Ten Flashing Fireflies

Luminous pictures and a buoyant, chant aloud text, combine to make this two way counting book as joyous and magical as catching fireflies on a summer night.
Ten Flashing Fireflies Luminous pictures and a buoyant chant aloud text combine to make this two way counting book as joyous and magical as catching fireflies on a summer night

  • Title: Ten Flashing Fireflies
  • Author: Philemon Sturges Anna Vojtech A. Vojtech
  • ISBN: 9781558584204
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The soft, muted illustrations were my favorite part of this book - it made the contrast of the white and yellow fireflies clearer and easier for a young reader to count. It became a little harder to read after the first few pages because the author stopped her rhyming scheme in the third line of each page. This interrupted the flow of reading for me.

    2. I used this book in my 1st grade placement to teach equations. This book uses math by counting down within 10. The students loved catching fireflies with math on them and using counters or mental math to find the answer. Great introduction to an addition or subtraction lesson.

    3. This is both a rhyming and counting book which will help with phonological awareness. Before reading the book, it is important to tell children what fireflies are since they are not common in Colorado and some children won't know what they area. The illustrations are really fun and they truly evoke evening. An interesting point in this book-- it counts- but not in order so that allows for counting each page.

    4. Counting back and forth from one to ten, siblings catch fireflies in a jar. As they realize that the glow and intensity of the glow wears off once they are trapped within the jar, they decide it is much more fun to watch them fly away and, once again, light up the night sky.Used for "You Light Up My Night, Firefly" Storytime: June, 2011.

    5. I liked this book fine, but didn't find it spectacular. However, my preschoolers absolutely loved it. They said the repeating opening line while doing actions, used their hands to flash like the fireflies, but their favorite part? Catching the fireflies! They made it through all 10 fireflies. And I was worried the book wouldn't be able to hold their attentionSurprise!

    6. This book is about a boy and girl catching firflies in their backyard. As they cath them, they count how many fireflies are in the jar.Ways to Interact:Counting the fireflies in the jarHow many are left outside the jar?identify the animals that are next to the jarmotions: catch fireflies, go to sleepsounds: snoring sounds

    7. I was excited to find this one because I think fireflies are so magical and it would be so much fun to focus on them for a summer reading theme with kids. This is simply a good book for helping kids to count and to subtract as the sister and brother catch the fireflies one by one and observe how many are left flying around in the summer night sky.

    8. I understand fireflies, but this is just the same picture with one gone each time.I didn't think this book was good at all, there are older and newer books that deal with subtraction in a much better way.

    9. Ten flashing fireflies is a story about a boy and girl collecting fireflies in their backyard. although this book is great for math I think that the use repetition is great for literacy. It is also a simple book that the students can get creative with during read alouds.

    10. Repetitive text will encourage kids to join in on this counting book. Darkened illustrations and a calm rhyme would make it a good bed time story.

    11. This would be great to read and bring out when children start seeing fireflies outside. Great counting book for one-to-one correspondence.

    12. Anna Vojtech's illustrations capture the nighttime firefly catch and release. A pleasant and a little different counting book, good to read aloud.Age Range: 4 and up Lexile Measure: 210L

    13. This is a simple book about counting fireflies. It can be used when teaching counting forward and backward since it has both.

    14. Two children catch fireflies and put them in a jar to light up their room. This is a good book to introduce respect for nature,

    15. This book counts up to 10 and back down again. The fireflies standout on the pages against a darker, night background.

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