Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Are you an expert at the game of love Find out in Coulda Woulda Shoulda, an interactive unromantic comedy where YOU become the protagonist As Elle Masters, you ll navigate hundreds of familiar dating dilemmas and passionate predicaments inspired by popular advice books and modern romance Each choice is complicated than the last, and the stakes are raised with eachAre you an expert at the game of love Find out in Coulda Woulda Shoulda, an interactive unromantic comedy where YOU become the protagonist As Elle Masters, you ll navigate hundreds of familiar dating dilemmas and passionate predicaments inspired by popular advice books and modern romance Each choice is complicated than the last, and the stakes are raised with each turn of the page, but you ll have backup from Elle s best friends, Rachel and Valerie, who put the antics in romantics With 60 endings ranging from I don t know what happened to I do, don t be surprised if art imitates life and you throw this book across the room only to pick it up and try again One time Because, unlike real life, when you don t like the outcome, you can go back to a pivotal moment and explore the path not taken, or even start over at the beginning.BUYER BEWARE Happily Ever Afters are hard to come by in Coulda Woulda Shoulda In fact, most of them are flat out unhappy Still, with persistence, you might find one or two endings that downright satisfy even if it means Elle drives off into the sunset alone.
Coulda Woulda Shoulda Are you an expert at the game of love Find out in Coulda Woulda Shoulda an interactive unromantic comedy where YOU become the protagonist As Elle Masters you ll navigate hundreds of familiar dating

  • Title: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
  • Author: Tara K. Reed
  • ISBN: 9780993781216
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This book was SO MUCH FUN!!! I read the description and thought, "Hmm this sounds interesting." I checked it out on and it had great reviews, so I downloaded it. I'm so glad I did!This book was a "Choose Your Own Adventure" romance book. Super creative, right? In this book, you play Elle Masters, a girl looking for love after a recent break-up. You meet a cute guy named Nick at a bar and are faced with your first choice. This book ended up making me extremely grateful that my husband and I went [...]

    2. 5 Words: What e-books were made for.This book really explores the possibilities with e-books. It's interactive and puts you in charge and I really enjoyed that aspect. It's engaging in a way I haven't yet come across with e-books, and that was refreshing.My ending was always the same I guess I don't make the best choices! But it was fun to go back and explore what could have been if only.I wasn't such a fan of the writing style, but I think that's because I didn't relate much to the main charact [...]

    3. I had so much fun with this book and have been telling everyone about it! I loved doing the choose your own adventure as an adult and with adult themes. Once I found the story path - my story - that I was happy with, I then went back and read all of the other options. There are just so many twists and turns that you can keep reading and reading! Seriously addicting! I have no idea how Ms. Reed was able to write a book like this, I can't even begin to understand the kind of imagination and writin [...]

    4. Where has this book been all my life?!?!This book was soooo much fun. And exciting. And satisfying! I enjoyed this book for many many many reasons, the two most important being: (1) I hate when characters in books make stupid, god-awful decisions, that not only I would never make, but that inevitably ruin everything. So being able to make "better" decisions was instantly appealing and insanely gratifying.(2) We all play the shoulda, wuolda, coulda game. All. Of. Us. So being able to play, readju [...]

    5. Ok, this book was bad. Sure, it's fun to try all the different ways the story can go and feel like you are the one who chooses how the heroine will behave, but the actual story is so lacking in depth and character development and full of so many cliches and sexist stereotypes that as a normal book it wouldn't stand a chance.(view spoiler)[You quickly learn that what you should basically do is to try and manipulate your boyfriend into eventually marrying you. If you have sex too soon, he will dum [...]

    6. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda is an entertaining interactive romantic comedy that engages the reader to step into the shoes of Elle Masters as she journeys down the path of romance in search of elusive true love. The author sets up every chapter with romantic situations that you as Elle gets herself into only to have to choose between two intriguing steps to see how the situation ends. Hmmm which option would you choose? How will it work out for Elle? Will she find romance and true love?Author Tara L [...]

