Tea-Bag – O Sorriso da Esperança

Jesper Humlin um conceituado poeta sueco que est a passar por uma fase algo ca tica da sua vida pessoal e, para c mulo, o seu editor, intima o a escrever um policial, g nero que o poeta despreza Um dia, Jesper vai dar uma s rie de palestras na zona de Gotemburgo e entra em contacto com uma comunidade de imigrantes ilegais Mas s o tr s jovens, em particular, que o ir oJesper Humlin um conceituado poeta sueco que est a passar por uma fase algo ca tica da sua vida pessoal e, para c mulo, o seu editor, intima o a escrever um policial, g nero que o poeta despreza Um dia, Jesper vai dar uma s rie de palestras na zona de Gotemburgo e entra em contacto com uma comunidade de imigrantes ilegais Mas s o tr s jovens, em particular, que o ir o marcar profundamente e inspir lo para uma nova aventura liter ria Tea Bag, uma refugiada nigeriana, Leila, oriunda do Ir o, e Tania, uma jovem da Europa de Leste Cada uma delas traz consigo uma hist ria de vida, a fuga opress o e o anseio pela liberdade, uma voz que deseja ser ouvida e que faz nascer em Jesper a vontade de a dar a conhecer ao mundo Um romance inspirador, iluminado pela esperan a, a com dia e o humor e ensombrado pela realidade tr gica das vidas que sofrem a marca indel vel do preconceito e do racismo.
Tea Bag O Sorriso da Esperan a Jesper Humlin um conceituado poeta sueco que est a passar por uma fase algo ca tica da sua vida pessoal e para c mulo o seu editor intima o a escrever um policial g nero que o poeta despreza Um di

  • Title: Tea-Bag – O Sorriso da Esperança
  • Author: Henning Mankell
  • ISBN: 9789722352772
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Mr. Mankell, what did you WANT? Did you want to write something satirical about the growth in the crime book industry? (Because if you did, you kind of got close, and what you did write is pretty funny at times.) Did you want to write a moving portrait of the plight of Sweden's illegal immigrants? (Because if you did, a non-fiction book might have been more effective. Read 'Beyond the Beautiful Forevers' for an example of how to write about desperate peeps without becoming maudlin or clinical. N [...]

    2. The book opens with a young Nigerian woman who has survived a shipwreck and is herded into a refugee camp. Out of desperation to escape, she (unsuccessfully) impersonates a Kurd and gives herself the English name, "Tea-Bag" after spotting the tin sitting on the official's desk. I loved her confidence and gutsiness despite her circumstances. It goes downhill from there.Cut scene to Jesper Humlin - a poet returning from his vacation research trip and is back in Sweden to enjoy reality and deal wit [...]

    3. What a wonderful book this is! Another classic Mankell which I hope will be read and loved by many more people.On several occasions I was laughing out loud while reading it during my holiday in Madeira, as well as on the plane - I got a few curious glances from people but I did not care! There was so much humour, whether intended or not, that I just burst out laughing! I also cried, on a couple of occasions, especially at the very end. A very touching story about immigrants - it inevitably remin [...]

    4. Mankell's social conscience at work here. A strange but interesting book about a pretentious, pompous Swedish poet and three immigrant women who rock his world. Jesper Humlin is the poet and he's a vain jerk and a racist in denial. He writes books no one buys or understands, is consumed about his tan, and fears his lover and mother will write books and get more fame than him. His publisher is even more of a jerk. There are many humorous and exasperating exchanges between them over his next liter [...]

    5. I felt this was the most unsatisfactory of all Mankell's novels that I've read. Of his "non Wallander" novels I really liked one (The man from Beijing) and found another a bit odd but interesting (xxx). But "The shadow girls" deeply irritated me. I think he was trying to show that the worries and concerns of people from rich countries are trivial compared to the terrible circumstances of illegal refugees from Africa and Asia. While I have a lot of sympathy for that point of view, Mankell created [...]

    6. There were some interesting themes and characters but I felt this book never amounted to what it could have - and intended to.

    7. "Estava sozinha e fazia todos os possíveis para não pensar que essa solidão teria um fim, pois sabia que iria acompanha-lá durante um período de tempo que podia ser extremamente longo."Henning Mankell conta histórias que ficam connosco, não só pelas suas personagens de personalidade forte, mas também pelos temas importantes que partilha connosco, deixando-nos espreitar o seu leque de valores. Esta é uma história sobre as pessoas que não tem vozes e Tea-Bag é a rapariga que lhe dá i [...]

    8. 31. THE SHADOW GIRLS. (2001; U.S. ed. 2012). Henning Mankell. ****. This is not a Wallender novel, so don’t be disappointed. It does address Mr. Mankell’s other main interst, however, the plight of refugees around the world. The novel is set in present day Sweden. The protagonist is Jasper Humlin, a writer of a volume of prose per year, each of which sells about 1,000 copies. His publisher wants him to write something that will be a best seller – like a crime novel or a thriller. Jasper do [...]

