Black Evening

A collection of tales that delve into the weird, uncanny terrors that lurk just beneath the comforting surfaces of daily life Fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of madness, fear of being trapped, fear of the inescapable, unspeakable horrors that fester deep within the soul No matter who or where you are, fear is always with you, always ready to attack from behind the maA collection of tales that delve into the weird, uncanny terrors that lurk just beneath the comforting surfaces of daily life Fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of madness, fear of being trapped, fear of the inescapable, unspeakable horrors that fester deep within the soul No matter who or where you are, fear is always with you, always ready to attack from behind the masks of thought and dream Let David Morrell tell you a story
Black Evening A collection of tales that delve into the weird uncanny terrors that lurk just beneath the comforting surfaces of daily life Fear of loss fear of pain fear of madness fear of being trapped fear o

  • Title: Black Evening
  • Author: David Morrell
  • ISBN: 9780747266976
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Black Evening”

    1. Wow. I may have found not just one, but two new-to-me favorite authors this week. So incredible when that happens, it's so rare.First William F. Nolan, now David Morrell.How was I ever to guess that the author of Rambo: First Blood was an excellent horror writer?I'll update this review as I progress through the book, not necessarily in order.***** Author's IntroductionI never rate these, but the intro to this book is really, really good.**** The DrippingA man goes into his mother's house where h [...]

    2. The more I think of it, the more I find that fear is an emotional manifestation that will take us to uncharted territories of our psyche. It is a fear of failure that motivates a lot of people to pass examinations and sports matches, a fear for life itself drives a soldier in a battle and so on. David Morrell's book has a foreword in which he recounts a conversation with author Philip Klass who gave Morrell the inspiration to dig deeper into himself and understand his fears which could then help [...]

    3. David Morrell's Black Evening: Tales of Dark Suspense is a collection of horror short stories. This is a change of pace from Morrell's normal fare of action/suspense/thriller novels, but this is a strong collection that is a great read and will be especially rewarding for Morrell's fans. There are 7 short stories in this collection. The weakest by far is the first one, "The Dripping". I'd rate it 3 stars. But the rest are 4 or 5 star short stories which is high praise from me since I am not norm [...]

    4. This collection of horror short stories and novellas are tied together by Morrell's description of his state of mind at the time of writing. It also demonstrated how Morrell's writing style improved over the years.I usually do not read short stories, but was intrigued by the format of the book-something akin to an intro fiction writing class where Morrell shares how events and tragedy in his personal life influenced his writing.Very interesting book.

    5. I recently finished reading Black Evening by David Morrell. It's a collection of, well, if not horror stories per sé then certainly unsettling stories. No, that's not the genre by which Morrell pays the bills - he's a thriller writer, most famous for writing First Blood. You get the impression from reading some of the author's notes in Black Evening that he isn't wildly keen on what Hollywood and Stallone did to his story but let's not digress. I'm here to talk about Black Evening.I'll confess [...]

    6. David Morrell is one of the best thriller authors you might have never read. This is especially sad since his 1972 novel First Blood (basis of the Rambo series) is considered the father of the modern thriller. Morrell is known for spy and action thrillers, but has never limited his writing to this. He is also quite adept at horror. This is a collection of his short fiction, where he has focuses on horror stories. Except for his three earliest stories, which are short and lacking punch, everythin [...]

    7. In my childhood library the horror section was limited. A couple of Lovecraft, and a collection of modern horror called Prime Evil. The latter I would borrow regularly, and my favorite story was David Morrell's Orange Is For Anguish, Blue For Insanity. It had everything: art, madness, migraines, Provence. (Why a ten-year old me found these particular things appealing is anybody's guess). When I recalled this story a while ago, and found that the anthology was out of print (and my childhood libra [...]

    8. Wow. I really enjoyed this book. Short stories aren't my favourite forms of fiction generally, but these were of a high level. What makes this book better is the short introductions to every story where Morrell explains what he was doing in his life at the time of penning them and where his inspiration came from. Most stories fall into the horror or thriller genres. He is a master of pacing and hooks you in. Furthermore, you can see him developing as a writer from tentative beginnings to masterf [...]

    9. The short stories were intriguing and haunting. The thematic material -fear, horror, and loss of what we value the most-is universal. Worth the read.

    10. Doesn't quite live up to the adjectives used to describe it: terror, dark suspense, thriller - but that might be a good thing.

    11. Black Evening by David Morrell is a collection of his short stories from the 1970's to early 1990's.  Touted as Tales of Dark Suspense, they focus on fear.  Fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of madness.  What makes these short stories truly interesting, is that each is accompanied by a brief synopsis of why Morrell wrote them, and his state of mind at the time.  Some of these were written before and after the death of his son.  This makes the collection very personal,  a bit sad, and just a [...]

    12. 3 stars. A decent collection of short stories. Not really horror per se but rather stories more along the line of dealing with grief & pain. A couple of stand-out pieces once you get past the first four entries (his earliest works, showing he wasn't in full form yet). Here's my rating for each story in the collection:1-The Dripping: 1 star (ughh!)2-The Partnership - 2 stars3-Black Evening - 2 stars4-The Hidden Laughter - 2 stars5-The Typewriter - 4 stars (one of 2 favorites)6-A Trap for the [...]

    13. Je paradoxní, že to co je na této sbírce vůbec nejzajímavější, je zároveň i její největší slabinou. A to sice chronologický průřez povídkovou tvorbou mistra na nebrakové psychologicky laděné hororově-thrilleroidní žánrovky. Je nesporně zajímavé sledovat, jak se postupně „vypisoval“, ale k tomu tak nějak patří, že ne veškeré příspěvky (speciálně pak úvodní čtveřice povídek z počátku kariéry) si udržují stejný (nad)standard kvality. Ovšem ve [...]

    14. This is a collection of short stories, which I enjoy reading. However, between each story is a bit of an autobiography about how and why the story came into being. I don't like autobiographies and never read them. This is one draw back about this collection.But like most collections of short stories there are some I enjoyed enormously while there are others I couldn't believe ever got into print.

    15. A collection of very chilling stories of horror and suspense."Black Evening" story is one of the saddest and strangest stories I've read, with quite a twist.I liked the tale that had both an unpredictable twist and some humor--"The Partnership," an interesting spin on the murder-for-hire story.If you want to be scared, this is the book for you!

    16. A series of short stories. They are repetitive in both style and content and not that good. The sort of stuff one might encounter in the Women's Weekly. Very disappointing given "First Blood" but there ya go. Almost anyone can manage to be a one hit wonder.

    17. It is a collection of short stories, but with lots of details. Only with some stories, there were excitement. These stories have been written over a period of time, when reading them together, there are some similarities between some of the stories.

    18. I found this collection of stories amazing. Another facet was his explainations of each story, along with reason why he wrote them in different styles. I particulary enjoyed his second person style. very interesting. Loved it!

    19. I really enjoyed these stories a lot. Mr. Morrell knows how to keep my interest. I especially like how he explains why each story was written and where his head was at when he wrote them. Very cool.

    20. A fabulous collection of Morrell's short stories. Chilling, thrilling, gripping, bizarre, need I say more? Unputdownable!

    21. Чудесна колекция! Няма нито един слаб разказ в нея. Морел пише като своите приятели Кинг, Кунц и Уилсън - невероятно!

    22. A great selection of dark stories from an amazing, very versatile author. Enjoyed every story in its own way.

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