    7. Elle Masters stopped dating since her last relationship was bust and with some convincing from her friends, Valerie and Rachel to have a girls night out on the town she hesitantly decides to indulge them. During the outing Elle meets Nick Wright and with the novel being interactive in your choosing one of two results for each chapter as you read Elle’s fate with Nick, you have the chance to backtrack your decision for the other choice.Another interesting plot of the book is being able to decid [...]

    8. “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” is a unique take on a traditional chick-lit book. It is written as a choose your own adventure style- so the possibilities are endless. So far, I have read this book at least 10 times and have had 10 different outcomes. I can not remember when I was so excited by reading a book before. Written in the impossible second person- Tara Lee Reid pulls it off with style. I really loved the contemporary Bridget Jones like feel to the book. This book can be read over and ove [...]

    9. l love the concept of the book. It is so fun and has unlimited re-reading potential. I thought it is nicely written and I enjoy the female characters. So why the low rating? Nick. Ugh. I understand that there has to be reasons they break up. It would be nice if they weren't all because he is a jerk. Because he is. If you don't agree with him on everything, you break up. If you try to pay your own way, he stops calling. You have to dress like a slut but can't act like one cause then he dumps you. [...]

    10. Tara Lee Reed is on tour now with CLP Blog Tours and Coulda, Woulda, ShouldaI need to go full disclaimer here with my review and say that I did proofreading for Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda so my reading experience for this interactive novel was probably different for most. I knew all the situations “you” could get into but I didn’t know how they would correlate while I was actually reading the book and following along and seeing where my decisions led me to. This book is seriously such a blast [...]

    11. ~~I received this in exchange for an honest review~~This has to be the strangest book that I have ever read. I have heard of the choose your own adventure books when I was little, but I was never a fan of them, I was frustrated easily. It was the same with this book. It has a great premise, but, no matter where I would go, two "choose your way's" later, I was back near the beginning. I should have just read it straight through (author has a note at the beginning on how to read the book)I gave th [...]

    12. I received this novel from CLP Blog Tours in exchange for my honest opinion, and I absolutely loved this novel. The novel begins with the main character, Elle Masters, going through an old shoe box of memories. Her friends, Rachel and Valerie, whisk her away from "heartbreak hotel" and force her to go out, Elle finds Nick Wright. I love the fact that the author, Tara Lee Reed, made this novel interactive and unique. Although I kept ending up alone, I definitely enjoyed this novel, and will conti [...]

    13. Do you remember those books where you pick your adventure and there is more than one possible ending? I loved those books as a kid. Well, this book is exactly like that but for adults. I was surprised how much fun I had going through various scenarios and seeing where they ended. The only complaint I have is that Nick's personality could change drastically depending on the adventure you chose. However, I suppose that's nitpicking since the author needed to create as many different possible optio [...]

    14. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda brings me back to my childhood, but grown-up style. The characters, who are true to life, witty and fun, draw you in and make you never want to leave. Reading this book feels like a fun night out with your bff's, but with as many do overs as you want. My only qualm, I was bummed when my bad decisions meant I'd reached The End! The up side it's not really the end because you can go back and choose something else and another story unfolds.Love it and can't wait for the next [...]

    15. This is such a fun idea and I've certainly never read a Choose Your Own Adventure Romance! I've read through a few of the outcomes, but I can definitely see how fun it is trying to "win" the HEA. Love Rachel and Val, but I didn't really click with Elle, aka "me", so it was a little frustrating making choices and then having Elle react in ways I would not have. But that's just me. Love how unique this is and will keep coming back to it just for fun.

    16. I really like this novel, reading it was one enjoyable experiment. The author made it interactive which, in my opinion, is a very smart and exciting thing. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family

    17. a fun choose your on adventure for adults. a quick read and realistic outcomes. super fun quick chick lit read. leaving as read even though I can go back to it again and again for diff stories each time

    18. Love, love, love the concept of this one. Tara Lee Reed’s debut novel is a wonderful blend of dating do’s and don’ts combined with choose-your-own-adventure with a dose of single-in-the-city. Every few pages, “you” get to make choices for a protagonist who’s currently on the rebound: is she out for a night with the gals to unwind? Does she take the number of the cute, sexy finance guy who’s more date-material than rebound-material? Does she give him her number? Do they kiss on the [...]

