and Richy, known as "The Yellow Hoods." They end up on an adventure fighting off a group of armed thugs who are trying to steal plans for a secret invention from Tee's grandfather. This gives the story a bit of a "Goonies" style of action as these three kids have to fight off a group of armed grown men, using their wits and a variety of special inventions like sail-powered car [...]

    8. In Along Came a Wolf, Adam Dreece has written a great children's book full of adventure, high jinx and bravery in the very best traditions of the Famous Five and the books of Roald Dahl. The story is set in a very believable, fictional world where the technology many science fiction fans would recognise as Steampunk is in its infancy and inventors are king.The story is very loosely based around the three little pigs, only instead of a wolf we have the dastardly Andre Leloup, who has come to stea [...]

    9. Let me start by giving some background. For most of my life, I have been a reader of science fiction. Hard scifi, Space Opera, Post-Apocalypse, and Dystopian have been my normal fare for over three decades. In a nutshell, this review is by a reader of the "hard stuff" who took a chance and was pleasantly surprised.I have never read any Steampunk before and had heard about a new series that was being billed as Emergent Steampunk. A story that was good at introducing the reader into the Steampunk [...]

    10. This book marks my introduction to the steampunk genre, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Along Came a Wolf, is the first book in the Yellow Hoods series by Adam Dreece, and takes readers on a perilous adventure with some innocent, yet cunning members of a secret society. I enjoyed getting to know the story’s characters, who ranged from quirky and heroic to dastardly and sinister. Dreece does an excellent job of conveying the depth of familial relationships without overtly describing them, and his [...]

    11. Along Came a Wolf is Book One of a YA series that is a fun read for all ages. Adam Dreece's characters are so ALIVE and ENGAGING you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. The villain, LeLoup, really makes you root for the Yellow Hoods to win. We could all use a guy like Nikolas Klaus (a Nikola Tesla/Santa Claus-like character) in our lives to help us out of jams. The titular Yellow Hoods, Tee, Elly and Richy, are feisty, funny and make a great team. I'm looking forward to seeing wh [...]

    12. The yellow hoods by Adam Dreece is an entertaining fasted passed roller coaster. I read every moment of my free time until I finished it. I wanted to know what was about to happen. Focusing on story only, there were some spots I was a little bit lost here and there, but that may have been me. Overall I loved the story I will order the second book as a reward because I know once I start reading I will put all my other chores on hold. If you wish to be entertained this book for you.

    13. A gripping read. Lots of fun for kids and adults both. A wonderful mixture of action, mystery and whimsy that leaves an impression on you long after you've turned the last page.

    14. Series Video Review: youtu/WIhk4Z0TUFwAlong Came a Wolf is the first novel in a fun, fantasy steampunk series known as The Yellow Hoods. I have previously read and enjoyed the author's other two novels, The Wizard Killer & The Man of Cloud 9, so I was eager to try his popular young adult series.The plot of this first book is a retelling of the folktale, Little Red Riding Hood, with a fresh twist on the classic story. The world is a creative blend of fairy-tale elements mixed with steampunk t [...]

    15. I thought I knew what this book was about going into it, but I was very wrong. Adam Dreece mixes fairytale stories and characters into his book, in a way that fits perfectly, and I loved it! The more I read the book, the more I began to match the fairytale characters to the characters in this book, which was a lot of fun.I loved the writing style , and the way that all the pieces fit together in the end. I highlighted so many quotes in my kindle from this book, because there were just so many am [...]

    16. This was a long awaited read for me. I'd heard nothing but positive reviews about this book, so it had a lot to live up to. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. Adam Dreece is a phenomenal author who has found his calling. This series entertains all ages as it weaves together the folktales of old into a wild new story that no one ever knew just might be the truth.Tee is the sweetest character to come along and steal the hearts of those who meet her since the eleven-year-old Harry Potter burst [...]

    17. This is a great story and I enjoyed sharing it with my 9 year old daughter. It is a fast-paced action-adventure story where a group of kids are really put to the test. They collaborate with a grand father and I think that is a unique aspect -- not many stories have the grandfather as an active and involved character. I really appreciated that this story did not need to use a romance tie-in or focus on how good-looking the characters are (or are not). The bad-guys are fought using brains and bit [...]

    18. If you love Roald Dahl or E.B. White, you will most likely love this book. I picked up this book due to its sweet allure. And for a YA it sure delivered, but Dreece composed the story with enough humor, adventure, and unpredictable turns that, as an adult, I found it quite enjoyable. Along Came A Wolf was a refreshing visit to the fairy tales I know and love, only… Dreece was so unique in his telling that I was eager to see which tale would come next and how he would alter the retelling of eac [...]