    9. Het boek gaat overal en nergens heen, en mogelijk is dat juist de bedoeling. Net als de vluchteling komt het niet thuis, kan het geen aansluiting vinden bij de massa, beweegt het zich in de schemerzone van een verhaal, en dan toch weer niet. Je leest, je legt weg denkt nu gaat het komen, maar het komt niet. Het is een onmoeting met meisjes, jonge vrouwen uit verre landen die elk met hun rugzak gevuld met leed, geloof, cultuur, ervaring op zoek zijn naar een luisterend oor binnen de Zweedse samen [...]

    10. Best wel een goed boek. De combinatie van de pretentieuze schrijver en de meisjes op de vlucht (Tea-Bag, Tanja en Leyla) werkt goed, al zijn het vooral de verhalen van die laatste die dit boek de moeite waard maken. De schrijver voelt iets te cliché als personage en zijn belevenissen/beslommeringen met o.a. zijn vriendin en zijn uitgever zijn in het begin wel grappig, maar steken na een tijdje wat tegen (bijvoorbeeld dat Mankell als misdaadschrijver dat genre op de korrel neemt). Al bij al een [...]

    11. This book is so terribly, terribly earnest, I just wish it had been a lot more interesting. There's really no plot as such. A Swedish poet is in a quandary about his life and accidentally ends up trying to help three illegal aliens. Turns out (SPOILER ALERT?) he's not necessarily any better at this than anything else in his life.None of the characters are innately interesting. All of the aliens do have (SPOILER ALERT) horrible back stories of abuse. None of them have found a real life in Sweden [...]

    12. Quel joyaux. Un poète découvre le monde de ténèbres des réfugiés et finit par les reconnaître en tant qu'individus, chacun avec leur propre histoire. Peut-être le centre du livre ce ne sont pas les histoires des filles, mais son propre histoire à lui.What a little jewel. A poet discovers the underworld existence of a group of refugees and as he penetrates their existence he begins to see them as real persons, each with their own story. Perhaps the key to this book is not what happens to [...]

    13. I bought this in the Franfurt airport after the Book Fair expecting a Wallander novel but was pleasantly suprised at this revealing look into the lives of three immigrant women refugees in Sweden and their strufggle to survive. Not the usual Henning Mankell stuff but was beautifully written to reveal three girls harsh stories about surviving in Sweden.

    14. Count me in with those who enjoyed this side of Mankell. In these days of trying to pass serious legislation on immigration, it was a timely read on the plight of immigrants around the world trying to get to a better life. I listened to this as an audiobook.

    15. Throughout his crime-writing career, Mankell often highlighted the misfortunes of refugees to Sweden. In this novel, Mankell's protagonist is a writer who struggles with telling refugees' stories while also coming up with a marketable plot. The writer's utter disdain for crime fiction (combined with seemingly everyone else's thirst for that genre) proves hilarious. There's enough humor here to balance out the very sad stories of the refugees.I was surprised by Mankell's ability to be funny and a [...]

    16. It’s an odd book. The purpose of this didactic work is to tell the story of illegal immigrants and thereby increase public awareness of their plight and perhaps of the restrictive immigration policies of European countries, Sweden in particular. I wonder why it took eleven years to be translated into English and published in the United States. We certainly have our own problems with the treatment of illegal immigrants. It’s a well-crafted novel. Humlin, the central character, and those aroun [...]

    17. This is a different type of book for Henning Mankell whose detective hero, Wallender, comes across as a dour, sad man. The Shadow Girls begins with the story of Tea-bag, a refugee, running away from her native home in Africa to the Promised Land of Sweden where she is sure she will be accepted. Of course, she is not. The subject matter is not surprising since Mankell is known for his support of the downtrodden--even to joining an illegal flotilla of ships trying to crash the blockade of Gaza set [...]

    18. This is NOT a Kurt Wallander book. It is important to remember this to enjoy this book, which is quite different from the Wallander mysteries. And enjoy it I did. Our protagonist is a poet, a published poet who seems to actually be living off his poetry, e is fairly self centered and has some worries about remaining a published poet when his publisher decides he really needs to, no must publish a crime story. He doesn't want to write a crime novel, even though virtually everyone he knows, includ [...]

    19. Away from my usual murder mysteries and something to make my brain cells expand - that is Henning Mankell's The Shadow Girls to me. As said by another reviewer, The Shadow Girls is an odd book. Swedish humor (I did read it had humor in the jacket of the book) is not quite as easy a laugh as another culture's humor. Wait! Yes, his mother is a zany old woman, and mean, the protagonist's girlfriend is annoying but their relationship quarrels have a tinge of humor and the characters - oh the charact [...]