    19. This is a long one, so be prepared for 600+ pages if you aren't usually a lengthy book reader. Typically romances tend to be in the realm of shorter books, but this one was a lot, and it was completely, entirely, worth it! The reason for the length is soon to be explained, because it was a million stories in one really. It was a choose your own adventure book! I haven't read those since I was a kid reading Goosebumps You Choose the Scare! books! It was super creative, imaginative, and completely [...]

    20. I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Armed with an innovative narrative technique, Tara Reed lets us live the life of Elle Masters, a begruntled girl who is over dating of any kind. As Elle and her friends figure out the good and the bad of finding meaning behind dating and romance, Elle meets the captivating Nick at a bar. As Elle, what would you do next? You have many different options, and each option takes you through a different path. I loved the [...]

    21. This author knows how to write, and I love choose your own story books,that's why I gave it three stars. Overall, this book is the most interesting and frustrating story ever. Sixty endings in which only two are happy ever afters is way too many to go through for me. I went through four which got me nowhere. I could deal with two bad ones, but four? I have to go through what, fifty-four more endings just to find happiness? I hope not! Elle, the main character I believe wants the happy ever after [...]

    22. Oh my, what a fun book! And I mean not just the plot, but the whole deal of going on this adventure! This was my first interactive book and I am so glad it was with a light and fluffy and totally hilarious chick-lit story like this one! Gosh, it felt like having a toy that you just don't grow bored with - the number of twists and turns you can take by making the choice to go to this section or the other Wow! It totally wowed me! I still haven't finished 'playing' with this one though I have take [...]

    23. As a kid, I absolutely LOVED the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series. Ahh to be a child of the late 80's- early 90's! Great times!So when I heard about a modern, adult-version Choose Your Own Adventure, I had to check it out. I really got into this book. This is a great book for commuting or reading right before bed because you can finish up an "adventure" in a short amount of time. I dropped a star because I wish the author had incorporated other men/plot twists into the book. Towards the end, a [...]

    24. I can't give this one a proper review, because I ended up not finishing it. It was super funny, and decently written, I just couldn't get into the format. It's one of those "choose your own adventure" type books, and I realized that I HATED having to make decisions! LOL!One of my favorite things about reading is being able to mindlessly escape my own life for awhile and jump into someone else's. This book, with it's many options, made me feel overwhelmed and stressed. Maybe it's the perfectionis [...]

    25. When I first heard about this book, I was elated! Chick Lit combined with Choose Your Own Adventure? What?!? It's pure genius! How many times have you found yourself reading a book, convinced you could make better choices than the heroine? Here's your chance! Ms. Reed offers us the story of Elle Masters, a woman who's had enough dating disasters to fill an impressive tome. She sets up Elle's story beautifully, including engaging side-kicks, and offers the reader the opportunity to make all roman [...]

    26. Such a different style of read, the author managed to get me laughing and relating to past experiences and choices I've made and so it seems have made again. Even though my answers may have ended me in a real life 'rom com', I enjoyed going back to the beginning and taking routes I wouldn't normally. Great read highly recommend, funniest book I've read in a long while.

    27. I was a huge fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. One small book could keep me enraptured for hours to days on end. It was so much fun to explore every possible outcome. I never thought that these would be made into an adult version! This book brought back how much I truly loved those books. This book made my inner child really, really happy!

    28. Doing a contemporary romance in this genre is a very gutsy move, one that readers will, hopefully, take the time and patience to discover. Read full review in the 2015 June issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    29. Fun game/readInteresting and addicting trying to figure out how to end up with the right guy.of course like she warned, sometimes frustrating too. No explicit sex scenes, but not as clean romance as I'd likeI'd rate it PG-13 based on today's movies.

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