    19. Great for young adults and adults alike! This book is well written and Adam's imagination is wonderfully fresh. I immediately loved his MC Tee, she reminded me so much of my daughter. This story is fast paced and fun to read, and made me feel like I was born in the wrong time. I loved this time period where everything was simple and kids were creative in their play. I now want to build my own sail cart with my daughter.Adam's characters are well developed, each having their own personalities, ma [...]

    20. Lemme start off by explaining, this isn't a story. It's a ride. A hilarious, spin the top, mile a minute, laugh riot. I loved it. I will be reading all of his books. (Fair warning since I am going to post reviews for all of those as well.) I love goofy. I love smart, wily characters. I love adventure. I love mystery. I love stony faced bad looking guys that are actually the good guys. I like sneaky, snarky villains that are bested by quick thinking, compassionate good guys.Now lemme tell you abo [...]

    21. As the first novel in the Yellow Hoods series, Along Comes a Wolf is a great introduction to Adam Dreece’s fictional world. The characters are rich and vibrant, and the mystery which drives the plot is exciting. Despite the peril faced by the characters, Dreece’s adventure-loaded story is balanced with levity and silliness. The characters and emergent technology evolve with the plot, and the novel delivers a tantalizing glimpse of what is to come in the series.While Dreece segues his flashba [...]

    22. Thanks Netgalley for a free book to read and review. I came across this book through a blog tour and since I loved steampunk, I decided to take a chance. It's decidedly young adult themed, even though adults can read it as well. It's more fantasy though than steampunk. Also seemed like a play on little read riding hood, but with yellow hoods. So the book amused me with the title, along came a wolf. Tee is taking something to her grandfather that lives in the woods. He is a genius inventor and on [...]

    23. Along Came a Wolf is simply a fun read. Dreece mixes enough of the familiar fairy tale with a little Steam-Punk lite and a smattering of Santa Claus(?) in a rural and small town setting that could be somewhere in the past, or maybe in a post-apocalyptic future that has re-settled itself. Tee and her friends are adventurous kids that remind me of my own youth. (Particularly their treehouse headquarters that I would have killed to had when I was young.) LeLoup is just the right amount of villain t [...]

    24. I will say I have been drawn into the book quite quickly and have now purchased your second book Breadcrumb Trail through . As an avid reader I had forgotten how I can still enjoy young adult adventure books such as this. I enjoyed how you brought together the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. It's great how the invention are brought into the story. Love it. Although my grand-daughter is 7 this would be a series she would enjoy in a few years time. This story also reminds me of her Dad when [...]

    25. Along Came a Wolf opens with a close-up view of one girl's happy-go-lucky exploits in the woods near the seemingly insignificant small town of Minnette. From there, the vista quickly expands as an outsider visits the town hoping to uncover secrets with the potential to change the world. Fast-paced and well-written, this is a tale of intrigue and adventure that pays tribute to Jolly Old St. Nick and Little Red Riding Hood, but skews the familiar narrative and avoids being a stale rehashing of tho [...]

    26. Not very often, does a novel come along that can capture the attention of both a child and an adult. Along Came a Wolf captures your attention with Tee's enthusiasm for adventure and her undying loyalty to her family and friends. Tee's grandfather, Nikolas, a great inventor, encourages Tee and her friends adventurous spirits. Tee and her friends make up the infamous group of The Yellow Hoods. They battle hoodlums and race sail carts. At the heart of Along Came a Wolf, is the story of a girl and [...]

    27. Do you remember what it was like to dream? To run around with your friends, embarking on grand adventures? I had forgotten those wonderful feelings of elation. This book reminded me, and made me long for those lost years.Along Came A Wolf is a wonderfully crafted tale that incorporates everything I love about steampunk with everything I love about fantasy. It’s emotions are real, the pacing is pitch perfect for the adventure Tee and her fellow Yellow Hoods find themselves in.Adam Dreece is an [...]

    28. It was really enjoyable to read this book. There were plot twists and surprises. It had everything you want in a science fiction books: mainly science. It would be really nice to have a treehouse like the Yellow Hoods. And the buzz batons were cool. The sail carts are really awesome and I liked those parts of the book best of all. I heard about this book from my mum and we saw Mr Dreece at a fan convention in Prince George. I would recommend this book to steampunk and science fiction lovers.

    29. This was my first YA steampunk book. Overall I thought it was a pretty good book. It was a fun and easy read with great characters. The only problems I had with it was that it was a little slow at some places for me and the characters made some decisions I didn't really understand. Will be continuing on with the series

    30. 2017- Gave it a re-read so I can binge through the rest of the series and I loved it just as much the second time through!That was super fun! Although I won't be able to read the next one without thinking of The Hound from Game of Thrones, but that's fine with me because he's one of my favorite characters! :)Can't wait to get the next one!

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