Quantum Leap: Obsessions

Sam is 15 years in the past, enjoying a Leap that seems almost like a vacation as a winter caretaker in a summer resort What he doesn t know, what he can t be told, is that a woman claiming to be his wife is about to turn his life and work into a tabloid headline.
Quantum Leap Obsessions Sam is years in the past enjoying a Leap that seems almost like a vacation as a winter caretaker in a summer resort What he doesn t know what he can t be told is that a woman claiming to be his

  • Title: Quantum Leap: Obsessions
  • Author: CarolDavis
  • ISBN: 9781572972414
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Leaping was like football, Al had told him once: sometimes the clock simply ran out without the touchdown having been completed. Game over, with no victory for the visiting team.[]Other times, the battle was won but not the war. What he had done was a delaying tactic, Al told him.He was not fond of delaying tactics. Or expired clocks.Sam leap into the life of a caretaker, but what is supposed to do there? Meanwhile, there are trouble brewing into the Project.Bitersweet case. More centered in pro [...]

    2. It is probably the case that many people believe books that are based on television shows are not quite as good as an original novels; and although this might often be the case it has to be remembered that more than a few top authors have turned their hands at them just for the chance to play with some of their favourite characters.This is a good book, with an excellent idea, the standard of the writing is excellent - Davis captures the Sam/Al dynamic and their personalities perfectly. The fact [...]

    3. What made this book stand out from the rest of the series was that the primary focus was on Al and the project. Sam's story was secondary, but still played a vital role in the resolution. The other novels, as well as the TV series, don't often do that. This author mixed things up which made this a really interesting book. One of my favorites in the series.

    4. With Sam trapped in the past as usual, Al and co have to deal with a ghost from Sam's past that threatens to reveal the project to the public. A fun book with some nice character development that fans of the show will thoroughly enjoy.

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