    20. I can appreciate the spirit of this book, but it really wasn't very good. It might have been a problem with the translation, but Humlin's conversations seemed stiff and unbelievable (mostly with Andrea, the girlfriend, but also with the doctor and his publisher). We are supposed to see the selfish egoistic Humlin (focused mostly on money and his tan and beating out Lundin) transform into a generous assistant to these refugee girls. Instead, he just kind of wanders through the whole book with thi [...]

    21. Mankell begins this incredibly powerful book by introducing the reader to Tea Bag, a young woman living--if one can call it that--in a refugee camp in Spain. By age, she's more girl than woman, but her life experiences have forced on her a wisdom and maturity many adults never achieve. Then there is a jump to Jester Humlin, a critically successful poet whose books don't sell. We readers spend a lot of time with Humlin, perhaps wondering if this book is a comedy rather than a serious novel of ref [...]

    22. If you're expecting a Wallander story, put this book down and walk away.Jesper Humlin is a published poet. His publisher now wants him to write a crime novel, and despite Humlin's refusal, rolls over his protests and has his PR department work on title, cover, and press releases.In the meantime, Humlin continues to appear at small venues in Sweden to read from his works. It is at one of these that he meets Tea-Bag, an undocumented immigrant from Nigeria. He later meets Leyla from Iran and Tanya [...]

    23. Mankell is often categorized as a crime writer, but this novel, although it contains some undocumented, and thus illegal, visitors in Sweden, is primarily about the human condition. Protagonist Jesper Humlin is writer of poetry, and poets communicate, right? Wrong. Humlin and every other character fail to convey their thoughts and feelings, understandable when some are non-native Swedish speakers, bewildering when his mother, publisher, stock broker, and other friends also seem to be talking onl [...]

    24. In an era of refugees, it is easy to view the news about them with disconnection, unless the journalist moves in to a particular person. One of our most socially conscious writers, Mankell examines the difficulties for refugees who flee from three different regions for safety in Europe. Instead of solace, they struggle to find freedom and keep their identities. Even Sweden, somewhat more receptive, though not enough, proves challenging. The poet protaganist finds himself drawn into their lives a [...]

    25. Henning Mankell who is best known for his Inspector Wallander mysteries writes a stand alone piece of fiction that will have you laughing and crying in recognition of yourself and others in this often mixed up and dangerous world we live in. A poet who is pushed into a corner and feeling uncertain of his future, until he comes across three girls whose lives are in the shadows and he begins to see a true purpose to being alive. This is a story of refugees, writers and journeys both internal and e [...]

    26. The Shadow Girls was first published as Tea-Bag in Swedish in 2001. It has just been released as The Shadow Girls. I was expecting a crime novel. I was expecting a good read. I didn't get it.The Shadow Girls is a nothing kind of a book. Apart from the three refugees whose story is woven in pieces through the novel, there are no likeable characters. Jesper Humlin, the protagonist, is an unsuccessful poet. He is afraid of his angry girlfriend, his bitter mother, and his strident doctor. He is whin [...]

    27. I have read and enjoyed all of the Wallander books, I absolutely loved his last stand alone novel and I was delighted to see one I hadn't read in my library's catalog. Until I read it. Or tried to. What on earth? It's horrible. My son is at the stage in school where he has to figure out the author's intent when writing a story. I've been healing him, and it's pretty easy. Not in this case. I'm stumped. Was it supposed to be satire? It wasn't funny. Social commentary? Not relevant or insightful, [...]

    28. Strange story and not at all what I expected from Mankell. The narratives of the girls concerning their experiences were, in general, excellent and gripping. The stories of the refugies were the most interesting, and the only reason why I finished the book.I found some of the other parts of the novel sometimes idiotic, especially the comical conversations, at first interesting but then boring, between Humlin and his mother, stock broker and publisher. The predicaments that Humlin found himself i [...]

    29. I wanted to love this as I am such a fan of this writer. I read the English version of course, entitled The Shadow Girls. It began well and promised much, beginning with the unlikely character, Teabag. However the book struggled to engage me as the central character, a disenchanted poet, failed to get my sympathy. At times the book even struggled to find its genre niche and seemed to send itself up in places. I am not sure about this therefore; having the opportunity to base a novel on Swedish i [...]

    30. Een beetje vreemde combinatie van de schrijnende verhalen van drie illegale meisjes en de humoristische beschrijving van een egocentrische dichter op zijn retour, maar toch werkt het. De verhalen van de meisjes worden met veel respect verteld, al moet ik toch bekennen dat ik vooral het humoristisch kantje fantastisch vond. Want wat is Jesper Humlin een heerlijk irritant hoofdpersonage! Ook leuk hoe Mankell zichzelf op de korrel neemt door te lachen met misdaadromans. Vlot en fijn boek, dat toch [...]

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